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Feeling rushed in the mornings? This is the best way to get great coffee

Custom coffee at-home without any special equipment? Yes, please.

Cup of coffee with beans on table
Mike Kenneally/Unsplash / Mike Kenneally/Unsplash

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and while we tend to agree, the spread is nothing without some quality caffeine. Yet, we don’t always have the energy or time to produce a solid cup. So, for those who live frantic a.m. lifestyles that barely make room for a sip of java — let alone a bite of toast — we have a solution, and its name is Frazy.

So, instead of dropping by Starbucks or dusting off that espresso machine (assuming you have one to begin with), try this convenient service instead. Created by baristas, the vials of coffee are customizable and require only water to create. One can decide on the strength of flavor and level of sweetness, along with dairy choice, and the resulting drink can take the form of either cold or hot coffee, along with a straight-up espresso shot.

Presently, Frazy offers a couple dozen flavors, ranging from seasonal favorites like pumpkin spice to Vietnamese coffee and tiramisu mocha. The brand uses solely arabica beans, and there are even some tea options. The bottles come in six or 12-packs and will last, according to the company, at least two-to-three weeks in the fridge.

There are a decent amount of vegan options, and members are encouraged to add their own riffs to the drinks, whether it be a favorite sweetener or some wild honey. A frother is also included, a nice touch if you’re looking for that barista touch while at home.

Frazy coffee bottles.
Frazy / Frazy

The drinks come together fast, as all you really need to add is five or six ounces of water. It’s a convenience that’s nice at home but all the better on the go, whether you’re in traffic, stuck in the office, or out and about on a camping adventure. Are there additional benefits? Well, the aluminum bottles are recyclable and, thanks to the less volume and, therefore, lighter weight, the shipping emissions footprint isn’t quite as significant.

The drinks are a great way to start the day but can also be used in other creative ways, as in one of the main ingredients in a good coffee cocktail (which goes well beyond just the ubiquitous espresso Martini). Shoot, mix it up with some ice cream as a milkshake, or add a few drops to your favorite barbecue sauce recipe. And even if you just drink the stuff in the morning, as it’s intended, you’ll be set up with a tasty beverage to kickstart your day — and won’t be late to work making the stuff.

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