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Big Green Egg brings back a fan-favorite item for a limited time

However spend your evenings outdoors, the Big Green Egg Chiminea is there to help keep things warm

The Big Green Egg Chiminea.
Big Green Egg

Love good times by the fire on a chilly night? Want to enjoy a few drinks in a toasty spot after a long day at work? Of course, we all do. But throwing some logs in a pit in the ground doesn’t quite do it. If you want a cozy evening, Big Green Egg brings the wow with the release of a special Chiminea to celebrate 50 years in business, and it will take your gathering around the fire to a whole new level.

The Big Green Egg update

A couple enjoying the warmth of a Chiminea.
Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg has been the go-to for outdoor grillers and smokers looking for an outdoor cooker for decades. But if you want to hang out in the fresh air without cooking, the Chiminea is what you need. Freestanding fireplaces aren’t new, and Big Green Egg isn’t trying to reinvent them. The vintage version from 1999 is the starting point, with upgrades worthy of a 50th anniversary.

What’s cracking with this egg

If it’s not broken, don’t fix it, right? But even the littlest changes will make something feel fresh. For those who aren’t the best at starting a fire and keeping it going, the Chiminea comes with Lava Rocks to keep the flames roaring more evenly and for longer. Made from NASA-grade ceramic, the quality isn’t something to worry about, either. And, yes, it’s still in that gorgeous, signature deep green color. 

The egg shape isn’t just for show but serves a crucial purpose. The design keeps smoke from going anywhere near your face. No more fighting to switch seats when the wind catches the fire pit smoke. Looking to the bottom, the legs give the option to put it anywhere. We love a portable item. Front yard, backyard, side yard — or any spot that isn’t wood. As long as you don’t fire this up on a wooden deck, gather around this warm egg anywhere you want.

Get a Chiminea in your yard

The Chiminea with wood burning in it.
Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg wants to make your nights as toasty and comfortable as can be — for a limited time. This special 50th-anniversary release is only happening through the fall, and you’ll want yours before winter hits. 

The catch is you can’t grab one anywhere. You have to visit a seller of Big Green Egg merchandise, so see where the closest one to you is. A place to start is a nearby Ace Hardware. If you don’t want to do all that, Big Green Egg is hosting a contest to win one Chiminea for you and one for a person of your choosing. We love gifting.

Call friends, make plans, and see where a Chiminea from Big Green Egg could take your night. Or don’t tell anyone you have one to get the delicious heat all to yourself. However you plan on spending your evenings, Big Green Egg is there to help keep things burning.

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