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Rodney Scott’s BBQ Rubs Are The Spice Your Barbecue Game Needs

Garlic Butter Pepper, Smoky Sweet Chile, and More For the Grill

Anywhere you go late summer, you can smell burning coals in the air. Get close enough to any neighborhood or home, you’ll likely see barbecue smoke wafting between homes. The air is hot, NFL preseason is on, and the kids are getting ready to go back to school. That’s right: it’s grilling season.

September 3 marks National Tailgating day and for good reason: college football kicks off and the NFL opens the very next weekend. To celebrate the season, The Spice House, purveyor of fine powdered flavors, partnered with James Beard-winning chef, Rodney Scott, to bring you the best BBQ rubs and BBQ seasonings to sizzle away the summer’s dog days. On shelves now, this new collaborative range blends The Spice House’s best product with Scott’s signature style to elevate home barbecues nationwide.

BBQ Pitmaster and 2018 James Beard Winner Rodney Scott.

“Barbecue is all about bringing people together, having fun, and making memories through food,” Scott said in a statement. “This collaboration with The Spice House is one I am extremely excited about. I can’t wait to see them kicking up barbecues across the country.”

Famous for traditional whole-hog barbecue, Scott has been cooking over hardwood coals since he was 11 years old. His dedication to the craft has left him at the top of the food game, which is what motivated The Spice House to reach out.

Grinding fresh spices and crafting premium seasonings since 1957, the herb center has catered to customers from renowned Michelin-star chefs to novice home cooks. These new blends developed with Chef Scott can introduce new tastes for avid barbecue consumers and elevate first-time grillers’ game with a synergy of unique and unexpected flavors.

Chef Rodney Scott applying The Spice House's smoky barbecue hickory rub to ribs.
The Spice House

This begins with “Smoky Sweet Chile — Hickory Rub,” the line’s most classic BBQ application. The spice mix offers a subtle smoke flavor atop a brown sugar paprika base to provide that essential sweet and spicy one-two punch. The blend brings out the best of any beef or pork product, and, with the addition of Worcestershire, will add umami to its amazing complexity on the palate.

If you’re looking for a brighter pop, “Green Chile Lime — Citrus Rub” provides a big, glowing bite to chicken and seafood. Toss in a hint of chile and the subtle mix of lime, green mango, ancho powder, and green Sichuan, brings life to what can be bland bird or fish.

When it’s time to marry poultry and BBQ, The Spice House and Scott’s “Carolina Fire — Chile Rub” is the way to go. Offering umami style with a bit of heat, this blend of tomato powder, mushroom powder, Worcestershire, and Carolina Reaper adds a slow savory heat to any grill.

When the menu calls for slow cooking and a subtle, earthy cut, “Garlic Butter Pepper -—Herb Rub” offers a savory mix of cream, garlic, herbs, and a hint of mustard for juicy, savory meat or vegetable, ideal for embracing still warm evenings.

There’s no need to take our word for it. Try uplifting most any food with these spice mixes.

“These new signature rubs are Pitmaster-approved blends of some of my favorite herbs and spices that go great on everything from poultry to veggies,” Scott said.

Each product is available in individual jars or in a four-pack gift set, online and in-stores.

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