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The 7 Best Whiskey Subscription Boxes in 2021

It’s quite a world we inhabit — with the click of a mouse, we can have hard-to-find whiskeys sent right to our doorstep. And if that wasn’t enough, we can go the subscription route, ensuring that said deliveries happen routinely.

Of the many subscription services out there, a good whiskey one is strongly suggested for all of the curious imbibers out there. Whiskey is a vast category that can teach you your palate a lot, especially when it’s well-curated. So, whether you’re just getting into spirits or are a self-described connoisseur, joining up is strongly encouraged. Before you know it, you’ll be savoring new whiskies and reveling in the fraternity of a newfound community of fellow drinkers.

Whether you’re after a bold Scotch, a deftly-blended bourbon, or a spicy rye, you’re sure to find pleasure with one of these subscription avenues. These are the seven best whiskey subscription boxes in 2021.

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Best Overall: Flaviar

We know, we’re not the only ones tooting the Flaviar horn. The philosophy of the subscription service is so sound that it’s often mimicked by others joining the fray. There’s a nice mix of formats as each shipment includes a full bottle along with several small tasting vials. Additionally, the selections tend to be quite hard to find, and they are accented by exclusive virtual tastings as well as visual tasting notes that map out the singular flavor profiles you’ll enjoy. And it really does feel like a club, so take advantage of all of the amenities, from a remarkable online bottle shop to spirits education seminars.

Best for Rare Whiskies: Caskers

It’s not often an inexpensive enterprise gaining access to the really rare. But it does tend to be worth the extra dollars. That’s certainly the case with Caskers, especially the World of Whiskey Club. You’re not just getting top-shelf material. Instead, you’re getting limited run offerings from all over the planet that typically remain under lock and key, at least for the regular crowd. Accompanying the two bottles per shipment are digital tasting notes and red-carpet access to things like very rare releases and just-bottled whiskies. You’ll feel pampered, which is partly the point (along with good whiskey, of course).

Best Variety: Pour More

If you’re after variety, it’s tough to top Pour More. The service boasts three tiers of its whiskey club, ranging from $49 to $129 per month. The whiskey category covers all of the major styles and sources bottles from all over the globe. It’s a great way to navigate the many details within the spirit category and really hone in on what your palate prefers. And for those looking to gift a subscription, this is also a solid choice as the presentation and custom letters offer a nice, personalized touch to the service.

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Best for Bourbon: Mash & Grape

This subscription asks for a three-month minimum to get started, but you’ll no doubt extend that after your first allotment. It’s a great route for bourbon enthusiasts especially, as some of the best in the business are spotlighted from all over the U.S. Even your most educated whiskey friends will appreciate what ends up on your doorstep. And in between thoughtful deliveries, you can peruse the organization’s loaded portfolio of spirits. Chances are, you’ll want to stock up on some of the offerings to which you are exposed.

Best for Rising Distilleries: Craft Whisky Club

One of the many merits of the Craft Whisky Club is its commitment to new producers. A subscription here will expose you to some great whiskies, before they’re subjected to rave reviews or end up on some discerning celebrity’s Instagram feed. We love the old guard, but it’s refreshing to try some work from what’s likely to be the future of the spirit. Even cooler, membership sets you up with complementary bites to go along with your booze.

Best for Beginners: Taster’s Club

In addition to a fair price point and options for just about every spirit, from bourbon to rum to vodka, Taster’s Club is great for those just wetting their toes in the world of whiskey. You’ll be treated to standout producers like Balcones in Texas or Sonoma County Distilling Company, respected labels that offer great glimpses of the spirit. Perhaps even more attractive to the whiskey newbie is the club’s straightforward membership approach (you can cancel whenever you want), fit with informative yet approachable tasting notes.

Best for Scotch: The Scotch Malt Whisky Society

Exclusivity is the name of this society’s game. Premium Scotch producers create special batches reserved just for members, meaning you’ll be enjoying something you simply can’t find at even the best bottle shop in town. What started as a small club in Edinburgh in 1983 is now one of the leading brown spirits clubs on the planet. Not only are selections pulled from small outfits all over the globe, they’re subjected to an esteemed tasting panel before being issued a yay or nay. In short, quality will never be lacking among these single cask offerings. Members are invited to events in both the US and UK and gain access to the society’s digital publication, Unfiltered. The Scotch selections are outstanding but there are also ryes, bourbons, and other whiskey varieties that make the society’s grade.

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