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The Best Long-Sleeve Shirts for Men To Wear Right Now

There are certain pieces in your style rotation you might overlook, like the seemingly humble yet downright essential long-sleeve shirt. This is a style that, to us features plenty of utility no matter the season. Long-sleeve shirts these days are much more than an afterthought, with companies putting as much care into your long-sleeve shirt as they might, say, a regular t-shirt or a pocket tee. And when designed in a minimal enough fashion, a henley is even worth considering among the pantheon of the best long-sleeve shirts. When you find the right long-sleeve shirt though, you’re finding both a comfortable shirt with a casual base layer and when made the right way, a piece that can be worn on its own.

The best long-sleeve shirts, like long-sleeve shirts made with merino wool, provide comfort and warmth, plus plenty of laidback weekend styling potential. When worn with tailored sweats to grab coffee or brunch, a long-sleeve shirt in the right color and cut looks a heck of a lot better an old logo or athletic tee. And when worn for travel underneath a denim jacket, for instance, you’re getting a layer that also looks great on its own. To start your search for a shirt that’s both a base layer and a reliable fall and winter style move, select from our favorite long-sleeve shirts of the moment.

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Best Overall Long-Sleeve Shirt: Mott and Bow Long-Sleeve Driggs Crew Tee

Soft long-sleeve T-shirt for men.
Mott and Bow

That’s right: The brand known for making some of your favorite denim is also offering a full set of complementary menswear picks, including an ultra-soft line of t-shirts. Available in versatile colors and featuring a tagless back for a smooth fit and feel, we suggest picking up as many of these tees as possible, then layering one beneath a herringbone blazer on the weekdays and your favorite flannel shirt on the weekend (Mott and Bow jeans sold separately).

Best Long-Sleeve Shirt for the Great Outdoors: Filson Long-Sleeve Ranger Pocket T-Shirt

Rugged long-sleeve T-shirt for men.

Designed for year-round wear as a base layer or on its own, this Filson t-shirt is built with every bit as much durability as you’d expect from the famed heritage outfitter. It’s also made with breathable cotton jersey fabric, so it’s neither too light in cold weather nor too hot on breezy days. Right now, pair it with one of the brand’s much-loved waxed jackets.

Best Long-Sleeve Graphic T-Shirt: Howler Brothers Lazy Gators Long-Sleeve Tee

Long-sleeve graphic T-shirt for men.

Sometimes, the fun of wearing a long-sleeve tee shines through in unexpected ways. Whether you’re hitting the water or the trail, hauling firewood in the morning or cracking open a cold beer at night, this dependable Howler Brothers tee makes every pursuit unexpected and even fun, thanks to the engaging, cool graphic design.

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Best Long-Sleeve Shirt Right Out of the Box: Paige Bower Long-Sleeve Crew

Comfortable long-sleeve cotton shirt for men.

With a lived-in look and feel, plus breezy slub cotton construction, this deep midnight tee is a winner as soon as you open up the box and throw it on. The deep midnight color goes well with everything from grey stretch denim to black joggers for easygoing weekend comfort, and the chest pocket helps it look good on its own or layered up beneath a Paige denim jacket.

Best Striped Long-Sleeve Shirt: Armor-Lux Classic Heavyweight Mariner Shirt

Striped long-sleeve shirt for men.

Trusted by the French Navy for decades, long-sleeve shirts from Armor-Lux are durable and of heirloom quality, not to mention about as visually striking as it gets, thanks to these bold stripes. The heavyweight cotton fabric and distinctive design are bonuses in matters of functionality and style, respectively.

Best Long-Sleeve Shirt for Travel: Goodlife Scalloped Hem Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Scalloped hem T-shirt for men.

Comfort is the name of the game as travel comes back slowly but surely, and this super-soft Goodlife t-shirt checks all the right boxes. It’s light to the touch, it’s breathable, it feels nice against your skin and you can wear it on its own (thanks to the unique scalloped hem) or layered under a zip hoodie for extra warmth in chilly conditions (looking at you, airport A/C).

Best Long-Sleeve Henley: HNLY LA Bourdain Henley

Rugged henley for men.

It wouldn’t be a guide to the best long-sleeve shirts without including perhaps the most famous long-sleeve knitwear style, the trusted henley. The durable three-button placket can be buttoned all the way up in similar fashion to a classic crewneck tee, or you can rock a few buttons undone to show off a necklace or regulate air flow on breezy days. The organic cotton is substantial yet stretchy, and you can’t argue with the fact that its named for a famed henley lover, Mr. Anthony Bourdain.

Other Long-Sleeve Shirts We Love

Pangaia Organic Cotton Long-Sleeve T-Shirt

Sustainable long-sleeve T-shirt for men.

Pangaia really does go all out when it comes to making sustainable, stylish menswear, using bold colors and next-level materials in items as seemingly simple as the long-sleeve t-shirt. As the brand says, this tee is made with PPRMINT treatment, which “has natural antibacterial and antimicrobial properties.” Add in an eye-catching color, and you’ve got a long-sleeve t-shirt deserving of attention.

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Rhone Reign Long-Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

Performance long-sleeve shirt for men.

If you’re the type who prefers to wear long sleeves when working out or heading out on a day hike (all the better to stay warm and work up a sweat), then Rhone’s Reign Performance T-Shirt is the right option for you. The stretch, moisture-wicking fabric and raglan sleeve design (for increased mobility) are all huge bonuses in terms of mobile design and, well, performance.

AllSaints Brace Long-Sleeve Crewneck T-Shirt

White long-sleeve shirt for men.

AllSaints is normally known for its slim denim and expertly cut leather jackets. This tee is a simple style move for pairing with that edgy and classic combo.

Marine Layer Box Waffle T-Shirt

Long-sleeve shirt for men.

Remember what we said about long-sleeve t-shirts so stylish, you can wear them on their own? This t-shirt, with textured waffle fabric, a visually neat chest pocket and a curved hem, is definitely one such t-shirt.

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