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Nate Swanner

Nate Swanner

General Manager

Nate is General Manager for all not-Digital-Trends properties at DTMG, including The Manual, Digital Trends en Espanol (DTES),  21Oak, NewFolks, The Angle, PawTracks, HappySprout, ToughJobs, and BlissMark. He was previously an Editor at Dice Insights, The Next Web, SlashGear, and Android Authority.

A former chef, lifelong snowboarder, documentary fiend, and avid traveler, Nate eats well, learns constantly, and falls down a lot of snowy mountains.


The golden wonder of flax: How to eat flaxseed for health and vitality

There are different types of ways you can enjoy the benefits of flaxseed. Find the way that suits your tastes with this guide on how to consume flaxseed.
Man drying his hair using a hair dryer

The best hair dryers for men to keep their manes in tiptop shape

We have the list of the best hair dryers for men featuring our top choices across various price points. Take your pick and keep your strands tamed.
A top-shelf tequila

The best top-shelf tequilas between $50-$100

When you want to up your agave game past cheap margaritas, check out this list of the best top-shelf tequilas between $50-$100.
Sugarloaf ski resort

Add these East Coast ski resorts to your winter plans

Head somewhere different this winter and get in on some East Coast skiing action, with these top East Coast resorts.
Beach fire

How to build a fire: Tips for fireplaces, campfires, and working in the rain

Learn how to build the perfect fire in a fireplace and a campfire in the great outdoors. Consider this your guide for when you're ready heat things up.
Glass mug with spiked apple cider

7 of the best spirits for spiked apple cider

Make these spiked apple cider drinks with one or more of these favorite spirits.
Cup of coffee with beans on table

Feeling rushed in the mornings? This is the best way to get great coffee

Tired of dropping by Starbucks every morning? We don't blame you. Frazy helps you get great coffee in the morning without making that extra stop.
Austin, Texas USA - January 27, 2020: Selection of donuts on display in a colorful case at Voodoo Doughnuts in a popular specialty doughnut chain shop

Portland’s VooDoo Doughnut voted most overrated tourist attraction in the world (and we know why)

Headed to Portland, Oregon? Avoid VooDoo Doughnuts, which has been voted the biggest tourist trap.
2024 Burton Blossom

All 2023-2024 Burton snowboards are now available – here’s everything you need to know

All new Burton snowboards for 2023-2024 are now available! We've got the inside scoop on design, specs, and who should buy each new board
Hiking in high elevation

Take the high route when hiking: The best high-elevation hikes around the world

Push yourself to your physical limits and test your mental endurance on some of these best high-elevation hikes from around the world.
Pot roast beef

Cool days, warm grill: 4 tasty fall grill recipes to try this year

Grilling season doesn't have to end on Labor Day. Keep the pit going with these four great fall grilling recipes.
Man using tire crossfit workout

A beginner’s guide to AMRAP workouts that get results

AMRAP workouts, which stand for as many reps as possible, are challenging but can boost your fitness. Find the best AMRAP workouts here.

Rum 101: An enthusiast’s guide to understanding the different types of rum

Our guide helps you understand the nuances of rum production, so you yourself can discover which types of rum you'll enjoy the most.
Six Flags Magic Mountain California

All 23 Six Flags theme parks in the U.S., ranked

It wasn't easy, but we ranked every Six Flags location in the U.S. May this list help guide your next theme-park-flavored vacation.
A man with chafing on leg.

How to prevent chafing for your thighs, groin, armpits, and elsewhere

Whether your shirt’s seams rub your armpits or your thighs brush against each other, we've listed some tips to help you enjoy your long runs.
Clear ice with The Manual logo

Ghost Ice and Ice Designer clear ice system review: Whimsy, wonder, and elegance (with a bit of work)

Knowing how to make clear ice is simple with Ghost Ice and Ice Designer, which help you create perfectly clear ice and etch designs into your clear cubes.
vans ultrarange review vr3

Vans UltraRange review: Putting the hiking (and real) worlds on notice

Are Vans UltraRange solid hiking shoes? We review the latest from the street-shoe mainstay. logo and feature image - a laptop showing the site is exposing how greedy car dealerships really are – here’s how (and why)

Car dealers are getting greedy. is exposing the worst dealers in the U.S.
Breville Super Q Pro and Vitamix Vita Prep 3

Breville vs. Vitamix: A blender showdown with a clear winner

Breville and Vitamix are two of the biggest names in commercial and at-home appliances, but which is better? We test them both to find out.
Breville Joule Turbo

Breville Joule Turbo review: Sous vide on algorithmic steroids (with one major issue)

The Breville Joule Turbo is trying to take sous vide a step further. Is that possible? We find out.
Man working on a motorcycle

How to tune up your motorcycle for your upcoming road trips

Planning for a road trip on your bike? Time to put on your work clothes, pull out the tools, and get started on your motorcycle tune-up.
best cbd gummies 2021

These are the 8 best CBD gummies you can buy, period

The high demand for CBD results in a somewhat flooded market, which can seem like a good problem to have until you’re looking to buy high-quality CBD gummies.
Coffee pouring over the sides

All energy, no jitters: The best CBD coffee brands

CBD coffee will wake you up, but also help you avoid the jitters and chill you out. It's pretty much the best of both worlds.
Premium Jane Mango Berry CBD Gummies with cut-up mango fruit.

These are the best CBD gummies for sleep

Trying to choose the best CBD gummies for sleep? We found the best high-quality sleep-promoting CBD gummies for you.
Mountain Gazette Magazine

Brand profile: Mountain Gazette is the biggest little magazine you don’t know you love (yet)

Looking for a new favorite publication? Mountain Gazette magazine respects its readers, has interesting content, and is chock full of incredible imagery.
mini manual driving school cooper countryman

MINI Stunt Driving School: The most fun you can have on four (and sometimes three) wheels

Ever wanted to stunt drive in a safe environment? MINI Stunt Driving School might be exactly what you're looking for!
snow sports awards 2023 tm feature art

The Manual Snow Sports Awards 2023: The absolute best ski and snowboard gear we tested this season

Pirelli P-Zero AS Plus 3 tread 5

Pirelli P-Zero AS Plus 3 tire review: First drive tests leave a lasting impression

The Pirelli P-Zero AS Plus 3 promises racing inspired performance in an all-season tire. Did it deliver? We tested it to find out.
Pirelli P-Zero AS 3

Pirelli’s new P-Zero AS Plus 3 may be the new gold standard of tires

Pirelli took a massive leap forward designing the P-Zero AS Plus 3 virtually, but it may pay off for customers
Whiskey being poured into a glass.

How to drink whiskey: A beginners guide (with tips from a pro)

Consider taking up whiskey drinking as a hobby this year? To help you enjoy a fine glass of this hallowed spirit, here's a brief guide on how to drink whiskey.
thick mattress on a bed frame in the bedroom

What is the best mattress thickness for exceptional sleep?

We detail how to choose a mattress thickness, ensuring you the best high-quality sleep possible.
burton anon m4 perceive pro pack review hero

Anon M4 Perceive Pro Pack review: is this snowboard goggles overkill?

The Anon M4 Perceive Pro Pack is $1,400. Is it worth the hefty price? We review the most expensive snow sports goggle kit on earth.
dakine high roller snowboard bag review hero

DaKine High Roller snowboard bag review: Traveling like a pro (snowboarder)

The DaKine High Roller is a lightweight snowboard bag for travelers - but does it protect your gear? Will it hold up to baggage handlers? Read on to find out!
smith nexus helmet review snowboarding hero

Smith Nexus snowboard helmet review: a great lightweight helmet with one big drawback

Ski and snowboarding helmets should be protective, stylish, and comfortable. Does the Smith Nexus helmet cover all the bases? Read our review to find out!
burton loback step on binding review hero

Burton Loback Step-On snowboard bindings review: Is it time to reconsider your entire snowboarding setup?

Burton Loback Step-On snowboard bindings are a continuation in the drive for fewer straps and more fun. Does it deliver? Find out!
burton step on boot and bindings review hero

Burton Step-On bindings and boots review: Should you opt-in to Step-On?

Burton Step-On is progressive but polarizing. Are these the boots and bindings you should be buying in 2023? After two seasons of testing, we have the answer.
burton custom x review snowboard deck

Burton Custom X snowboard review: Don’t hold back

The Burton Custom X is the top-end snowboard in Burton's lineup - but is it the best there is? We test to find out.
burton family tree hometown hero snowboard review

Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero snowboard review: Powder lovers apply within

Looking for a powder-plowing snowboard? Check out our review of the Burton Family Tree Hometown Hero.

The 10 best aprons for men: Cook your meals in style

Kitchen aprons are a chef's best friend. Here are the best aprons for men, all of which you can count on to upgrade both your cooking and personal style.
a day for jake snowboarding burton snowboards 2023 group

Burton just gave you the perfect reason to go snowboarding this weekend

Need an excuse to go snowboarding? Burton's annual "A day for Jake" is March 11, and is the perfect excuse to spend a day on the mountain.

Hotel sheets: The truth about how clean they really are

We have a few suggestions for how to tell if a hotel's bedsheets are clean and what to do if you suspect otherwise. Here’s what you need to know.
mini manual driving school clutch

I went to the new MINI Manual Driving School to learn how to have fun driving a stick

The MINI Manual Driving School promises to teach people how to drive a manual clutch transmission.
burton run dmc collaboration mine 77

Burton and Run DMC partner for new boards, boots, bindings – and a great cause

Burton and Run DMC partnership helps kids in need via two great foundations.
dakine boot locker snowboard bag review 69l compartment

Review: The Dakine Boot Locker 69L is the best snowboard gear bag we’ve tested

Is there such a thing as the perfect snowboard gear bag? The Dakine Boot Locker 69L might be it.

Protect your dome with the best ski and snowboard helmets

The best ski and snowboard helmets don't just protect your head. They go beyond that with a comfortable, well-ventilated fit and a stylish look.
smith io mag 3d goggle review i o hero

Review: is the Smith I/O Mag Imprint 3D Goggle worth its $450 price tag?

Should you pay $450 for the Smith I/O Mag Imprint 3D Goggle? It's feature-packed, but the price packs a punch. we give the goggle a full review.
dakine sender stretch review 3l jacket and cruiser pant

Dakine Sender Stretch 3L review: The best snowboarding outerwear you can buy?

Do the Dakine Sender Stretch 3L pant and jacket stand up to the competition? We give them a full day on the mountain to find out!
Beach in Key West in early morning.

Your Key West travel guide for enjoying Florida’s more bohemian side

Key West offers a blend of nature and nightlife, with on-the-water adventures, beachy bars, and sumptuous restaurants.
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Spa

Take a dip in these 9 best hot springs across the globe

Relax and rejuvenate in one of these 9 best hot springs around the world, where you'll be treated to wondrous views and therapeutic waters.
The best ski and snowboard bags help protect your expensive wintersports gear.

Your winter gear deserves serious protection: The best ski and snowboard bags

Ski and snowboard bags are essential for travel to avoid dinging and denting your expensive equipment, and many are padded, offering additional protection.