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Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro: Fast e-bike brand takes performance to new level

Is the JetCurrent Pro a moped disguised as an e-bike?

Two people riding Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro e-bikes on a forest path, Purple Haze and Black colors.
Juiced Bikes recently introduced the JetCurrent Pro, a folding e-bike that pushes the category’s traditional standards to near moped level. The JetCurrent Pro isn’t the most powerful or fastest e-bike you can buy. It doesn’t look terribly different from other folding e-bikes, either. However, with the JetCurrent Pro’s powertrain and its inclusive list of standard equipment, it’s a short leap of imagination to wonder if Juiced Bikes’ founder, Tora Harris, is considering a street-legal form of EV transportation that goes beyond the usual e-bike limitations.

Why the Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro matters

A Dessert Tan Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro e-bike parked on a dirt road with low vegetation hills in the background.
Juiced Bikes / Juiced Bikes

Harris, a former Olympic high jump athlete and Princeton University-educated engineer founded Juiced Bikes in 2009. Juiced Bikes is one of the earliest U.S. e-bike companies. Rad Power Bikes, another U.S. e-bike pioneer, eschewed e-bikes that exceeded the Class 2 20 mph limit until recently. In contrast, Juiced has consistently stressed high performance, with e-bikes that exceed the Class 3 28-mph limit in off-road mode.

Juiced Bikes isn’t abandoning performance or off-road fun potential with the JetCurrent Pro, but the new bike’s equipment list also includes items such as a folding mirror, turn signals, and license plate illumination. When you add a 1050-watt headlight with an integrated 100 db horn, also on the standard equipment list, the JetCurrent Pro doesn’t just look like a moped; it appears to have the same characteristics. Juiced has built moped-style e-bikes such as the Scrambler and City Scrambler in the past, but the JetCurrent Pro may be a category-breaking model that’s the real deal.

Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro: power by the numbers

A rider standing by a Dessert Tan Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro e-bike on a park path.
The JetCurrent Pro powertrain includes a Juiced-Bafang geared rear hub 52V electric motor capable of 1,200 watts continuous and 2,000 peak output. The 52V 19.2 Ah battery provides 995 kW of power, which Juiced says is good for up to 70 miles of range — although you’ll only get close to that range riding with moderate electric power assistance and relatively slow speeds. The third powertrain element is a 40 amp peak output controller. The motor and controller significantly exceed e-bike norms, and the generous battery capacity is above average.

Juiced states the JetCurrent Pro is limited to 30 mph with the bike’s thumb throttle or 34 mph using powered Pedal Assistance. The e-bike has both torque and cadence sensors to regulate pedaling power delivery. There’s also a Race Track mode with no power limitations, but Juiced does not specify the maximum speed in that mode. If you want to pedal without power assistance (or with a depleted battery), there’s a 7-speed Shimano Altus gear cassette and shifter, but manual pedaling will likely be a chore since the bike weighs about 90 pounds.

Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro: handling and rider comfort

Rider on city street on a Purple Haze Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro e-bike.
Juiced didn’t go all in on the JetCurrent Pro suspension. There’s a front suspension fork with 100mm travel and a hydraulic lockout, but no rear suspension. Juiced sells optional Kinekt Isolation Seatposts for other e-bike models but doesn’t yet appear to have one that fits the JetCurrent Pro. The bike’s 20-inch by 4-inch wide fat tires will add a bit of flex to soften the impact from bumps.

Juiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro: extra features and availability

A rider turns on a steep downhill street on a Purple Haze Jiuiced Bikes JetCurrent Pro e-bike.
Given Juiced Bikes’ record of delivering on its promises, the JetCurrent Pro e-bike is a good value for $2,499. You can spend less to buy a fine e-bike, but the JetCurrent Pro’s performance, large battery size for better than average range, and convenience and security features warrant the price. The JetCurrent Pro is now available for pre-orders in Black, Dessert Tan, Purple Haze, and Indio Blue. The first deliveries are expected in June.

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