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University of Oregon Vrbo bedroom.

Vrbo’s top 5 fan caves for college football fans are making us nostalgic

For college football fans who travel in packs, here's Vrbo's list of popular vacation homes that scream school spirit and serve as spirited headquarters.
Graphic of a hand holding an electric car up to an EV sign.

Want to buy an EV? These are the 5 cheapest states to charge up at home

The best states to own an electric vehicle are based on cost to charge an electric car, EV tax breaks, sales tax, and other expenses that vary state by state.
running gear and tips from a marathoner mike wardian in fletcher s cover  washington d c

An ultra-marathoner tells us the secret to race training

To complete a marathon, The Manual is here with insider tips from Mike Wardian, whose accomplishments include finishing over 300 marathons and ultra-marathons.
The Huupe smart basketball backboard screen.

A Peloton-like hoop is coming for your driveway basketball game

Paradigm Sports founders Paul Anton and Lyth Saeed will proffer Huupe, a “revolutionary basketball technology platform” and the first smart basketball hoop.
Pickleball players.

Pickleball injuries are on the rise: 5 preventive tips to keep you on the court

Pickleball injuries are becoming more prominent among pickleball players. Here is a guide on what you can do to prevent devastating pickleball injuries.
A Sunkissed Caballera from Pushing Daisies.

Nashville has a hot new speakeasy and we’ve got their signature tequila recipes

Sam Fox is slated to open his first Nashville bar later this year. Pushing Daisies will feature tequila in its best margarita. And The Manual has the recipe.
A climbing shoe next to an empty Gnarly water bottle and electrolyte bar.

Many dietary supplements are full of contaminants — this brand’s products aren’t

Gnarly Nutrition earned NSF Content and Sport certificates, confirming that its dietary supplements are free from contaminants and over 300 banned substances.
A retail employee helps a customer out with an iPhone.

Amazon Style lacks the human touch: Why that’s a problem for retail’s future

While Amazon Style in Glendale offers personalized shopping, the brick and mortar store misses human help and Smart tech to support the algorithmic experience.
A canal in Annecy, France.

Pinterest says these lesser-known vacation spots are the fun, new places to go

Here are the top 10 emerging less-traveled destinations and vacation spots for Gen Z wanderers.
Man shopping in the produce aisle of a supermarket looking at avocados

These 5 food staples are disappearing from stores (and may not return soon)

As climate disasters continue, pandemic conditions linger, and conflicts rage, high grocery prices may not be enough maintain these staples on shelves.
Change in days above 100°F, 2023 to 2053.

This tool shows how horrific climate change will be in 2050

More than 107 million Americans could suffer under excessive temps over the next 30 years according to the an 'extreme heat belt' from First Street Foundation.
The red carpet outside of the 73rd Venice International Film Festival in 2016.

Venice Film Festival standouts: When you’ll be able to watch these movie gems

Which Venice Film Festival features are worth watching, and when moviegoers might be able to catch one of these original and arresting stories on screen.
Isaac Moreno punches Henry Liu in the face during their mixed martial arts bout at the Strike Fight event at Eglin Air Force Base, Fla., Dec. 8, 2012.

This is what you need to know about top-secret UFC fighter contracts

UFC fighters operate as non-unionized contractors within the organization. Without leverage to negotiate contracts, they lose out on pay and endorsements.
Justin Mensinger w_ Bucket Hat & ReNew Scissors.

‘The Hype’ designer Justin Mensinger says upcycling is the hottest style trend

Mensinger raps with The Manual about his latest creations, a new collab with Fiskars sewing tools, and how he is continuing to promote sustainable design.
Story board drawing for music video 'I Quit.'

Want to make more money? One report says you should quit your job

Here are a few tips on how to quit your job and suggestions to help stand out amidst the thousands looking to upgrade their work situations.
Chevy Bolt Garage EVolution, stocked with snacks.

GM’s Dream Garage concept is an EV-inspired man cave for the future

Chevrolet transformed one Bolt EV owner’s carport with an “ultimate EV garage” – stocking shelves and refrigerators with tasty treats to enjoy at home.
Workers assemble the charging station in Cottage Grove, Oregon.

Scientists have finally figured out how to charge an EV in less than 10 minutes

Scientists this week presented a 10-minute EV charger at the American Chemical Society in Chicago, a method that could spark electric vehicle sales in the U.S.
Koawi Golf Course.

These 9 golf courses are Instagram-worthy, and you can play them

New and seasoned golfers can look to this Manual guide for of the most Instagram-worthy golf courses and greens from Hyatt the sport has to offer.
The Hoffmeister Kink on an early 1960s BMW 3200 CS.

BMW’s cool new app lets you drive roads shaped like the famous Hofmeister kink

German auto aficionados can experience BMW's fine dynamics by accelerating through 55,241 Hofmeister Kink-shaped roads throughout the U.S. via the BMW app.
A flying car parked in a screenshot from The Future of Transportation on YouTube.

Will we ever see these long-promised futuristic transportation ideas?

Let’s dive in to check out some of the practical and the cutting edge transports that may be coming soon to a road or a track near you.
Ryan Reynolds (left) and Rob McElhenney introducing themselves to Wrexham at the home stadium.

Why the world needs ‘Welcome to Wrexham’ right now

In Welcome to Wrexham, a sports documentary now streaming on Hulu, Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney represent fresh hope for a long-relegated Welsh soccer team.
A wildland firefighter works on putting out flames.

How you can help “Protect the West” with High West Campfire Whiskey

Seasonal Campfire bottles are here from High West Whiskey. Revenue will help to fight wildfires and “Protect the West” through conservation efforts.
Crumpled money with Minimum wage text.

This is what minimum wage should actually be (Hint: We’re being screwed over)

What is minimum wage? It’s not high enough, according to the experts.
A prototype Rivian in 2018.

How Rivian’s $1.7 billion Q2 loss will affect consumers and the EV market

Rivian's future plans after an August 12 earnings call revealed that the brand new auto manufacturer expectedly lost $1.7 billion in the last three months.
Desmond Howard on ESPN's College Gameday.

Modelo and Desmond Howard are giving away $100k to whoever has the most ‘soul’

Desmond Howard's role with the Modelo "Fighting Spirit" award — a $100,000 salary, a fan experience at the College Football National Championship, and more.
A Starbucks iced coffee.

Starbucks Cold Brew Can Help Your Health (As Long As You Don’t Do This 1 Thing)

Gen Z loves cold brew coffee for the likes they get on social media, but this pick me up has a lot of health benefits, too.
Preservation Distillery in Bardstown, Kentucky.

This Kentucky Distillery Will Soon Offer Pot Still Bourbon (And We Can’t Wait)

Preservation Distillery — the one and only 100% pot-distilled producer in Bardstown, Kentucky, will elevate its small batch collection with 6-9 year aged brews.
A ball of energy with electricity beaming all over the place.

How to prevent dementia: 5 essential things science says you should be doing now

While diseases are not 100 percent preventable, you can learn how to prevent dementia and fend off age-related factors with these science-backed strategies.
BBQ Pitmaster and 2018 James Beard Winner Rodney Scott.

Rodney Scott’s BBQ Rubs Are The Spice Your Barbecue Game Needs

Barbecue pitmaster and James Beard Foundation Best Chef: Southeast, Rodney Scott, partnered with Spice House on blends for BBQ fans and backyard grillers.
Santa Teresa Rum barrels.

The Best Rum Cocktails to Make With All Of Your Favorite Rum Brands

To celebrate National Rum Month, some of the world's best rum makers reveal signature cocktail recipes.
A screenshot of Cameo's home page.

Cameo 2.0 adds ‘Live’ feature, lets you video chat with celebs for 10 minutes

With Cameo Live on the new Cameo 2.0 platform, celebrities and stars are now be available for 10-minute personal conversations.
Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza.

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Is Returning: These 6 Fast Food Items Should Follow

With the glorious reappearance Taco Bell's Mexican Pizza, The Manual reviews additional discontinued fast food items that we would welcome the return of.
VFC packages that will appear in US stores.

VFC’s Vegan Chicken Is Coming to a Store Near You (But It’s Not What You Expect)

Vegan Fried Chick*n founders have a plant-based comfort food ready to take on the United States marketplace. Their goal? Saving chickens and filling bellies.
sling tv adds discovery plus the adrenaline man extreme show channel  host andre alexsen co lina exit at 14 thousand feet

Sling TV Now Offers Discovery+ (Making It So Much Easier To Finally Cut The Cord)

With the Sling TV package now including Discovery+, cutting the cord got a whole lot easier.
sweet chick banana chocolate chip pancakes feat x tonys chocolonely credit

How You Can Help Fight Cocoa Slavery With Tasty Chocolate Banana Pancakes

What if eating chocolate chip banana pancake was also helping the world? Now it does as Sweet Chick teams with Tony’s Chocolonely to combat cocoa slavery.
A golfer on the links at the British Open.

The PGA Tour Antitrust Lawsuit: Why The Controversy Is Far From Over

Phil Mickelson and the LIV tour continue to make waves. What you should know about the antitrust lawsuit brought by LIV-affiliated golfers against the PGA Tour.
lesser known us national parks humpback whale breaches the water  park of american samoa 2015 gallery

5 Little-Known National Parks That Are Cooler Than Their Overcrowded Brethren

More obscure national parks are just as majestic, but receive a fraction of the crowds. Try these little-known U.S. national parks in the Great Outdoors.
A breathtaking sunset in Miami South Beach, Florida.

Where Should I Move? 3 States Everyone Loves (And 3 People Can’t Wait to Leave)'s maps sources from U.S. Census Bureau statistics help visualize what U.S. states have people moving there and which ones are losing population.
A sign at Mr. Loo's reading 'I Love Cultivated Chicken Curry Rice.'

Lab-Grown Chicken: Is Cultivated Good Meat The Future?

Eat Just's Good Meat is cooking up cultivated chicken and selling it to a Singapore street stand. The company hopes to spark a revolution in sourcing meat.
Matthew Stafford (9) of the Los Angeles Rams during the 2022 NFC Wild Card game.

The NFL Has A New Streaming Service, But Is NFL+ Worth It?

Is NFL+ worth it? This is everything you need to know about the streaming service’s launch.
Enchiladas with rice and beans.

It’s Official: These Are the Absolute Best Travel Destinations for Foodies

VacationRenter’s recently released survey unveils some fun facts and an interesting global road map for food travelers and brand new gastronomic adventurers.
The movie poster for 'Oppenheimer' from Universal Pictures.

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Oppenheimer’: Why This Might Be The Most Epic WWII Film Yet

Cillian Murphy will portray the scientist who helped the U.S. develop the atomic bomb in Universal Pictures' 'Oppenheimer.' Find details and inspiration here.
A man with a laptop under the sunset

Digital Nomad Destinations From Airbnb and Work From Home Top Choices

Cord cutting is now a global trend. Here are a few of the best destinations for budding digital nomads, whether for a week, weekend, or an extended adventure.
The Original Beef of Chicagoland sign from FX's The Bear

What to Watch Waiting for Season 2 of ‘The Bear’ From FX

Longing for season 2 of The Bear to start on FX? So are we! Here are a few shows to watch while production wraps up on season 2 of The Bear.
Pickleball players at The Villages in Florida.

Why America’s Favorite New Sport, Pickleball, Already Has a Lot of Controversy

Pickleball is a fun, new sport sweeping the nation – but it's not without its share of controversy. Here's why the sport is driving people mad.
The 250,000th BMW i3 together with the BMW i3s of the HomeRun Edition from the BMW Group Plant Leipzig in June.

BMW Clarifies Its Rules Around Subscription-Based Heated Seats (and It’s Not Quite What You Think)

BMW recently made headlines for offering a heated seat subscription. It's since clarified who will actually be billed monthly.
Staple x Fossil sundial watch with green pigeon hologram.

Extreme Sports Players Drop Fresh Watch Vibes – These Are the New Watch Designs

For this watch drop session, the sun is high in the Pacific and Mediterranean sky, so let’s break out the funky, fresh new watch designs.
The title character, Yusuke Urameshi, in the anime series, Yu Yu Hakosho

Will Yu Yu Hakosho Be a Netflix Live-Action Anime Flop? History Says ‘Yes’

Fans are anticipating Yu Yu Hakosho coming to Netflix as a live action show, but history suggests that it's likely to be a huge flop.
A bottle of Talisker Single Malt Scotch next to shucked oysters on ice aboard a fishing boat

Talisker Scotch Has a Huge Initiative That Might Help Save NYC’s Coastline

Talisker Scotch has a fascinating new program that upcycles oyster shells for use as coral reef off the coast of New York City.
A Waterdrop water bottle and a user on the Hydration App

Waterdrop Helps Humans Hydrate With Taste Anywhere

Waterdrop’s Lucy Smart Cap UV-C technology helps people filter and supply clean water on the go and diverts plastic water bottles from the environment.