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The Best Whiskey Subscription Boxes in 2021

Whether you’ve been sipping and studying Scotch for years, brooding over bourbon since back in the day, or if you don’t know rye from rosé or sour mash from sangria, the finest thing about fine whiskies is that there’s always more to learn and always new booze to discover.

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Considering there are some 120 whisky distilleries in Scotland alone, hundreds in America (and more coming all the time), the Irish scene, Indian whiskey, and new regions regularly developing their own whiskey scene, it’s a Herculean task to try to stay abreast of all the news of the whiskey world, and it would be a full-time job to track down all the fine whiskies deserving a taste. (A great job, of course.)

Fortunately there are a host of great whiskey subscriptions that are wonderfully curated and, better yet, deliver great whiskies right to your door. Connoisseur, casual enthusiast, or excited amateurs alike take note: Here are six great whiskey subscription boxes.

Best Overall: Flaviar

Sure, Flaviar is at the top of whiskey and spirit subscription recommendations all over the web, but that’s with good reason: These guys got it right. Rather than paying above sticker price for full-sized whiskey bottles delivered to your door, a Flaviar membership sees one full-sized (750 ml) bottle of whiskey plus three 1.5 ounce taster tubes delivered every three months at a $25 monthly cost. So you can think of it like a bottle of fine booze and three cocktail starters (or straight sippers) for $75, which is a fine price considering your membership also unlocks access to a vast catalog of spirits, to educational resources, to event invites, and more. This is a rather affordable club that nonetheless feels exclusive and upscale.

Best for Rare Whiskies: Caskers

Let’s not beat around the bush: This is an expensive whiskey subscription. Like $167 every three months for a World of Whiskey Club membership. But you can count on the pair of full-sized whiskey bottles the brand delivers to you four times annually to be rare, exciting, and excellent. Their experts scour the globe for fine spirits you’d be unlikely to find yourself, bringing you whiskey from Japan to Ireland and everywhere in between. Also delivered are tasting notes that help you learn as you savor.

Best Variety: Shots Box

Each Shots Box package arrives with ten different 50 ml bottles of whiskey (AKA 10 nips) that are about as varied as you can get. From peanut butter whiskey to Canadian blends to straight bourbon and beyond, this is one of the best varieties of whiskeys you can get delivered, so you’ll be exposed to all sorts of new spirits. That said, you’re also paying $85 every sixty days for this box, which amounts to $8.5 per nip. Treat them like bar drinks, though, and it’s a fine deal.

Best Access: Mash & Grape

A Mash & Grape membership is actually a gift subscription, but why not make yourself the recipient? It costs $69 per month for a minimum of three months, not a bad price for great whiskey, and unlike many such companies that can deliver to only a handful of states, at present Mash & Grape ships to 40 states. Also, you don’t need to subscribe to shop, you can just buy bottles from the brand’s huge catalog, which holds some fascinating bottles, including many priced in the thousands of dollars.

Best Food Pairing: Craft Whisky Club

What makes great whiskey even better? Why, curated snacks to go with it, of course. Your $49 monthly fee nets you six annual shipments, and in each box you’ll find a unique and exceptional whiskey accompanied by a delicious foodstuff carefully selected to complement the spirit.

Simplest Subscription: Taster’s Club

When you sign up for a membership with Taster’s Club, you pay $84 per month and you get one excellent bottle of whiskey per month in the category you chose: bourbon, Scotch (actually that spirit is $94 monthly), or whiskey generally. That’s it. No small bottles, no two-month intervals, no hidden fees, just one price for one bottle delivered once a month. Sometimes you’ll get a great deal, sometimes you’ll overpay a bit, but the selection is great and the convenience superlative.

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