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The Best Decaf Coffee Beans to Buy in 2022

Decaf coffee has been thrown under the barista bus for quite a while. And perhaps for good reason, as for too many years, there was hardly an option in the field worth brewing. Alas, times continue to change and we’re now blessed with a broad range of decaf options.

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The reasons for going sans caffeine are many, and while we love the fully loaded stuff, many of us like to take a break now and again. Sometimes, you just want the flavor of coffee without the extra kick. This is especially the case after a big meal that meanders into the wee hours, after which you just want to hit the hay. Other times, you just want some of the health benefits of coffee (the antioxidants, for example) without the jitters. For others, caffeine may inspire a bit of anxiety and just not be worth the risk.

It’s time for us to embrace the zero-content era of drinks, as they can be equally delicious. We’ve seen it in beer and we’ve seen it in spirits (try one of these mocktails and see for yourself). It’s true in coffee as well, as these seven outstanding zero-caffeine varieties prove.

Best Budget: Thrive

Thrive Organic Decaf Coffee

Thrive manages to put together a pleasant batch of organic coffee at a deal of a price. Made from Peruvian beans, this medium-plus roast shows cacao and graham cracker flavors.

Best Instant: Verve Vancouver

Verve Instant Decaf Coffee

The instant decaf from Verve is layered, with notes of butterscotch and baking chocolate flavors. As the esteemed Santa Cruz roaster says, this ain’t your grandma’s instant coffee (it’s way, way superior).

Best Pods: Peet’s

Peet's Decaf Coffee Pods

For a roaster on the larger side, Peer’s always seems to come through. These pods produce tasty decaf in a matter of minutes. It’s the brand’s flagship roast and tastes incredibly like its caffeinated cousin.

Best Espresso: Water Avenue El Toro

Water Avenue El Toro Decaf Coffee

This darker espresso roast can be made into shots or an Americano or regular coffee, your choice. Whichever way you lean, you’ll be impressed by the fullness of flavor even with no caffeine in sight.

Best Single-Origin: Partners Ghost Town

Partners Decaf Coffee

Made in Brooklyn, this decaf stresses a single growing estate in Peru and spring water in its decaf process. The result is a lovely brew with hints of dates and white chocolate.

Most Flavorful: Greater Goods Low Strung

Greater Goods Decaf Coffee

This company should be on your radar whether you like caffeine or now as its entire lineup is impressive. The Low Strung boasts Colombian beans and a creamy, Nutella-like flavor profile. Better still, the Austin roaster focuses hard on giving back to the community through some of its profits.

Best Canned: Quivr

Quivr Nitro Cold Brew Decaf Coffee

This crushable option benefits from both a slow cold-brewing process for added depth and a nitrogen infusion for a soft texture. It’s great room temperature or, on warmer days, poured into a chilled glass with an ice cube or two.

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