The 7 Best Men’s Jeans and Denim Brands on the Market

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When you think of clothing you’ve owned and loved, chances are many of those items were made of denim. Durable yet soft, stylish yet comfortable, this versatile fabric has been a fashion mainstay since at least the early twentieth century, most likely owing to its remarkable ability to both look good and feel like home all in one fell swoop.

Sure, yes, we all love denim, you’re probably thinking, but where in the world do I buy it in 2018? We’re so glad you asked. We rounded up some of our absolute favorite denim brands on the market right now below. Ranging from vintage darlings to heritage brands, all the way to exciting up-and-comers, these companies are sure to do you right no matter your denim needs.


best mens denim jackets levi  s trucker jacket

To kick off this roundup, let’s start with one of the most famous denim brands in the game: Levi’s. Though the company was founded in 1853, it wasn’t until the 1960s that Levi Strauss & Co. would strike fashion gold when its pairs of blue jeans truly hit the everyday fashion scene and became the pant that everyone had to have. Half a century later and the Levi fever has yet to break as guys all over the world continue to purchase their jeans exclusively from the brand. And for good reason! Not only does Levi’s have a wide selection of different styles, washes, and colors available online, but it offers them up at affordable prices that are hard to beat.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Snagging jeans from a recognizable brand that lives up to the hype.

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best mens jeans denim brands edwin

If you’re a contemporary fella with a penchant for vintage styles, you may want to consider buying your next pair of jeans from Edwin. The Japanese brand erupted onto the scene in the 1970s and quickly gained popularity for its unique denim wash. Flash forward to now and the company’s keeping things old school with its diverse array of highly structured jeans. No matter your preference for black, blue, or selvedge denim, Edwin’s got you covered. Plus, the brand also has tops, outerwear, and a special line of indigo-dyed garments. For now you can get Edwin at Barney’s New York, but the brand’s new U.S. site is coming sometime in the near future. 

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Dressing up a casual denim look with something strikingly fashion-forward.

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Raleigh Denim

best mens jeans denim brands raleigh 2

Raleigh Denim is an American-made brand well-known for its collection of raw denim, a special type of fabric that’s been unwashed and untreated for a stylishly classic look. We especially like Raleigh for building out a sharp, everyday wardrobe, since its extensive line of jeans is complemented by an equally impressive selection of shirts and outerwear. While the brand could be a good fit for a wide range of shoppers, we think it could be a real winner for those with a timeless, masculine aesthetic.

Price range: $$-$$$

Perfect for: Filling up your wardrobe with jeans from a home-grown source.

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Mott & Bow

best mens jeans denim brands mott and bow

Billed as the ultimate go-to for everyday basics, Mott & Bow has built a solid reputation on selling premium jeans at an affordable price point. While the pants may not be as souped-up as some of the other options on this list, they still pack quite the punch and make a great base for any outfit. Once you’ve selected your fit (skinny, boot cut, slim) and your wash, style, and color, you can pair your new jeans with an assortment of the brand’s T-shirts, sweaters, and button downs.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Rounding out your arsenal of stylish everyday essentials.

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Buck Mason

best mens jeans denim brands buck mason

One of the newer names on this list, Buck Mason is a Los Angeles-based menswear brand that reproduces classic American silhouettes for its hip customer base. While the company’s got everything from flannels to jackets and sweaters, the crown jewel remains its selection of denim pants. Most notable in the bunch is the brand’s 3-Month Wash jeans, which ship out with a broken-in feel that’s as comfortable as it would be if they’d been regularly laundered for three months.

Price range: $$

Perfect for: Impressing friends with your trendy, cool style.

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best mens jeans denim brands wrangler 1

If name recognition is an important factor for you in the buying process, then you can’t go wrong with a pair of new jeans from Wrangler. Iconic for its durable, western aesthetic, Wrangler has been churning out quality denim goods since 1947. And while they may have originally been conceived for outdoor work, these jeans have since evolved into stylish pants appropriate for all different types of guys. We like a Wrangler jean for open fires, camping trips, spontaneous road trips with the boys, quick errands around town, and everything else in between.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Beefing up your casual go-to look with rugged masculinity.

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best mens jeans denim brands outerknown 2

Outerknown is a sustainable menswear brand that’s as dedicated to saving the planet as it is to ensuring its customers look great. The company achieves this by being upfront about its supply chain, from the materials it sources to the suppliers it works with. When it comes to denim, this manifests in the brand’s S.E.A. jeans, which are built entirely of organic cotton and guaranteed for life. This means if they rip, break, or tear, you can send them back to Outerknown and they’ll get fixed right up. The idea is that you can then invest in the jeans you really want, knowing they’ll endure season after season. And while this kind of service would normally cost a pretty penny, Outerknown’s denim pants are surprisingly affordable.

Price range: $-$$

Perfect for: Upping your eco-friendly fashion game without breaking the bank.

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Now that you know which brands are the best for men’s jeans, why not go the whole-hog and check-out all the best places to buy clothes online?


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