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Dr. Squatch Offers the Best Way to Build Your Own Bundle of Body Care Products

Generally, with men’s body wash and body care products, you’re stuck with the few scents each brand offers and there’s not a whole lot of variety to switch things up. That’s a shame because much like cologne, it’s nice to be able to change your base scents. Maybe you don’t always want to smell the same? Fortunately, Dr. Squatch offers a wide selection of options, with several scents to choose from, as well. The names may not give it away, but each scent is strong and aromatic. Some examples include pine tar, fresh falls, bay rum, cool fresh aloe, wood barrel bourbon, and much more.

Whether you prefer bar soap, beard oil, or another body care item entirely, Dr. Squatch now offers something called the BYOB Squatch, or build your own bundle. With it, you can customize the items you’re getting while taking advantage of a 30% off discount. Each bundle comes with various products — like the Suave bundle which includes soaps, deodorant, hair care, and more — but you can choose the scent. There are soap sets if you only want some body wash, and bigger sets that include some of the other products that Dr. Squatch offers. There’s even a Try ‘Em All Bundle that includes a bar of soap in every original Squatch scent. Regardless, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best Dr. Squatch bundles, that allows you to save and stay ultra fresh! Try one of these and you’ll probably get a good share of compliments over the holidays!

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1. Clean

Dr Squatch Clean bundle with soaps.

The Clean bundle is simple, yet both affordable and effective. It includes 3 bar soaps, with your choice of scents, plus a soap saver. The soap saver is a handmade wooden block with precise cuts and slats to keep your soap going strong, longer. It also reduces soap scum and nasty build-up in your shower — from the soaps.

2. Suave

Dr Squatch Suave bundle with body care gear.

As the name suggests, the Suave bundle will have you feeling fresh and ready to take on the world. It comes with 3 bar soaps, a soap saver, deodorant, and a hair care kit. Like any of the other bundles, you can choose your scents. The hair care kit includes conditioner and shampoo — also available in several scents.

3. Smooth

Awesome Dr Squatch Smooth bundle with body soap and more.

If you want a comprehensive kit that includes cleaning and body care options for your entire body, Smooth is the bundle for you. It comes with 3 bar soaps, a soap saver, deodorant, a hair care kit, and a toothpaste kit. While a hair care kit includes shampoo and conditioner, a toothpaste kit includes 2 tubes, one each for morning and night.

4. Soap & Deo Duo

Dr Squatch Soap and Deodorant Duo bundle.

If you just want to get clean and keep yourself smelling fresh afterward, the Soap and Deo Duo bundle is right up your alley. You’ll get 2 bar soaps — in pine tar and birchwood breeze — as well as matching deodorants. You’ll be unsullied and ambrosial in no time.

5. Shower Essentials Bundle

Dr Squatch Shower Essentials bundle with lots of bar soap.

For the ultimate reinvigorating kit, when you’re in the shower or bath, the Shower Essentials Bundle should be your pick. It includes 6 bar soaps — one of each scent — and a hair care kit, which comes with shampoo and conditioner. Might we also suggest adding a soap saver if you go with this one? Alternatively, the Shower Upgrades bundle includes a shower booster.

6. Signature Scents Bundles

Dr Squatch Pine Tar Signature Scents bundle with soap and more.

Whether you’re into pine tar, wood barrel bourbon, or birchwood breeze, the Signature Scents bundles are also an excellent choice. Each one includes products of the specified scent, like soaps, deodorant, hair care options, or otherwise. Just choose your preferred scent, check if what’s included matches your needs, and then off you go — after adding the bundle to your digital cart, of course!

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