Begin Your Summer Beach Body Prep Now with the Best Men’s Workout Clothes for Fall

This is the time of year where we find out how deep our dedication runs. As we cover up under flannel shirts, sweaters, and outerwear, there aren’t as many opportunities for others to see how we look in that T-shirt, tank top, or swimsuit. Do we slack off? Or do we look at this as the opportunity to start sculpting next year’s beach body?

If you’re on Team Fall, then it’s time to go get it with workout clothes that help keep us warm, dry, and injury-free. Performance fibers work their magic, wicking away sweat to keeping us warm and dry; not clammy and cold (learn more about performance fabrics here). Grab these men’s workout clothes to freshen up your WOD wardrobe to look as good as you feel. 

Gym Shark Define Seamless Long Sleeve T-Shirt – $32
mens workout clothes fall gym shark

When those first chilly mornings hit, where the mercury is creeping back up and the sun hasn’t risen yet, you’ll be glad for a little extra coverage from this long sleeve shirt. The seamless fit makes for ultimate comfort, while DRY technology vents sweat while keeping your run or workout from getting cold and clammy.

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Canada Goose Cabled Merino Wool Beanie – $125
mens workout clothes fall canada goose hat

And if its still a little to chill out for you on your morning run, throw on this beanie and take advantage of merino wool’s lightweight and natural performance characteristics, keeping your head warm and dry. The cable pattern adds some right on-trend texture. 

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Rhone MicroClimate Vest – $178
mens workout clothes fall rhone vest

Just the touch of extra warmth when you need it on a cold morning, whether for your workout or your commute. The MicroClimate features Polartec®’s Alpha Insulation and sleek, modern styling, slim enough to slip under a blazer or light jacket. 

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Smartwool Merino 250 Pullover – $115
mens workout clothes fall smart wool pullover

Merino wool does a great job of regulating body temperature, canceling odors and, most importantly, it’s breathable. This pullover is great worn on its own but is also an excellent base layer when the weather gets colder. 

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Lululemon T.H.E. Short – $58
mens workout clothes fall olive shorts

This short is a super lightweight fabric, something we might normally suggest for summer, but we know that, once you hit the gym, working up a good sweat is your first priority. They’re also a great layer over tights, featuring secure pockets for keys, phone, and more.

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Nike Jordan Dri Fit 3/4-Length Tights – $40
mens workout clothes fall nike dri fit alpha training tight

The tight fit provides warmth and support with flat seams for comfort. The black and dark gray camouflage pattern sets you up to do battle against your own PRs. The tights also look great layered under shorts or worn alone where the 3/4-length emphasizes all that work you’ve been doing on your calves. 

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Vuori Ponto Performance Pant – $84
mens workout clothes fall vuori pant 2

A drawstring pant with a clean silhouette, perfect to pull on when you need an extra layer just to get to the gym, lightweight coverage for a yoga class, or something soft and smooth just for lounging. They offer high-tech performance features like moisture-wicking and dry so fast you can’t really even call them “sweats.” 

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Nike Free X Metcon Shoes – $120
mens workout clothes fall nike free metcon gym cross training shoe

This is a perfect shoe for the guy who trains across disciplines. It provides durability and flexibility, meaning it is great for runs, cross training, or weight training. The thick sole and color options make them cool enough to wear every day, too. 

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Wrangler Wicking Mixed Material Utility Shirt – $34
mens workout clothes fall wrangler shirt

If you’re more of a get-up-and-go-for-a-hike-in-the-woods than a WOD-in-the-gym, this shirt is for you. It features wicking and a little stretch under the arms where you might need it. It also has a UPF 30 rating (protecting from UVA and UVB rays). Our favorite feature is the built-in glasses cleaner to wipe down those sunglasses after a trek up the mountain.

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Hyrdro Flask Coffe Mug – $30
mens workout clothes fall hydroflask mug

Autumn’s morning workouts are always a little easier to face after a warming cup of Joe. This thermal mug lets you take your coffee on the go, keeping it hot the whole time. The team at Hydro Flask designed this one with a nice, soft-touch finish, so it will always feel great in your hands.

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Now that you’ve got the clothes, get the gear to get you in shape, including dumbbells, resistance bands, a smart scale, and more.

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