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‘Love and Thunder’ Trailer Features New Thor and Mjolnir

Find Out What's Waiting for You in 'Thor: Love and Thunder'

“Get the popcorn out. ‘e’s going to do a speech.”

That’s Marvel’s cheeky Korg helping Thor to recruit mercenary soldiers to step up to combat Gorr the God Butcher in the new Thor: Love and Thunder preview released last Sunday. The vengeful, galactic terror is played by Christian Bale in his first Marvel Cinematic Universe. As Thor Odinson (Chris Hemsworth) returns from an extended search for self-discovery, let’s dive in to see who might be joining with the Asgardian and why it’s a new Mighty Thor (and not Odinson) who’s wielding the Mjolnir hammer.

Korg (left) and Thor (right) silhouetted from behind, standing over the remains of a dead god
Marvel Studios/YouTube

Thor: Ragnarok fans will recall that Cate Blanchett’s Hela, Goddess of Death, destroys the thunder god’s Odin-enchanted hammer, Mjolnir, in the film’s first act. After ​​Eitri (Peter Dinklage) forges Thor a new weapon, Stormbreaker the battle ax, this seemed like the end for the legendary weapon. That is, until leaked set photos showed a broad-shouldered Natalie Portman not only wielding Mjolnir, but attired in Thor’s uniform and winged helm. Turns out Thor’s ex-girlfriend Jane Foster, last seen on screen nearly a decade ago in 2013’s Thor: The Dark World, is back, likely called to action by the remains of the reassembled magic hammer.

Mjolnir may have called out the next worthy owner after Thor jetted off into the stars with the Guardians of the Galaxy, declaring his superhero days over. Foster even gets her own superhero entrance as the mighty maul finds its way into her hands instead of Thor’s. Jane will join Thor with the aforementioned Guardians (and possibly a time-variant Gamora), and a new King of Asgard, Valkyrie (Tessa Thompson) to faceoff with the gray-toothed Gorr. A fairly new Marvel character, Gorr comes from a desolate, unnamed planet. His people worship celestial beings that don’t reciprocate the love. Gorr’s adulation turns to abomination when negligent gods care and do nothing as his mother, partner, and children are killed.

“Thor,” Gorr whispers, “this is my vow: all gods will die.”

Marvel Studios’ Thor: Love and Thunder | Speech

To find who might be future targets of Gorr, Thor will visit the floating Omnipotence City — a vast neutral galactic base for divine beings. — driven by his trusty goat steeds, Tanngrisnir and Tanngnjostr. Another returning animal is the fashion-forward, otter-headed Miek, who interrupts Thor’s speech with a whiteboard squeak while dressed in a women’s business suit.

Speech suggests another exciting yet playful romp through the Marvel universe directed by Waititi’s reassuring hand. Presale tickets for the July 8 release of Thor: Love and Thunder are out now.

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