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Pharrell Williams launches Humanrace Bodycare

Humanrace's Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar (right) and Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar (left).
Humanrace’s Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar (right) and Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar(left). Humanrace

Last year, Pharrell Williams transitioned from music production into sustainable wellness products. This week, his co-founded brand Humanrace expanded from the face to the body for the first time. 

Humanrace, dedicated to self-improvement through facial exfoliation and to a sustainable planet through post-consumer recycled landfill plastic packaging, now enters the body care world with the launch of two new body bars. The Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar ($16) and the Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar ($18) are respectively focused on cleansing and exfoliating the body. Created from a soap-free formula, these innovative offerings encourage users to dedicate the same care and attention to their bodies as they do to their faces.

“We’ve spent the last year educating people how to take care of their skin and adhere to a routine, but that routine doesn’t stop with your face,” Williams said in a press release. “You need to care for your body, too. Your body deserves its own time.”

Each cleaning bar has its own function to apply best to what you’re looking for in a cleaning product. The Reenergizing Whiteclay Body Bar cleanses and hydrates skin without sacrificing moisture. The exfoliating Energy Channeling Charcoal Body Bar gently smooths and refines skin without stripping it. Both being soap-free, these bars are made to provide an effective cleansing experience that maintains a healthy skin barrier.

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Humanrace takes the ingredients rooted in facial cleansers and applies them to essential body products. Combining snow mushroom extract, kaolin clay, and rice powder, both body bars were engineered with safety and sustainability in mind. In addition to natural components, all of these elements are vegan and align to EU standards, excluding any and all of its 1,300 banned constituents. Both products are fragrance-free and made with no nuts, seeds, rocks, or plastic microbeads. And each body bar is packaged in Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper cartons. 

In addition, Humanrace supports small-batch, traditional cultural practices. Each ordered bar comes with a new home, a Ceramic Body Bar Dish. Handcrafted in Arita, Japan, this ceramic holder is bisque-fired and hand-glazed to preserve a porcelain creation heritage. This continues Humanrace’s foray into different markets like its highly coveted footwear and long-standing Adidas apparel partnership.

“We’re continuing to expand how you can care for your wellbeing by offering a routine for your body. I’m proud of the work we’ve done to enter the body care category, and we’re excited to show the world what’s next,” Humanrace co-founder and president Rachel Muscat said in a press release.

You can find these body bars and more at Humanrace Bodycare

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