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The 5 Best Tea Subscription Boxes to Buy Now

white tea cups served with hot tea.
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Tea is the world’s most popular beverage — and with good reason. It has numerous health benefits, including antioxidant-rich polyphenols, it’s a milder source of caffeine than coffee (and many teas are caffeine-free), it’s perfect both hot and cold, and it comes in practically endless varieties.

This means there’s no excuse for getting tired of tea, and for newcomers, it means that even if you didn’t like the stuff your grandmother served, there surely is a tea out there for you. And one of the best ways to take advantage of all this variety without wasting time at specialty shops and scouring the internet is tea subscription boxes.

The age of online ordering sparked a boom in subscription-based delivery services, and there’s one for nearly everything these days, from coffee subscriptions to makeup. Tea is no exception, and there are a number of companies out there with knowledgeable experts curating packages of the best tea subscriptions from around the world. We’ve chosen a few standouts for you to try.

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Coziest: Bookishly Tea & Vintage Book Club

Bookishly Tea & Vintage Book Club is the option if you want the coziest.

With all that fresh new tea coming to your doorstep, you’re going to need something to curl up with while you’re sipping. The folks at Bookishly are all about spreading the literary love, and your tea subscription box will include a different paperback along with gorgeous stationery (for penning missives to your long lost loves) and a tea selection curated by Jenier World of Teas. To make it even more fun, you can choose between a shiny new copy or a vintage edition to decorate your shelves.

Best Value: Dollar Tea Club

Dollar Tea Club is a great value tea subscription package.

Whether you’re not quite convinced about the tea thing, or just aren’t willing to shell out big bucks for the occasional cuppa, the Dollar Tea Club’s Explorer subscription delivers what’s in the package: three monthly samples of high-quality tea for just $1 (plus shipping). Each sample is good for two to three cups, so this won’t suffice for true tea fiends, but it’s plenty if you’re just looking to try something new and discover your tea passion. There’s no membership fee, canceling is a cinch, and to sweeten the deal, you can add a trio of HoneyStix for another $1.95.

Best for Tea Nerds: Art of Tea

Art of Tea provides educational and enjoyment. No wonder it's the best tea for nerds.

Whether you’re looking to learn about the best green teas or discover blends from around the world, the experts at Art of Tea are as into tea education as they are enjoyment. Choose the style of tea box you prefer, with options like Single-Origin, Classic, and Explore, then decide on the length of your subscription. Your monthly order will contain detailed information on every tea you receive. If you’re not sure where to begin, you can start with their online quiz to dial in your preferences.

Best for Self-Care: Tea Drops

Tea Drops provides a wholesome and holistic tea experience for their customers.

Tea Drops is a woman-owned tea subscription that provides a wholesome, holistic experience in every one of their boxes. Each month is a different theme, and along with your batch of organic, fair-trade teas you’ll get a self-care gift, fun DIY challenges aimed at self-improvement, and the Tea & Chat series, a monthly interview with leading experts in health and wellness meant to inspire you while you sip.

Best for Single-Origin: Atlas Tea Club

Atlas Tea Club provides ethnically single-origin teas from around the world.

The Atlas Tea Club delivers ethically sourced single-origin teas from around the world right to your doorstep. Every month you’ll receive a pair of new teas with a postcard from a different country, giving you notes on the tea’s origin and flavor, as well as steeping tips. Every box contains between 30 and 60 cups, depending on your usage, and recyclable tea filters. It’s like having a pen pal you can share a drink with, and there are multiple options for curating and adjusting your ideal box.

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