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The 7 Best Cotton T-Shirts for Men This 2022

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The best cotton T-shirts for men — owing to their utter simplicity — make for a kind of modern uniform that a guy can pull on with everything from a pair of denim jeans to chinos to a suit and always look up to date. Sure, you can find tees at just about any price, but to make sure they continue to look their very best, spend a little more money to get superb construction and high-caliber fabrics.

While fashion hues are trending toward the neutral right now, the occasional bright bursts of color are starting to break through. Also, look for more relaxed fits (you may even be able to just go up a size from what you’re used to wearing) to add a little bit of slouchy yet welcome volume. (We’re also watching for simple logos on the chest to make a comeback.) Although we lean toward the crewneck for the most iconic T-shirt statement, a nice V-neck can draw attention up to your face, adding just a hint of sexiness. On top of that, these are shirts you can wear anywhere, whether you’re at work, chilling at home, or going out.

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Cuts Clothing V-Neck Curve-Hem T-shirt

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We’ve varied a bit from the mission here, featuring a shirt that is a polyester/cotton/spandex blend but Cuts T-shirts are so comfortable, we think you’ll forgive us. The curved hem eliminates bunching around the waist, providing a sleek, clean finish. This pinkish hue is one of those non-neutral neutrals that have a sort of unexpected elegance.

Richer Poorer Men’s Long Sleeve Relaxed Tee

Man wearing Richer Poorer Mens Long Sleeve T Shirt on gray background.
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Besides their great looks, superior construction, and trendy palette, you can always feel good about buying T-shirts from Richer Poorer. The company commits to doing good by partnering regularly with organizations like I Am A Voter, South LA Cafe, and the Black Futures Lab.

Daniel Buchler Peruvian Pima Cotton V-Neck T-Shirt

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Daniel Buchler brings more than 20 years of experience in loungewear to bear on creating some of the best men’s cotton T-shirts. Buchler designs his collection as well his fabrics, describing himself as a “fashion chemist,” built to surpass the test of time, and your washing machine. This subdued V-neck cleans up nicely but feels as cozy as your best pajamas.

Vince Mouline Long Sleeve Crew

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The heathered and slubbed textural effect of this long-sleeved shirt’s pattern raises the stakes, making a simple tee an elegant statement that looks as great as any sweater, with the casual, relaxed style of a sweatshirt.

Burberry White TB Monogram New Parker T-shirt


We know Burberry for its decidedly innovative take on British fashion, and this best men’s cotton T-shirt is no exception. Like a Burberry trench, this simple white shirt is a classic in the making, and the TB logo (for founder Thomas Burberry) adds a subtle bit of panache.

Father Sons Classic Light Grey Pima Crew T Shirt

Man wearing white Father Son's Clothing white T shirt with palm trees on the background.
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Father Sons is focused on guys who hit the gym on a regular basis, but even those of us who raise our heart rates just by driving by a fitness center will appreciate the soft Pima cotton and solid construction of these T-shirts. We also like the elegant touch of the metallic logo on the chest. If you like it too, order it now: There’s only a limited run of 250 pieces for this design.

Raffi The Lafayette Aqua T-shirt

Man wearing navy Lafayette t shirt on graffiti background.
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We’re not exactly sure what Raffi does to make its aqua cotton feel so lustrous and smooth, but we hope they keep doing it. Its best cotton T-shirts for men are a perfectly elegant complement to your casual wardrobe, but you’ll also find this luxurious fabric executed in Henleys, 1/4-zips, hoodies, polos, and button-ups.

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