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Vrbo’s top 5 fan caves for college football fans are making us nostalgic

Get into the spirit with homes designed for superfans

Nothing says post-pandemic college football season for college football fans more than hitting the road to catch favorite college football teams. Vrbo is on board, recently revealing the best fan caves — unique vacation rentals that immerse superfans in team spirit and lore.

University of Oregon Vrbo bedroom.
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Appetites for sports travel are booming, according to Vrbo. In a recent news release, the travel rental company revealed that its demand for vacation homes across the country has more than doubled in several major college towns since 2019. For fans who travel in packs, Vrbo collated this data to compile a list of popular private vacation homes that scream school spirit. Whether it’s the B1G or the SEC, the Big 12 or the Pac-12 or any other conference country, these Vrbos are ideal for families or groups of friends who root together and use them as a home base on game weekends.

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Be it the Tiger Lover’s Cottage in Clemson, South Carolina, the modern Notre Dame getaway in South Bend, or the Duck Den in Eugene, Oregon, fans can gather around TV screens or use these getaways as a home base for wild weekends.

The Oregon House

The UOregon blog informs us that the university adopted its first nickname, the Webfeet, as an embrace of an insult to the people living in the wet, waterlogged Willamette Valley. That spirit remains alive today in Eugene where “it never rains at Autzen Stadium.”

University of Oregon Vrbo living room.

This TrackTown home is “fit for World Record holders.” Inside, there are Ducks memorabilia galore, paying homage to Eugene’s rich racing roots in addition to former Duck athletes of all stripes.

This one-of-a-kind opportunity to revel in the University of Oregon’s past and present is custom-designed by current Oregon athletes, and you can tell: the decor, sports gear that matches player playlists, favorite athlete’s snacks, and more can be found inside. The cherry on top? An immersive Duck experience as a welcome gift to guests.

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VA Tech Hokie House

The ‘hokie’ originated not as the name for a turkey, but as a cheer for the Gobblers in the early 20th century. The mascot’s name was finally officially changed in 1978. You can explore this lore and more at the VA Tech Hokie House.

Virginia Tech Vrbo game room with Hokie gear.
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The charming mid-century Cape Cod blends old-school warmth with modern convenience in the center of the Blacksburg university community. Featuring a ten-minute walk to Lane Stadium, and a 15-minute stroll to downtown, the Hokie House location offers a hub for Hokie game-day activity, access to the urban downtown, a 50-foot deck, and two outdoor grills overlooking a big backyard, perfect for a halftime round of touch football.

Inside, it’s Hokie Heaven with games, couches, and beds galore, sleeping up to ten rabid turkey fans.

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Pig Sooie Porch

For those who don’t know, “Woo Pig Sooie!” is the classic University of Arkansas cheer. Shouted at Razorback sporting events, the “hog call” is a U of A tradition dating back to the 1920s.

Arkansas Razorback Vrbo living room with fight song and other memorabilia.
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For Hog lovers, this place can serve as Shangri-la for game day weekends. Kick back with your best buds and family members on a plush sectional sofa. Chant along with the UA fight song as you take in the Razorbacks on a 75-inch smart TV. A large island and kitchen bar top give ample space for a fully equipped kitchen where pilgrims can put together the best football fixings.

Step outside onto double-decker front porches that sport unbeatable views of Razorback Football Stadium. Adventure awaits on campus or recreating in the yard. At the end of the day, the massive home sleeps 15, spreading them across six luxury bedrooms.

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Tiger Lover’s Dream Cottage

Hardcore Clemson fans will know that their cheerleaders pay respect to IPTAY with a ‘Tiger Rag’ on their left wrist. Standing for, “I pay ten a year,” this is one of the country’s oldest and most successful student/alumni athletic support organizations.

The dining room, kitchen, and bedroom of a purple and orange Clemson Vrbo.
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Big-time Tiger fans can get a glimpse in person on a pilgrimage to Clemson’s Memorial Stadium. They can wrap the ultimate game weekend at the Tiger Lover’s Dream Cottage. This quaint, 500-square-foot cottage features furniture painted in purple and orange to match the Clemson decor. Sleeping four, this spot sports all the classic Clemson souvenirs and remembrances fans need to immerse in a great weekend in Tiger country.

Situated in the iconic Patrick Square neighborhood, restaurants like Rick Erwin’s, Joe’s New York Pizza, and Sunny Side Cafe sit just blocks away.

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Modern Notre Dame Getaway

In Rudy, the movie memorializing Notre Dame football walk-on Rudy Ruettiger, we see Notre Dame teammates exiting a legendary stairwell, hands raised to smack the “Play Like a Champion Today” sign in the early 1970s. This is wholly historically inaccurate. Instead, the placard was installed by coach Lou Holtz in 1986 to reinstate the energy and legacy of Irish football. The motivational sign still marks one of the country’s most distinct football traditions.

Notre Dame living room.
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Returnees to sacred South Bend to catch champions play can find cozy confines at the Modern Notre Dame Getaway. Remodeled in 2018, the home is a sprawling ranch, spreading from a gleaming open-concept kitchen and dining room, a broad living room to catch the game, and plenty more room to spread out. With three upstairs bedrooms and a finished basement that offers three more couches and three more beds, the space sleeps a crew of up to 12 people.

Situated at Wooded Estates, the getaway is just a short walk to the leafy, tree-filled classic campus.

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Don’t see your team’s home city on the list? This is but a preview of Vrbo’s college town offerings. Whether it be Pasadena, Madison, Orono, or Honolulu, there is bound to be a bounty of places for your friends and family to crash on journeys back to university roots.

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