7 Up-and-Coming Indie Grooming Brands You Need to Know

Calling all grooming aficionados, this week in NYC, IBE (Indie Beauty Expo) will be putting out the welcome mat for handsome gents just like you. Buy a ticket to IBE, and you’ll have the very first look at the latest and greatest up and coming men’s skincare and shaving brands. Co-founder, Jillian Wright, explains, “Men’s grooming in the indie space, dives deep into the psyche of the modern man, leaving no beard hair unkempt or under eye circle uncovered. Men’s grooming indie brands cater to all men looking to smell better and elevate their appearance.”

Here are a few new men’s grooming brands you should be on the lookout for at IBE and beyond.

18.21 Man Made

new men's grooming brands 18.21 man made

With a name inspired by the 18th and 21st Constitutional Amendments that started and ended Prohibition, this line is ready to party.  They offer an all-in-one body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, and all the hair finishers you’ll ever need. There’s Clay, Pomade, Paste and Spray all done with the brand’s sweet tobacco signature scent.

Big Boy

new men's grooming brands big boy

The Italians are renowned for quality and style. And this Sicilian inspired line of luxury men’s products follows suit while celebrating old-world craftsmanship. Made with Sicilian almond and olive oils, bees wax, and Shea oil, these moisturizing creams, oil and balms will smooth up your whole look and deeply nourish your skin.

Freebird Organics

new men's grooming brands freebird organics

There’s just something unique and honest about small batch brands. Freebird Organics is, yep you guessed it, 100% organic. It’s also vegan formulated with natural essential oils and wild-harvested botanicals. Freebird Organic’s Beard + Face Wash, Beard Oil and Beard Balm will keep your face fur fresh.

Beau Brummel

new men's grooming brands Beau Brummel

Paying homage to the impeccable and elegant, George Beau Brummel (one of the first true modern celebrities) from the late 18th -19th century, this skincare line has the scrubs, masks, creams, and oils to keep you looking like a proper gentleman. Created by two brothers, Zack and Daniel, these groomers are made in small batches in their NYC lab.

Winner’s Beard Oil

new men's grooming brands Winner's beard oil

When former Marine, Dustin McKenzie joined forces with ex-professional baseball player Ryan Bear, Winner’s Beard Oil was born. This winning combination is formulated with sweet masculine notes of Vanilla and Sandalwood, with moisturizing Jojoba and cleansing Sweet Almond. Try it! You have nothing to lose except for an itchy, dry, slow growing beard.

Guise Etiquette

new men's grooming brands Guise Etiquette kit

For you guys on the West Coast, Indie Beauty Expo will also head to Los Angeles. And that’s where you can find Guise Etiquette, a focused brand formulated specifically for men’s skin. Just three products, No 1 Face Wash and Shave Gel, No 2 Hydrating Tonic & Aftershave and No 3 Daily Moisturizer cover all your skin concerns. Get rid of acne and redness 1,2,3!


 Evolution Man

You’ll look as good as any Hollywood star in the hands of Celebrity groomer Marco Berardini. His line of products includes skincare, shaving, and anti-aging remedies to get your mug red carpet ready. Start with the kit or stick to their award-winning Nu Noir Face and Body Wash or Revitalize Eye Gel.


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