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Here’s how much it will cost you to charter a Four Seasons private jet

four seasons jet in the sky
Four Seasons

Want to take luxury travel to new heights? Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts is offering the opportunity to charter their custom-designed private jet for a limited time in 2024. But this exclusive experience comes with an eye-watering price tag.

The sky-high costs

inside of the Four Seasons private jet
Four Seasons

For approximately $115,000 per day, up to 48 guests can enjoy the ultimate in personalized air travel aboard the Four Seasons private jet. This Airbus A321neoLR aircraft has been outfitted with 48 flatbed leather seats, a luxurious lounge area, and an exceptional in-flight dining experience curated by an executive chef.

The cost covers the private jet flights, all onboard services like gourmet meals, personal iPads and Bose headphones for entertainment, and the expert crew of 10, including pilots and dedicated cabin attendants. You can even opt to add an onboard physician, tour manager, or extra crew at additional expense.

However, the $115,000 daily rate is just for starters. All ground transfers, hotel accommodations, tours, activities, and most meals at your destinations come as extra costs to be arranged separately or through Four Seasons.

Where can you jet off to?

people walking in front of the Four Seasons jet with luggage in hand
Four Seasons

Wondering what kind of dream itinerary could justify such premium pricing?

Four Seasons suggests incredible travel experiences like the ultimate “set-jetting” adventure to visit filming locations of popular movies and TV shows shot at their properties. Or perhaps a global sporting event tour, catching the Summer Olympics in Paris, car racing in the Netherlands, football matches across Europe, and the U.S. Open tennis tournament. Another option is an epic holiday celebration spanning multiple European Christmas markets, a ski trip in the French Alps, and a New Year’s Eve finale in an exotic locale like Dubai or Finnish Lapland.

The Four Seasons team will work with your group to fully customize the private jet itinerary based on your interests and budget. You can even choose to recreate one of their pre-designed Private Jet Experience routes, like Ancient Explorer or International Intrigue, but on your preferred dates.

While the nightly lodging costs at Four Seasons luxury hotels and resorts will add up quickly, the true luxury lies in the seamless, tailored travel experience without the hassles of commercial flights and standard tour groupings.

The chartered Four Seasons private jet can fly up to 4,600 miles without refueling. Its advanced air filtration system refreshes the cabin air every few minutes, removing 99.9% of particles for maximum health assurance. Of course, the privilege of complete privacy and the ability to control every aspect of the travel experience from the group size to the itinerary are also prime draws for Four Seasons’ ultra-wealthy clientele.

Bottom line

seating inside the Four Seasons private jet
Four Seasons

Chartering the Four Seasons private jet offers an exclusive and customized travel experience with luxurious amenities for up to 48 guests but comes at a hefty price tag of $115,000 per day, not including ground transfers, accommodation, or most meals. This luxury is ideal for those seeking ultimate privacy, control over their itinerary, and the seamlessness of avoiding commercial flights and standard tours. According to Four Seasons, this opportunity is only available between August 4 to 26 and December 20 to 27, 2024. 

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