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New Sole e-24 electric bike blends style and performance

Beauty and power in one electric bike

Sole e-24 e-bike in the Whaler colorway parked on a sidewalk with a light blue background.
Sole / Sole

A new e-bike from Venice Beach, California-based Sole Bicycles melds style and performance. The Sole e-24 e-bike has the right components for beach and city, cruising, and commuting, but the real kicker is the styling options. Five colorway choices and its minimalist trim design make this bike an eye-catcher. With the burgeoning interest in e-mobility, many types of e-bikes are available. We think Sole’s style-forward approach with its first e-bike is a savvy strategy.

The Sole e-24 is available for $1,799 (and often on sale) in five distinctive colorways with vibrant names such as the Overthrow, el Tigre, and the Duke. Scroll through the carousel above to pick your favorite color combination.

Sole e-24 electric bike airborne on a dirt path through wild grass with water in the background.
Sole / Sole

The Sole e-24 isn’t just a pretty face

As the image above of an airborne e-24 on a beach path indicates, Sole also paid attention to performance, not only color choices, in the e-bike’s design. The e-24 power train has a 750-peak-wattage rear hub motor with a 48V 15 Ah lithium-ion battery. Configurable as a Class I, II, or III e-bike, the e-24 has a maximum speed of 28mph. There are five levels of pedaling power assistance on tap with a torque sensor that responds to pedaling force. There’s also a thumb throttle.

Sole says the range per charge is 25 to 40 miles. Range varies based on power assistance level, speed, acceleration force, rider weight, air temperature, and more, but the e-24’s rated range is about average. According to Sole, the included charger can replenish the battery from 0% to 100% in about four hours.

Sole e-24 electric bike on a dock on a lake with the setting sun on a hillside in the background.

The right components without unnecessary extras

Many e-bikes that are more bicycle-centric than the Sole e-24 have 7-to-9 gear cassettes with derailleurs and shifters. The e-24 has a single physical gear with an aluminum 46T crankset and a 46-to-18 gear ratio. This setup is less confusing for new riders who often wonder how to choose from the bewildering possibilities of three classes, multiple power assistance levels, and physical gear.

The e-24 has hydraulic disc brakes with a 180mm disc rotor on the front wheel and a 160mm rotor for the rear brake. There is no front or rear suspension, but you should be able to smooth the ride over bumps and irregularities by dropping the inflation pressure a bit from the maximum level to take advantage of the large sidewalls of the 26-inch diameter 3-inch wide tires. This tire width is often called “semi-fat” because it provides the extra surface contact width for grip without adding unnecessary rolling resistance.

The e-24 doesn’t come with a headlight or fenders. If you want to ride at night, you’ll want to add a headlight, and if your usual routes are wet or muddy, finding a way to attach fenders will help keep your clothes clean. There is a reflector for the front of the bike plus a combination rear reflector and brake light under the seat.

Two people sitting on Sole e-24 e-bikes with Overthrow and el Tigre colorways.
Sole / Sole

Styled for comfort, sized for most

The Sole e-24 weighs 57 pounds, a bit lighter than most e-bikes. The lower weight is due partly to the simplified gearing and lack of fenders. Sole rates the e-24’s carrying capacity at 275 pounds, including the rider and any clothing and cargo. There’s only one frame size for this e-bike, which Sole says is appropriate for riders from five feet four inches to six feet four inches tall. The top tube is 31.5 inches high, so standover height may be an issue if you have a short inseam. Sole suggests a 28-inch minimum inseam but also recommends sizing at a bike shop before ordering if you’re unsure about the height.

Sole Bicycles has stores in Venice Beach and USC Village in Los Angeles. Sole has flat-rate shipping within the contiguous U.S. and a 30-day return policy.

One person on a Sole e-24 e-bike looking down at camera parked in front of crepe myrtle.
Sole / Sole
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