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The 7 Best Razors for Men in 2021 That Offer A Super Close Shave

Shaving is a morning ritual. Even more than a hot shower, shaving lets us know that we’re alive because we need to be awake, alert, and present in the moment or things could get messy, if not downright dangerous. Like any ritual, shaving deserves the right grooming tools. Gels, shaving creams, and aftershaves may come and go, but a good and high-quality razor becomes a longtime companion. So to help you out, here are some of our picks for 2021’s best razors.

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Best Overall: Schick Hydro Skin Comfort Stubble Eraser Razor

BEST RAZOR Schick Dry Skin Razor
Genevieve Poblano / The Manual

Schick has taken personalized shaving to a whole new place with the launch of its Hydro Skin Comfort product line. Got a shaving challenge? There’s a razor for that. We particularly liked the stubble eraser version: A proprietary stubble comb is complemented with gel pools carrying green tea for a smooth shave that doesn’t cause nicks or irritation. The best feature is that the head of the razor moves in an almost robotic way, allowing it to hug the face’s curves as if it were preprogrammed.

Best Safety Razor: Bevel

Bevel has won The Manual’s Grooming Awards before, and it’s because the company has a penchant for paying attention to the details. This safety razor is, hands down, one of the best we’ve ever tested. Get past its stunning minimalistic aesthetic, and you’ll discover that good design runs deep. The brass handle seems to be perfectly weighted to give an awesome, safe shave; you’ll barely need to apply any pressure of your own. It’s environmentally friendly so that if you decide safety razors aren’t your thing, you can chuck it into the recycling bin. It’s easy to clean and changing blades is a breeze.

Best Disposable Razor: Schick Xtreme 3

This tester is not the biggest fan of disposable razors. They’re an environmental nightmare, and, for the most part, we’ve yet to find one that gives that great of a shave. That said, we all know that moments arise where a disposable razor just makes sense. While the Schick Xtreme 3 seems to have even more plastic than some of the other leading brands, that bulk is in the service of one of the most ergonomic handles we’ve ever seen. From the seemingly perfect shape to the nubby non-slip grips, it’s an impressive piece of people-centered design. The flexible head has three blades, perfect for sensitive skin (although not, pardon the expression, the sharpest blade in the pack), and includes an aloe lubrication strip.

Best Looking Cartridge Razor: King C. Gillette Neck Razor

The King C. Gillette razor seems to have been designed with Father’s Day, Christmas, or birthday gift-giving in mind. Its contemporary shaving technology comes in an elegant package that looks at home in either a traditional or modern setting, while the minimalistic handle design — in a deep midnight blue — offers a firm grip courtesy of the rubbery finish at the neck. The razor ships with Gillette’s Skinguard blade for sensitive skin (but we suspect it can be used with many of Gillette’s other replacement blades if you have a preference).

Best for Options: Dollar Shave Club 6 vs 4 Blade Razor Starter Set

It’s always good to have a choice, right? It’s what built our democracy. Here the Dollar Shave Club gives you the option to check out both its six- and four-blade razor models to see what works best for you and your skin. We liked the nice, smooth shave of the six-blade model, but four blades might work better on sensitive skin, or for those with long hairs or don’t shave every day. The accompanying handle feels solid and weighty, offering nice glide while shaving, and a nubbly, rubbery grip.

Best Subscription Service: Harry’s

These days it’s tough to pick out one winner in the shaving subscription service wars. Everybody from the heritage brands like Gillette to upstarts like Harry’s have recognized that guys either can’t be bothered or don’t have the time to shop for incidentals, so why not have them delivered? Harry’s offers cheap blades that offer a decent shave, and we love its brightly covered handles (that feel good in your fingers) and cool packaging. What’s more, the company’s gotten into everything from those replacement blades to face care, body wash, shampoo…practically all your grooming needs in one grand package, delivered to your doorstep. Join its premium membership program for a whopping $15 a year to save 10% on all orders on, as well as get free engraving on handles and razor stands, faster shipping exclusive access to member-only products, and early access to new products.

Best Focused Use: LVL Neck Razor

The founder of LVL designed this unexpected contraption to give his wife a little more time in the morning so she wouldn’t have to stop and shave his neck. Admittedly, we were skeptical at first, but upon watching some of the brands’ instructional videos, we were sold. No time for the barber? No worries. The LVL gives a “fresh from the shop” look in about a minute. The straightforward concept sees three sets of retractable Swedish razor blade cartridges attached to two rubberized finger handles. Simple, secure, and smart.

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