The Best Tiny Products to Pack for the Long Weekend

man shaving with best travel grooming products

With plenty of summer left to enjoy, you’ve likely got travel plans coming up, even if its just a long weekend getaway. It’s true that life moves at a more casual pace on vacation, but just because you’re keeping it loose while you’re away from home doesn’t mean you want to look like you just crawled out of the ocean. To stay sleek on vacation, you need a grooming game plan.

Checking bags is annoying and increasingly expensive, so you’ll need to stay under that annoying three ounce limit. To ensure what you’re toting is carry-on friendly and won’t weigh you down, choose multi-purpose formulas and pocket-sized versions of your favorite products. Here we’ve rounded up everything you need to look good from head-to-toe without having to sacrifice precious suitcase space.

Pacific Shaving Company Single Use Mini Shaving Cream Pods, $8

Pacific Shaving Company Single Use Mini Shaving Cream Pods

If you’re rocking some scruff, you know that shaving supplies can be one of the most frustrating things to pack. Depending on your preferred shaving method, your ideal kit may have a number of tools, and most standard shaving cream containers can’t be taken on a plane. Pacific Shaving Company understood this struggle, and came up with a clever little solution: single-use shaving minis. Just wet one of these teeny, tiny pods and lather it up into a rich, moisturizing shaving cream without any of the hassle of fussing with a bulky container. The best part of all? The pods are completely TSA-friendly, so no matter where you’re headed or how you’re getting there, you can throw them in your bag with no worries.

Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick, $6

Pacific Shaving Company Nick Stick

Pacific Shaving Company hits another travel grooming home run with their uber-convenient Nick Stick, a handy liquid roll-on that will stop those irritating shaving nicks immediately and without any mess. Made with aloe and Vitamin E, this smooth solution dries clear (much better than those little scraps of toilet paper…) and comes in a Chapstick-sized container so traveling with it is a breeze.

Goodwipes Cedar Body Wipes, $8

Good Wipes Cedar Body Wipes

These little wonder wipes are perfect if you’re expecting layovers or a vacation packed with back-to-back activities. The alcohol-free body wipes are made with all natural tea tree oil, peppermint, and ginseng, and their convenient packaging makes them an ideal addition to your travel grooming gear. Just tear open the package, unfold the wipe to its full 9.5” x 11.5” size, and scrub down for the next best thing to a full shower. Perfect for when you’re heading right from your kayaking tour to a dinner date, or if you’re stuck waiting for a flight and you need a quick refresher, the wipes have a deep cedar scent that will leave you feeling just so fresh, so clean.

Das Boom Everything Wash West Indies, $10

Das Boom Everything Wash West Indies

All you need to wash up is this tiny bottle. It’s multipurpose abilities make it perfect for travel, and the sulfate- and paraben-free formula full of ingredients like argan oil and rosemary extract will give your everyday products a serious run for their money. In addition to being perfect for travel, this hair, face, and body cleanser from das boom Industries smells like an island vacation (think earthy tones of bay rum and smoke).

Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic Traveler, $14

Ursa Major 4-in-1 Essential Face Tonic Traveler

You can basically take care of every skin concern with this tiny multi-tasker. Cleansing? Check. Exfoliating? Check. Toning and Hydrating? Check. And it does all of this with a soothing, natural formula of aloe, witch hazel, willow bark extract, and birch sap. Lucky for all of us, it’s available in a convenient 2oz spray bottle, so packing it is no problem. Easy to travel with and easy on your skin? Check.

Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash, $10

Aesop Resurrection Rinse Free Hand Wash

Travel isn’t always super hygienic, and when you’re out adventuring a sink sometimes isn’t within reach. In those situations, a waterless hand wash can be a sweet respite from the germs that come along with public transportation and outdoor treks. This gel from Aesop contains ingredients like Mandarin Rind and Rosemary Leaf, and it moisturizes while cleansing, so it won’t dry your hands out like those ubiquitous sanitizers.

Davines OI All in One Milk, $32

Davines OI All in One Milk

When you’re on vacation, it’s great to keep your hair low-maintenance, but you don’t want to walk around looking like a total disaster. That’s where this multipurpose styling and conditioning lotion comes in to help you achieve the perfect happy medium. This leave-in treatment moisturizes your locks and fights frizz, and it’s roucou oil rich formula helps to protect your hair from UV rays so you can spend your summer in the sun.

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Travel Candle, $25 (Set of Four)

Olivina Men Bourbon Cedar Travel Candle

Because sometimes your Airbnb accommodations might not smell so fresh, or maybe you thought it would be awesome to stay in some hotel that’s supposed to be haunted, and you were cracking jokes about it all the way there, but when you got in your room, it honest-to-God smelled haunted, but then no one wanted to seem like they were too scared to stay, so you just lived with it all night. Whatever the case may be, you might need to clear the air, which is why you should never leave home without a tiny candle.

Acqua di Parma Colonia Club Travel Spray, $185

Acqua di Parma Colonia Club Travel Spray

While most fragrances fall under the allowable ounce limit, the bottles tend to be a bit tough to jam into a quart-sized Ziploc. This swanky bottle, filled with a scent that will have you smelling like a rich Italian gentleman, is sleek enough to stash in those decidedly un-fancy plastic bags and will keep you classy while you travel.