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All energy, no jitters: The best CBD coffee brands

What you need to know about CBD coffee

Coffee pouring over the sides
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CBD-infused drinks are one of the fastest-growing products in the cannabis sector, with coffee shops from Brooklyn to Portland rushing to get more and more infused lattes, mochas, and chai blends onto the chalkboards perched outside their doors. CBD coffee is also making huge inroads into the brew-at-home marketplace, with myriad companies offering the stuff in pods, as ground coffee, and even as as whole beans.

Most people start to experience the effects of coffee in about 10 minutes, and within 45 minutes of consuming your cuppa, your body will have processed 99% of the caffeine. And with an average of 150 milligrams of caffeine, such as with a good, strong cup of black coffee, you will continue to have caffeine influencing your system for about five hours.

CBD, on the other hand, takes 30 minutes to an hour to present itself when ingested (vaping gets the substance into your system much faster, as does oil under the tongue) and will influence most people for about six hours. So CBD and coffee are a great match in terms of timing.

Coffee cup on a surface
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Best CBD coffee brands

Here are the best CBD coffee brands to help you get that energy without jitters.

Green Roads cbd coffee
Green Roads

Green Roads

Green Roads CBD coffee is high-quality stuff that is certified as organic and sustainably sourced. This Colombian coffee will have your taste buds buzzing long before the caffeine and cannabidiol kick in.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co. CBD coffee
Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Buddha Beans Coffee Co.

Buddha Beans offers coffee from three growing regions: Colombia, Mexico, and Ethiopia. The last of these is a great choice if you like a bit more bite and acidity in the taste of your job, and all three varieties are a great choice for the person who wants whole bean or ground coffee infused with non-GMO CBD extracted from American grown hemp.

Flower Power Coffee Co. CBD coffee
Flower Power Coffee Co.

Flower Power Coffee Co.

Flower Power is a great choice if you want coffee that is bursting with flavor yet pretty mild on the CBD dosing. They offer options like Raspberry Mocha Cream CBD Hemp Coffee that delivers “a rich blast of chocolatey raspberry flavor,” yet each serving only has a moderate five milligrams of cannabidiol.

Diamond CBD Chill coffee CBD
Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD

Diamond CBD’s Chill CBD Coffee comes in pods that make brewing as easy as pushing a button. And with decent 25-milligram dosing of CBD per pod, that easy cuppa will have you chilled out indeed — but also awake and alert. The pods work in any coffeemaker that takes K-cups.

Mary Joe cbd coffee
Mary Joe

Mary Joe

You know how, like CBD products, cold-brewed coffee is all the rage right now? It should be no surprise to find the two married together. Mary Joe CBD Infused Cold Brew Coffee comes in 7-ounce bottles with a midrange of 15 milligrams of CBD per serving. The coffee is smooth and mild and goes down easily. Check out how to prepare cold brew yourself.

Strava Craft Coffee CBD coffee
Strava Craft Coffee

Sträva Craft Coffee

Roasted in Colorado by an award-winning roaster, Sträva offers up four different varieties of whole-bean coffee with varying levels of CBD. You choose from Focus (30 mg), Restore (120mg), Elevate (240mg), or Escape Decaf (60mg).

Medical CBD oil on dark background with cannabis leaves
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Benefits of CBD coffee

But is CBD coffee healthy, safe, and beneficial?

The short answer is yes to all three, albeit with moderation. Too much CBD can cause headaches, drowsiness, changes in appetite, and some digestive … issues. Then again, that third cup of coffee also comes with problems, so moderation there is a good idea, too. (From my experience and research, the perfect plan for the daily coffee drinker who already enjoys two cups is to make the second one a CBD blend.)

CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, effectively taking the edge off of caffeine without canceling out its benefits.

While coffee can increase energy and alertness, it also causes jitters and anxiety, especially if consumed in abundance and/or if a person already has anxiety issues. CBD can reduce anxiety and stress, helping regulate a person’s mood; effectively taking the edge off of caffeine without canceling out its benefits. The important thing, again, is moderating those doses. While you could just put drops of CBD oil right in your mug, it’s hard to be as precise with that approach because of human error in measuring and because the heat of the beverage might reduce some of the efficacy of the oil.

CBD oil with hemp leaves around it
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Can you just add CBD oil to your coffee instead?

While you technically can add CBD oil to your coffee, there are some important things to consider before doing so, such as the absorption ability. CBD oil is fat soluble, which means it dissolves better in fats than in water. Coffee itself doesn’t have much fat content (if any), so the CBD oil might not mix well and could potentially float on top, reducing its effectiveness.

Also, determining the correct dosage is crucial for experiencing the desired effects and avoiding any potential side effects. Due to the lack of regulations and varying factors like individual differences, it’s strongly recommended to consult a healthcare professional to determine the appropriate dosage for you — so instead, a reputable CBD coffee brand is the way to go.

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