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Matthew Denis

Matthew Denis

Former Digital Trends Contributor

Matt Denis is an on-the-go remote multimedia reporter, exploring arts, culture, and the existential in the Pacific Northwest and Latin America. Matt spent four years in Eugene, earning his journalism chops at the University of Oregon and in the Eugene Weekly’s alt pages before elevating the city’s creative scene with CAFE 541, an innovative new features section in The Register-Guard newspaper. Food, fiction, physical activity, and fine music take up his off time.

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Soldiers group hold logs while performing sit-ups.

Functional strength training: Everything you need to know

With the Army's pending new physical test, we reviews intermediate to advance exercises that develop functional strength to elevate your fitness game.
TSA security line.

Guns in chickens? The weirdest places TSA found illegal items last year

Air travel is a challenge — from hustling to wait in line to packing, only to remove clothing. TSA's list of most shocking 2022 finds reminds us why.
Playin' Pickleball's YouTube page.

There’s a new way to play the game of pickleball right in your own living room

Virtual pickleball becomes a reality via the official launch of "Playin Pickleball," which simulates real-life gameplay with Meta Quest 2 VR Goggles.
Baseball food — chili dog and chili fries.

The best (and worst) stadium food in the US, ranked collected over 100,000 reviews of food at major sports venues. The resulting list revealed the best and the worst eats across professional sports.
A 2016 blizzard in the United States.

You’re not imagining it: Winter weather is getting worse

The U.S. has recently got hit hard by severe winter storms, but is climate change making these occurrences more likely and frequent?
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

Winter blues getting you down? Our favorite warm places to escape to in December

From Caribbean seas to warm streets down under, here are some of the best alternative warm places visit in December to shake off the cold.
Health Crossfitter's silhouette. Lake, foothills, and sky in background.

These are the fittest (and most unhealthy) states in the U.S.

Total Shape's national survey looked at obesity rates in America, including the healthiest and unhealthiest states and the number of gyms per capita.
Dried legumes and plant produce.

Make the smart choice: These are the most sustainable foods you can consume

In response to rampant food inflation, we examine why grain is so important to feeding humans and what better alternatives exist to feed humanity.
2022 FIFA World Cup Korea Uruguay.

World Cup 2022: Results, standings, and scores

With upsets and upset teams, coaches, and citizenry after the first week of the World Cup 2022, here's a wrap of all the action in Qatar.
Fast food

These are the most delicious food rewards programs delivering big savings

The Manual rounds up the best food rewards programs and the best bonuses on offer from some of the country's leading franchises.
First cultured hamburger being fried in 2013.

FDA approval of lab-grown meat signals major changes are coming to our tables

The FDA just approved production of lab-cultivated meats for the first time, giving Upside Foods the go-ahead to produce lab-grown meat.
Close-up shot of a model of Al Wakrah Stadium.

The weirdest, coolest facts about the Qatar World Cup stadiums

The Manual digs into the eight Qatar World Cup stadiums hosting the 2022 World Cup — their locations, cost, design, and facts, and what happens after.
Korea and Uruguay play in the 2022 World Cup.

World Cup 2022: The group stage highlights we can’t stop talking about

From bicycle kicks to improbably slick, deep shots on net, these are the highlights we at The Manual can’t stop talking about so far in the World Cup 2022.
Chris Hemsworth speaking at the 2019 San Diego Comic Con International, for Thor- Love and Thunder, at the San Diego Convention Center in San Diego, California.

Chris Hemsworth is stepping away from acting: These stars did the same thing

"Thor" star Chris Hemsworth is taking a career break after learning he's genetically predisposed to Alzheimer’s disease.
crypto platform blockfi bankruptcy

Crypto continues its freefall as another major company declares bankruptcy

Crypto trading platform BlockFi filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Monday, aiming to clear debt, repay creditors, and reestablish the platform's legitimacy.
Save the Words website from 2009.

8 weird websites from the ’90s that are still alive today

Believe it or not, some of the internet's earliest sites are still around. Here are some of our favorites to poke around on for a blast of nostalgia.
Historical annual U.S. inflation rate since 1914.

Myth vs. reality: This is what will actually drive down U.S. inflation

The Manual compares what Americans believe will help stem inflation with the historical policies and economic professional views on what actually works.
Beer bottles and a soccer ball.

Soccer fans are getting inventive when it comes to Qatar’s World Cup alcohol ban

How the Qatari ban on alcohol at 2022 World Cup venues is affecting fans foreign and domestic after the tournament's first week.
Men Will Be Men NFT.

The best films to watch to understand the shadowy crypto and NFT world

The Manual is here to provide a guide on the best films demonstrating how digital tech like crypto and NFTs operate successfully — or sometimes not.
Line graph showing crashing prices.

Why experts say the FTX failure is a ‘turning point’ and not the end for crypto

Experts weigh in on what may happen to crypto after the fall of FTX and Luna bared catastrophic risk involved with the digital currency.
Michael Burry sketch.

Big Short’s Michael Burry reveals why crypto’s problems aren’t going away

In 2022, Burry followed his spot-on 2008 doomsday prophecy for real estate with another prediction: the crypto crash.
Mini Bowling Set Table Top Bowling Game — Mini Arcade Table Games

These are the 7 best white elephant gifts under $25

This holiday season, The Manual wraps up the best gifts for friends and relatives. With these best white elephant gifts, explore the best to bring under $25.
what happened to ftx

This is what really happened to FTX: A breakdown of the crypto crash

Facing an $8 billion shortfall, FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried and its backing hedge fund, Alameda Research, filed for bankruptcy.
Streesed man

How experts say we can fix the toxic work environments killing our mental health

Recommendations from a Mind Share Partners co-founder, Bernie Wong, on how organizations can establish better mental health culture for its staff.
Blood Moon during 2018 eclipse.

There’s a total lunar eclipse next week: Here are the best places to watch it

The Manual and team up to investigate the best spots in the US to see the full moon lunar eclipse on November 8.
Electric vehicle charging

5 easy ways to increase the affordability of electric cars

The affordability of electric cars goes beyond gas and repairs. The Manual rounds up the secret and little-known ways to save money with your EV.
Vegan food on display.

Plant-based protein: How to figure out how much vegetarians really need

Reddit’s Vegetarian community has a handy-dandy chart for all your plant-based protein needs. Unfortunately, it's not usable because of incorrect numbers.
Customers enjoy Columbus-style pizza.

Columbus-style pizza: You’ve had it, but you’ve probably never heard of it

The new Columbus Pizza Trail encourages visitors to explore this delicious, under-the-radar style of pizza one shop at a time.
guide to pickleball tournaments court

Want to level up? Register for these pickleball tournaments (for less than $100)

If you and your team believe that you can compete against the best, we’ve rounded up several upcoming pickleball tournaments near you.
Popeye Intimissimi shirt on a model

This season’s men’s fashion icon is Popeye the sailor man

Popeye, the animated sailor, is now an almost 100-year-old fashion icon after starring in recent international fashion collections from renowned designers.
tesla model 3

Climate change is coming for your Tesla

Electric car owners cut back charging to help grid operators during extreme heat. Is this a sign of things to come?
A Starbucks cup sitting on a counter inside of a store

Where is the world’s most affordable Starbucks latte? Find out with this graph

SavingSpot research from an analysis of delivery apps reveal the cost of a Tall Starbuck Latte in every country where Starbucks exists. Here are the highlights.
EV charging station.

Buying an electric vehicle? Here’s how to install an EV charger in your home

Installing an EV charger at home can help electric vehicle owners avoid long waits, giant electricity bills, and other headaches that come with other options.
what is quiet firing two diverse business executive partners negotiating at board meeting  manager

Forget quiet quitting, your employer may be quiet firing you: Here’s how

A Gallup poll found that 50% of Americans are quiet quitting. Now, quiet firing has begun to gather steam. Here's how to tell if you're being quiet fired.
beckett simonon silva boots

Beckett Simonon’s new waterproof boots for men are amazing (and they’re on sale)

Beckett Simonon, a premium leather good maker and fashion sustainability advocate, unveiled the waterproof Silva Boot, made to look good and last a lifetime.
2023 Nissan Ariya

What to expect from Nissan’s first new EV in 10 years (Hint: You’ll like it)

The 2023 Ariya compact crossover is coming to Nissan Motor Co. showrooms soon, the Japanese car company’s first new electric vehicle in more than a decade.
Hikers wearing Jack Wolfskin tapeless jackets.

This waterproof jacket just might solve your rainy hike woes

The Tapeless Jacket, a more breathable shell, is the new waterproof jacket now available from Jack Wolfskin in select stores and on its website.
Late-Night Anchovy Spaghetti

Add these 6 incredible, easy Tastemade recipes to your dinner rotation today

Here with a preview for The Manual readers are six of the best recipes in Tastemade’s now available print edition on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and more.
Mug of beer outside on a table

9 best fall beers and autumnal releases to drink this year

To help reader wade through the glut of autumnal beers now gracing grocery store shelves and bar taps, we offer up the best seasonal beer recommendations.
why 4 day work weeks are good for everyone making great decisions  young beautiful woman gesturing and discussing something

Study: The evidence overwhelmingly says 4-day work weeks are good for everyone

A four-day work week can not only benefit employees’ mental and physical health, but create a more efficient, productive workplace.
2024 Silverado EV RST

Electric vehicles get big boost from GM, Hertz, Massachusetts, and Washington

GM plans to add 175,000 electric vehicles to Hertz over the next five years. Massachusetts and Washington agreed to cease new gas vehicle sales by 2035.
Yvon Chouinard Patagonia

6 eco-friendly brands fighting climate change you can feel good about buying

These inspiring sustainable clothing brands are leading initiatives to ensure a natural world that can be enjoyed by future generations.
Asics' Gel-Lyte III

Asics’ new running shoes can actually help in the fight against climate change

Asics’ newest product launch is a true first for athletic shoes – a sneaker featuring the lowest construction carbon dioxide emissions released to date.
A clipboard with financial plan written on together with a bundle of dollar bills, accounts, a chart, a calculator, pen and glasses.

If you’re bad at financial planning, follow these TikTok influencers (really!)

A new analysis from CMS Markets reveals the top ten most influential finfluencers teaching Gen Z consumers and investors how to save money via TikTok.
Watching Netflix series Squid Game on cell phone.

We just discovered an easy, legal hack to get free Netflix and Apple TV+

Consumer aggregator Navi found that T-Mobile's two top plans, Magenta and Magenta Max, decidedly out-scored their equivalents, especially now with free Netflix.
tulsa oklahoma

These are the best states to live in (or at least the most affordable)

If you don't mind being east of the Mississippi River, these are the cheapest, best states to live in, according to My Credit Summit's analysis.
The emergency room is often a frontline venue for the delivery of primary medical care.

U.S. life expectancy falls below China (so we should probably fix health care)

For the first time since the National Health Center has collected vital health statistics, life expectancy in the U.S. fell below China's average.
Two Volkswagen e-Golfs at a dedicated parking lot for EVs in Oslo, Norway.

Volkswagen electric cars are about to get a huge push forward

After it brings Porsche public, VW plans to invest about $88 billion into Volkswagen electric cars and software development over the next five years.
best travel shoes globe trotting guy lems boulder boot in timber edited recropped

The Best Travel Shoes for the Globe-Trotting Guy

Your footwear dictates your comfort on the road & takes up more space than any other article in your luggage. Pack smart with these best travel shoes.
University of Oregon Vrbo bedroom.

Vrbo’s top 5 fan caves for college football fans are making us nostalgic

For college football fans who travel in packs, here's Vrbo's list of popular vacation homes that scream school spirit and serve as spirited headquarters.