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These are 4 of the world’s most expensive tequilas

Discover the tequilas of choice for the discerning connoisseur

A couple of salted tequila shots.
Image used with permission by copyright holder

If you partake in the finer things in life and find yourself in a particular, “Oh, the Picasso? We keep that one in the hall bath” tax bracket, you’re probably already fully versed in certain luxury items. Italian cars, gorgeous timepieces, and of course, scotch that’s older than your adult children are part of your daily routine.

But something you may not yet be familiar with is that tequila, the mother of margaritas and spring break regrets, can be so much more than a party shot for frat boys. The nectar of the blue agave is a warm and spicy, ever-evolving, and truly complicated and complex spirit that can, truly, go punch for punch against the best whiskeys on the planet.

So if you’ve tired of that old and stale Pappy Van Winkle 23, or are looking for something to serve on the yacht (because the jet’s mahogany interior is being refurbished), these luxury bottles are designed for you, as they are some of the most expensive tequilas money can buy.

Ley Tequila 925 Diamante
Rayyan Shehu Odoje/Facebook

Ley Tequila 925 Diamante – $3.5 million

The world’s most expensive tequila is Ley Tequila 925 Diamante. The brand is so renowned for its lavish price tags that it even holds a Guinness World Record for the most expensive bottle. While the price is undoubtedly extreme, the bottle itself is every bit as much a treasure as the liquid inside. Made of pure platinum and encrusted with 4,100 diamonds, a bottle of 925 Diamante will make for a divine drink and stunning mantelpiece for a cool $3.5 million.

Tequila Ley Ultra Premium

Tequila Ley Ultra Premium – $225,000

Tequila Ley Ultra Premium is what one might consider a bargain next to its sparkly sister. For just shy of a quarter million at $225,000, you can enjoy a six-year, barrel-aged tequila in a gorgeously gilded bottle of white gold, yellow gold, and platinum.

Clase Azul
Clase Azul México/Facebook

Clase Azul 15th-Anniversary Edition – $30,000

Clase Azul knows a little something about scarcity driving up prices. In the case of its 15th-anniversary bottle, only 15 were produced in all. Of those 15, only two can be purchased in $450,000 collections. Meaning, only 13 bottles exist elsewhere. Each bottle of this rare tequila is uniquely hand painted and comes in a box inlaid with 24-carat gold. If you do manage to get your hands on one of these rare bottles, you can expect to swipe that Black Amex card for about $30,000.

Patron en Lalique Serie 2
Image used with permission by copyright holder

Patron En Lalique, Series 2 – $7,500

Of course, the name Patron is well known in the world of agave spirits. Its many varieties span a wide range of financial accessibility. But the En Lalique Series 2 is something rather special. At around $7,500 per bottle, this isn’t a tequila for your blended party drinks. Aged eight years in French oak, American oak, and Sherry barrels, this luscious spirit comes beautifully bottled in a crystal decanter.

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