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This is the Best Wood for Grilling and Smoking, According to an Expert

When it comes to grilling and smoking foods, it’s hard to beat old-fashioned firewood for both a heat source and flavor. But did you know that different types of wood will actually bring different flavors to your cooking? Today we will look at the best wood for grilling and the differences between some of the most popular wood to cook with.

Preparing a wood fire for grilling.
Photo: Nuke Grills

The warm glow and crackle of a true wood fire is borderline irresistible, but chances are the stuff in your woodpile may not be the best choice for cooking with. We will explore some favorite wood types you can use to grill and smoke a steak that can be used in almost any smoker or charcoal grill.

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What Kind of Wood is Best for Grilling?

You want to use wood that provides a long, consistent heat source without being too overbearing on smoke.

We caught up with Alec Semersky from Hot Box Cooking Wood and asked him some questions about the different types of cooking woods and how they affect how food cooks and tastes.

Wood burning for grilling

It All Starts With a Good Bed of Coals

Semersky says, “You can never go wrong with getting your fire going and establishing a bed of coals with oak. Kiln-dried oakwood is the best you can get because it has a long, steady burn and will provide a nice bed of coals without being overbearingly smoky. ”

Steak on a grill

What is the Best Wood to Grill Steaks?

Oak may also be the most versatile wood for cooking steaks. Semersky likes how it gives a good sear on a steak and provides consistent temperatures throughout the cook.

Using mesquite will give steaks and other red meat an unmistakably bold, and smoky flavor synonymous with Texas-style grilling and barbecue. Hickory wood is another good option for grilling steaks as it will leave your food with almost a bacon-like flavor. These woods are fragrant and great for hot-and-fast grilling. But Semersky cautions you to use them sparingly when smoking food as it’s easy for the flavor from the smoke to be overpowering.

Chickens on a rotisserie grill

What is the Best Wood to Grill Chicken?

It’s hard to beat a combination of cherry and oak wood for grilling chicken. When cherry wood is added to an established oak fire, it brings a light and fruity flavor to the food that won’t overpower your dish.

Other fruit woods like apple, apricot, and peach, are both mild enough that they won’t make your chicken taste acrid and sweet enough that they truly enhance the flavor.

What is the Best Wood to Grill Pork?

Sugar maple may be the perfect wood for grilling pork. Semersky calls sugar maple the across-the-board choice for pork and says it works well for everything from bacon to pork chops.

Sugar maple has a light maple syrup flavor that you can’t find in any other wood making it a perfect pairing for pork.

It’s especially good when grilling pork steaks, sausages, and ground pork patties.

How Do I Get Started Grilling With Wood?

Getting into grilling with wood is simple to do. There are many grill options (even some for under $500) that anyone would be fired up to own.

“There’s an American subculture of barbecue enthusiasts looking for the next new thing,” said Lucas Servera of Nuke Grills, a company that sells Argentinian made grills in North America made exclusively for cooking with wood and charcoal.

Grilling over wood is becoming more popular in North America because people are looking for more fun and unique ways to cook food outdoors.

They are embracing styles of cooking like Argentinian, Brazillian, and South American, where spending time together gathering around and tending to the fire becomes just as important as what’s on the menu.

Whether you have a grill dedicated to wood-burning or you fire up some wood for grilling in your charcoal grill, cooking over real wood is definitely something worth trying this season.

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