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The 12 Best Valentine’s Day Chocolates to Buy Online in 2022

Chocolate is perfect year-round, but there’s no time it shines more than on Valentine’s Day. Creamy, dreamy, silky, and smooth, chocolates are the epitome of a sweet, romantic expression of your love to the special someone in your life. Whether you decide to double down and pair decadent Valentine’s Day chocolates with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or let the simplicity of the candy speak for itself, buying Valentine’s Day chocolates for your loved one, friend, or mom is one of the sweetest ways to make it a memorable holiday.

Though you may worry that gifting chocolates for Valentine’s Day is too predictable, we’ve gathered unique, romantic, and premium Valentine’s Day chocolates you can buy to treat yourself or someone else!

Man in a suit giving a heart box of chocolates.

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Dark Chocolate Collection by Mignon Chocolate

Dark Chocolate Collection by Mignon Chocolate.

Find delicious gourmet chocolate assortments (gift boxes, gifts baskets, bouquets, and more) for Valentine’s Day or any special occasion from The Dark Chocolate Collection by Mignon Chocolate is a bestseller and makes the perfect gift for dark chocolate lovers.

Buy at

Toblerone Personalized Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar

Toblerone Personalized Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar.

Everyone’s favorite Swiss milk chocolate bar now comes with a sweet surprise! You can now personalize your chocolate delight with any name or saying that you choose. This is sure to add a bigger smile to any chocolate lover’s face.

Milk Bar Red Velvet Truffles

Milk Bar Red Velvet Truffles on a white background.

The iconic New York bakery has packed its bestselling red velvet cake into small little bites. A bright red cake outside filled with chocolate chips and cream cheesecake mix in the middle with a white chocolate shell, it’s a sensational ball of flavor and fun.

Buy at Milk Bar

Lindt Creation Dessert Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Lindt Creation Dessert Assorted Chocolate Gift Box on a white background.

Lindt is well known for its luscious truffles, but the Lindt Creation Dessert Assorted Chocolate Gift Box contains a huge array of premium chocolate confections. More than just basic chocolates, this gift box contains 40 pieces of Lindt desserts and chocolates, including Millefeuille, Chocolat Fondant, Creme brûlée, Brownie, Caramel Eclair, Tiramisu, and Meringue. It’s a great option for someone looking to gift a unique take on Valentine’s Day chocolates.

Max Brenner Chocolate Love Story Praline Box

Max Brenner Chocolate Love Story Praline Box on a white background.

Max Brenner Chocolate Love Story Praline Box is a darling as it is delicious. This heart-shaped, collectible tin box contains a unique collection of 12 handcrafted chocolate pralines. The chocolate is made with the highest-quality cocoa beans and oozes elegance and romance.

Buy at Max Brenner

Omnom Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar

Omnom Chocolate Sea Salted Toffee Chocolate Bar on a white background.

These international Islandic chocolate bars are an exquisite experience from beginning to end. Omnom’s single-origin toffee chocolate is made with organic cocoa butter and baked Icelandic milk, sprinkled with Icelandic Sea Salt from Saltverk, and packaged with an artistic and elegant wrapper, making for a one-of-a-kind gift.

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates

Neuhaus Belgian Chocolates on a white background.

Imported fresh from their chocolate atelier in Belgium, Neuhaus offers a selection of 25 of their finest Belgian chocolates made with sustainable cocoa and all-natural ingredients. These gourmet truffles are filled with flavors like pralinés, ganaches, caramels, and cherry, all elegantly displayed in a luxurious gift box.

Godiva Valentine’s Day Heart Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

Godiva Valentine's Day Heart Assorted Chocolate Gift Box on a white background.

Show her your heart with this Godiva 14-piece assorted chocolate that comes in a pretty heart-shaped box. The assortment includes the Godiva classics as well as four limited-edition pieces that your loved ones will surely enjoy.

Buy at Godiva

Sweet Kiss Brigadeiros

Sweet Kiss Brigadeiros on a white background.

These traditional bite-sized Brazilian desserts made of condensed milk, cocoa powder, butter, and covered in sprinkles are an adorably delicious alternative to regular chocolate truffles. Coming in an array of flavors like Cookies and Cream, Raspberry Limeade, and Crème-Brûlée, Sweet Kiss Brigadeiros are sure to be your new favorite treat.

Buy at Sweet Kiss Brigadeiros

Jacques Torres Chocolate

Jacques Torres Chocolate on a white background.

There is a reason why Chef Jacques Torres is known as Mr. Chocolate. For over 30 years, the French pastry chef has been winning awards and the hearts of chocolate lovers around the world. His signature bonbons and truffles are made with the finest ingredients and in the most delectable flavors, like the most popular Love Potion #9, which is made of Jacques’ secret recipe for pure dark chocolate ganache.

Buy at Mr. Chocolate

Harlem Chocolate Factory

Harlem Chocolate Factory chocolate bars on a white background.

Named after iconic Harlem staples like Pan-Pan Diner and Brownstone Bars, Harlem Chocolate Factory is an assortment of cultural confections from chocolate bark to turtles. Made from responsibly sourced chocolate, these imaginative sweets are like taking the A train to chocolate heaven.

Buy at Harlem Chocolate Factory

Philip Ashley Chocolates

Philip Ashley Chocolates on a black background.

You can now get award-winning chocolatier to the stars Phillip Ashley’s luxury chocolates delivered right to your door. These handcrafted, small-batch premier candies are covered in breathtaking designs and filled with the finest fair-trade chocolate for a stunning and sweet gift.

Buy at Philip Ashley Chocolates

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