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The best vodka and vodka mixers for no hangover

The best hangover cure is to never get one in the first place

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Hangover side effects are unpleasant in every sense of the word, leaving us feeling unproductive and even sick the night after drinking. Most of us know drinking too much will lead to a hangover, but did you know the type of alcohol you drink and the mixer used can also contribute to the severity of your hangover? Carefully selecting the type of liquor you consume and opting for specific mixers can help you feel your best after drinking. Here’s why vodka might be the smartest choice for no hangover symptoms.

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Why vodka is the best liquor choice to avoid hangovers

While a hangover is nearly impossible to avoid if you drink too much, even moderate or casual drinking can lead to hangovers, too. No matter what your alcohol drink preferences are, it might be worth considering a switch to high-quality vodka if you’re looking to minimize hangover effects. All types of alcohol contain ethanol. However, the differing fermentation and distilling processes of every alcohol can leave every kind of liquor with different chemicals remaining. The substances created as a byproduct of the fermentation process are known as congeners.

What do congeners do to the body?

Unfortunately, however, some types of alcohol are left with more congeners than others, resulting in worsened next-day hangover symptoms. Like ethanol, your body must also work to break down the congeners in the drinks you consume. If you’ve ever noticed tequila seems to lead to a worse hangover, it might be because tequila is a type of alcohol that is higher in congeners. Our bodies are left trying to break down two substances at once, which makes each process less efficient. In turn, this is why consuming alcoholic drinks that are high in congeners can lead to a worsened hangover.

Which types of alcohol are lowest in congeners?

A comprehensive study performed in 2013 explored the amount of congeners in many types of alcohol, including all liquors. The results of this study found that vodka was the option that had the least congeners per serving. But this doesn’t mean that vodka can’t give you a hangover; instead, it just means that it is less likely. Furthermore, the more times it is distilled in the production process, the more congeners will be removed. For this reason, choosing a high-quality vodka brand can help you reduce your chances of a hangover even more.

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Our favorite vodka brands for no hangovers

Selecting a trustworthy vodka brand that has been distilled several times can help limit your hangover symptoms. While the price may be tempting, bottom-shelf vodka should be avoided whenever possible. Here are our favorite, reputable vodka brands worth a try.

Grey goose

Grey Goose is one of the most well-known vodka brands, and for good reason. Made from French wheat, Grey Goose vodka is distilled five times to ensure its quality. This brand also has many great varieties, like the Le Citron Grey Goose.

Ketel 0ne

Ketel One offers premium vodkas made from wheat grain. This brand uses multiple types of distillations, helping to reduce the total amount of congeners remaining.


Belvedere offers one of the highest-quality vodkas on the market with zero additives. For clarity and purity, this brand distills its vodka four times.


Ciroc vodka is clear and smooth, made from fine French grapes. Each product is five times distilled, making it a great option to limit your hangover symptoms.


Absolut vodka is a high-quality, top-shelf option that comes at a fairly affordable price. You can find this brand almost everywhere, and it’s made with a continuous distillation process that offers the best quality.

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Best vodka mixers

In selecting the best vodka to reduce hangovers, let’s not forget the importance of the mixer you use to create your drink. Using sugary alcohol mixers such as full-sugar fruit juice, soda, or pre-made alcohol mixers can leave you with worsened hangover symptoms from too much sugar. (If you’ve ever had a sugar headache, you’re likely to be acquainted with this feeling already.) When selecting drinks, choose drinks made with diet sodas or lower-sugar fruit juices. Jordan’s Skinny Mixes offers dozens of great flavors of mixers that contain virtually no sugar at all.

Two espresso martinis sitting next to a bottle of grey goose.
Grey Goose

The bottom line

While you’re unlikely to give up drinking everything but vodka, opting for vodka whenever possible can help you reduce next-day hangover symptoms. Choosing high-quality distilled brands of vodka and mixers that are low in sugar can also help you feel your best after a night out on the town.

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