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Shawn Laib

Shawn Laib


Shawn Laib is a freelance writer with publications such as Den of Geek,, Edge Media Network, diaTribe, SUPERJUMP, and more. He graduated from the University of Washington in 2019. He enjoys playing basketball and video games in his free time.

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Jeremy Allen White as Carmy in The Bear

10 amazing shows like The Bear to enjoy next

If you're like us, you probably want even more of The Bear in your life after the drama/comedy wrapped up another 10 episodes of kitchen madness.
Movie on a person's phone

The best movies on Hulu to watch in July

From an award-winning thriller film to a new-era sci-fi rom-com, here is an updated list of the best Hulu movies you can stream right now.
Scene from Succession

The best shows on Max to stream in July

The channel that has maintained a premium status since its conception, Max is now a major streaming platform for all to enjoy.
The Mandalorian looks out over the sun

These are the best Disney Plus shows to add to your watchlist in July

Looking for a show to watch on Disney Plus? We've gathered an updated list of the best Disney Plus series you can stream on the platform.
Joel and Ellie drive the narrative of The Last of Us

The Last of Us season 2: Everything we know so far

How closely will the second season follow The Last of Us Part II video game? Let's get into the finer details of The Last of Us season 2!
shows like masters of the air band brothers soldier

Ranked: The best HBO miniseries of all time

HBO has dabbled in historical dramas, war stories, the superhero genre, and LGBTQ+ themes to create a library full of incredible miniseries.
The Sopranos (P621) "Made In America"

Ranked: The top antiheroes in TV history

There have been some incredible antiheroes on TV. These characters make morally ambiguous decisions, but we can't help but root for their success.
The official promo art for Shogun.

The 10 best TV shows of 2024 (so far)

As we turn the corner and begin the second half of the schedule, it's important to look at the best TV shows of 2024 (so far).
Ben Stiller as White Goodman in Dodgeball

The 10 best Ben Stiller movies, ranked

From laugh-out-loud comedy to indie films with great directors, here are the best Ben Stiller movies to stream and enjoy with friends, family, or by yourself!
McConaughey in Mud

The best Matthew McConaughey movies, ranked

Matthew McConaughey went from a sexy star to an acclaimed actor with these films.
Remote close-up watching TV

10 classic movies you need to stream on Netflix

Whatever the reasoning is to hate on hating 21st-century cinema, people who prefer old pictures have plenty of options when they tune in to streaming services.
Willy Wonka in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory."

The 10 best Johnny Depp movies, ranked

Depp often transforms into characters who look nothing like one another, from pirate captains to chocolatiers in top hats.
Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

The 11 best Tom Cruise movies, ranked

Tom Cruise has been in some of the most iconic movies ever. We're ranking the best of the best.
Will Smith in King Richard.

The 10 best tennis movies, ranked

A tennis match is a battle of attrition and juxtapositions of personalities, a one-on-one affair that has made for some great thematic material in Hollywood. 
Tony Soprano and his fellow mobsters were iconic anti-heroes

11 best HBO Original shows ever, ranked – The Sopranos, Succession, and more

HBO is the king of quality TV. We're here to rank the best shows in the network's history.
The Shining

The 10 best Stanley Kubrick movies, ranked

If filmmaking is art, Stanley Kubrick stands as one of the initiators of the prestige movie movement. Kubrick mastered his craft like a painter with a brush.
Woody Harrelson in Zombieland

The 11 best Woody Harrelson movies and shows, ranked

Woody Harrelson has had a versatile career, and we're here to rank his best movies and TV shows.
Actor Sylvester Stallone on the Expendables panel at the 2010 San Diego Comic Con.

Ranked: The best Sylvester Stallone movies of all time

Sylvester Stallone movies consistently fulfill a primal desire for action and retribution. Here, The Manual brings you the best of Sly Stallone.

The 10 best racing movies, ranked

Racing movies have found success as documentary films, comedies, and historical fiction films with big-name actors.
Sean Bean with a book

The 12 best Sean Bean performances, ranked

Sean Bean has been a part of the acting world for decades now, making a name for himself as a side character that goes out with a bang.
The World's End (2013) movie poster of main cast drinking beer at a bar

12 best beer movies to watch with a cold one in hand

Whether it's a documentary about brewing or a tale of transporting beer across state lines, this best beer movies list has something for everyone.
Tom Glynn-Carney as King Aegon II Targaryen in House of the Dragon

TV shows to watch: These summer series are can’t miss

Debut seasons of historical dramas, superhero shows in their primes, and comedies that should be deemed dramas are all up at bat in the season's best new shows.
Mark Ruffalo at Comic-Con

10 Mark Ruffalo movies you have to watch (that aren’t Marvel)

Ruffalo experiments with different genres and Oscar-worthy films to carry a high level of respect from his peers and fans at home.
Sean Evans and Shaq in Hot Ones Interview 2021

The best Hot Ones episodes: These celebs are our favorites to watch

Hot Ones is hilarious because of its simplicity and humility. Here are the best episodes to watch.
Sean Connery on The Rock

The 12 best Sean Connery movies of all time

A multi-talented icon, Sean Connery will go down in history as that and so much more.
Once Upon a Time in the West

The 14 best Western movies to watch right now

There is no form of escapism quite like the Western. Their sweeping desert landscapes whisk us away and give us a sense of wanderlust.
Steve Martin

Obsessed with Only Murders in the Building? The 11 best Steve Martin movies and shows, ranked

Steve Martin is one of the funniest actors of all time, and these are his top performances.
Chris Evans sitting at a table in a chunky knit sweater

The best Chris Evans movies (that have nothing to do with Marvel)

Evans has been in plenty of non-Marvel movies before and after his time in the massive Disney-owned franchise.
Steven Yeun

The best Steven Yeun movies and shows, ranked

The best Steven Yeun movies and TV shows often excite audiences but also make them think about the world in a new way.
Pulp Fiction Jules Winnfield, Samuel L. Jackson

Ranking the 10 best Samuel L. Jackson movies

Samuel L. Jackson is one of the most well-established actors of all time. Here's the best from his filmography.
Liam Neeson at an event

The best Liam Neeson movies, ranked

Even though he's one of the world's best action stars, fans can expect an excellent performance no matter what genre Neeson appears in.
Michael Jordan in The Last Dance

Get ready for the NBA playoffs and stream the best basketball documentaries today

Basketball documentaries help inform and inspire fans all over the world. These are our picks for the best of the bunch.
Seth Rogen

Ranked: The 12 best Seth Rogen movies to watch now

The Canadian raised, well-known stoner-comedian has more than just his pop culture career to go on. We're here today to praise his achievements in the movies.
Jeff Bridges in The Big Lebowski

The 12 best Jeff Bridges movies, ranked

Actor, writer, and producer of film and music, Jeff Bridges is a household name that any lover of film should know.

The best Joaquin Phoenix movies, ranked

Versatility allows him to play the sidekick or the lead, and his dedication to the craft of filmmaking always makes a Phoenix movie feel unique and on-brand.
Cillian Murphy in Peaky Blinders

Ranked: The best Cillian Murphy movies

The best Cillian Murphy movies range from science fiction epics to superhero narratives that endlessly entertain.
Sonny Boy

The 18 best anime series on Hulu right now – Cowboy Bebop, Sonny Boy, and more

Hulu has some of the best anime series of any streamer, and we're going to give you a rundown of the top ones to choose from.
28 Days Later

The best zombie movies, ranked – can you survive the zombie apocalypse?

Whether it be for the thrills or the chills, sometimes throwing on a good horror/thriller movie can be the feeling you need after a long day.
The first Super Bowl at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum in 1967.

The best, worst, and most infamous Super Bowl halftime shows of all time

Hardcore Super Bowl fans may be more focused on the game, but more casual viewers tune in for the talented musicians who take over the halftime stage.
Nicolas Cage (right) and Pedro Pascal (left) in 'The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent

From Raising Arizona to Renfield: These are the best Nicolas Cage movies (some of these are seriously underrated)

Nicolas Cage has been in well more than 100 movies, from cheesy action staples to serious Oscar-winning masterpieces. Here are his best 20 movies.
Bojack Horseman and Princess Caroline

BoJack Horseman, Disenchantment, and more: Netflix cartoons that are binge-worthy shows adults will love

Whether you're looking for a relaxing cartoon or some mind-bending adult animation, we've found the best Netflix animated series to stream right now.
Stranger Things

Black Mirror, The 100, and more: The 12 best sci-fi shows to stream on Netflix right now

If you want to escape from the boring reality we call life, these best sci-fi shows on Netflix this year will guarantee an out-of-this-world viewing experience.
The Irishman

The Irishman, Extraction, The Gray Man, and more: The 10 best action movies on Netflix

Fight scenes, chase scenes, race scenes — all the hallmarks of a cinematic adrenaline rush. Here are the best action movies you can watch on Netflix this year.
ski downhill mountain

The best ski movies to watch this winter

There's never a wrong time of year for a good ski movie. Here are the best of all time.
Steven Spielberg in the mouth of Jaws

Jaws, Schindler’s List, and more: The 11 best Steven Spielberg movies, ranked

Responsible for some timeless classics using movie and music magic, Steven Spielberg is one of the best directors of all time.
Robert Downey Jr.

The 11 best Robert Downey Jr. movies, ranked

From hits like Oppenheimer and the Avengers franchise, to Shakespeare adaptations like Richard III, these are the Robert Downey Jr. movies you should see.
John Cusack in Say Anything

Ranked: The best John Cusack movies of all time

John Cusack, the 80’s loverboy of old turned dramatic actor of late, is cemented in history as a true screen talent and an overall great human being.
Anthony Hopkins

The 10 best Anthony Hopkins movies, ranked

A collection of the best films starring Anthony Hopkins
Scoring the winning points at a basketball game

The 10 best basketball movies, ranked

Here are the 10 best basketball movies to bring suspense and heart to your movie night.

The 10 best Alfred Hitchcock movies, ranked

The pioneer of modern horror and suspense films, Hitchcock conveyed emotional and frightening experiences in many genres through his decades of film making.