John Jones

John Jones

John Jones is a Jersey City-based writer who enjoys covering design in all its forms, from fashion to architecture, interiors, and textiles. When he’s not herding cats with his husband, he’s training for his next Tough Mudder or hanging out in St. Augustine, Florida, the nation’s oldest city. He’s on all the socials: @JohnRusselJones

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Brett Stout is a personal trainer and former Marine who maintained his classic jarhead “high-and-tight” long after he left the service but grew fatigued by constant trips to the barber. “I got sick of wasting time. It would take 50…

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Raleigh Denim Workshop Makes Jeans with Artistry and Ingenuity in the U.S.A.

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A Peek Inside the Joseph Abboud Factory: Italian Fabric, Made in America

Abboud's pieces are designed to show off the artistry and skill of the craftspeople at his New Bedford, Massachusetts factory.