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Del Toro’s Second Bennett Jordan Slipper Arrives in Time for the Holidays

Del Toro's second Bennett Jordan slipper collaboration arrives in time and in line with the season in holiday green.
Del Toro’s second Bennett Jordan slipper collaboration arrives in time and in line with the season in holiday green. Del Toro Shoes

Despite a full schedule following new business opportunities after a season 16 Bachelorette appearance, Bennett Jordan still maintains his day job as a managing director at Whitney Partners wealth and alternative asset management.

“I love what I do, and while I have more than enough to keep me working until well past dinner, I have so much fun being a creator. I love any opportunity to create, to share the things I love with others, and to make people laugh or bring happiness to others,” Jordan said in a phone interview. 

A large part of this creative outlet for Jordan aligns with his passion for fashion, especially where shoes step into the picture. This summer that took the form of a partnership with Del Toro shoes in designing a pair of sage green suede Milano loafers that added a distinct dash to his summer outfits. As this fall fades to winter, Jordan has collaborated for a second time with Del Toro CEO Andrew Roberts on an Italian shoe in line with the season, a luxurious dark green velvet slipper.

“Green has been my favorite color since I was a little kid,” Jordan said. “There’s a green velvet sofa in my living room, a green carpet on the floor, and a glass table that’s off-white and speckled with green.”

Jordan went on to say that while he appreciated the shape and comfort of his first Del Toro slippers, a navy-colored pair from a few years back, this new pair is “just a huge upgrade in shoe feel and fit.”

“They’re much more comfortable and add a little something different,” Jordan said. “There are not a lot of green velvet slippers on the market.”

Del Toro’s velvet slippers range from a stylish alternative to sneakers with jeans or chinos to standing in as a sleek substitute for dress shoes during more formal occasions (such as the sleek slippers Jordan made his Bachelorette entrance in, striding from a white Rolls Royce, complete in tux and white scarf). The velvet slipper’s texture and subtle dark green aligns to fall and winter, indoors and out. Whether it’s at a pool table at a bar in Brooklyn, where del Toro first photographed Jordan wearing the slipper, or strolling along his beloved High Line greenscape in New York City, the shoes offer a polished and elevated look for the sharply dressed man.

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“Velvet and this green gives you this next level pop,” Jordan said. “It’s similar to how I dress across the board. As a man you have nuances and attention to detail that gives you that next level of pop. It’s the most beautiful shoe in my closet, without a doubt.”

That’s really saying something for a man who estimates that he’s got about 50 to 60 slippers in his closet. 

Del Toro’s “Men’s Green Velvet Slipper II” is now on sale for $365. Most of Jordan’s first collaboration, the “Men’s Sage Suede Milano Loafer,” sold out this summer, so if you’re looking for a singular fashionable style to rock this season, you need to act fast.

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