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The 37 Best Luxury Gifts for Men for the Holidays

Shot of a handsome young man getting ready for Christmas.

Giving and receiving gifts from your loved ones makes the holidays more special and heartwarming. But when it comes to shopping for the best gifts for men who already have everything, only the best will be enough — which can be anxiety-inducing for gift givers.

That’s why we made sure to curate the crème de la crème of presents for the holidays and beyond, from high-performance speakers to personalized caviar boxes. While every guy has their own hobbies and perception of luxury, our list of the best luxury gifts ensures that the men in your life will only receive the finest presents from you.

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Best Luxury Fashion Gifts

Keep him looking his best with these top-notch duds from some of our favorite designers. If you’re looking for more budget-friendly picks, we rounded up the best fashion gifts for men on Amazon.

Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers

A luxurious pair of Gucci Princetown Leather Slippers.

Give him a fabulous incentive to dress up at home with these shearling-lined slippers that are emblazoned with the Italian brand’s iconic gold horse bits.

Bleusalt Turtleneck

A male model wearing a black Bleusalt Turtleneck.

For something a bit more business-casual, you can’t go wrong with a black turtleneck, and this one is as comfortable and luxurious as cashmere, but much more affordable. We advise getting a few of these to add to his nine-to-five wardrobe rotation.

Aviator Nation Cotton Blend Sweat Shorts

A pair of Aviator Nation Cotton Blend Sweat Shorts.

Since most of us are living in sweats these days, why not give him the gift of luxurious comfort with these shorts from cult-favorite surf brand Aviator Nation?

Barton Perreira Archie Round Tortoiseshell Optical Frames

A pair of Barton Perreira Archie Round Tortoiseshell Optical Frames.

Let him channel his inner leading man with these tastefully trendy optical glasses from Barton Perreira, a California brand that’s been favored by guys you may have heard of, like Brad Pitt, Ryan Gosling, and Matt Damon.

Cartier Santos Silvered Opaline Dial Men’s Watch

A close-up of Cartier Santos Silvered Opaline Dial Men’s Watch.

When you want to go luxe on your watches, you can’t go wrong with Cartier. We prefer this clean, minimalist take on the status symbol watchmaker, replete with an opaline dial and sleek stainless steel construction.

The Dórro Luxury Dog Collar

The Dórro Luxury Dog Collar on gray background.

Sophisticated yet effortless, The Dórro Luxury Dog Collar ensures the perfect fit for your friend’s loyal companion while providing the same elegance as your favorite handbag.

Best Luxury Kitchen Gifts

At this point, he’s probably tired of eating takeout. So give him another reason to make his own meals with this selection of the best kitchen gifts.

Breville Custom Loaf Breadmaker

A Breville Custom Loaf Breadmaker on plain background.

It seems like almost everyone on Instagram is learning how to bake bread these days, which is why there’s never been a better time to gift him this high-tech bread maker that lets you customize your sourdough down to your preferred knead, cook, and rest times. Plus, it displays over 40 recipes, so you’ll never run out of baking ideas.

Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster

A Revolution Cooking R180 Smart Toaster with two bread slices.

Speaking of social media, this smart toaster set Twitter ablaze thanks to its phone-sized touchscreen that’s easy to navigate and beautiful to look at. Plus the Revolution Toaster lets you warm up your favorite carb with ease and efficiency (much faster than conventional toasters), thanks to its proprietary heating technology that won’t burn your bread.

Jura Ena 8 Single-Serve Coffeemaker

A Jura Ena 8 Single-Serve Coffeemaker on white background.

We’re over the moon with this Swiss-made coffeemaker, which has all the bells and whistles of a high-end espresso machine, and comes with an intuitive TFT color display and a patented vacuum technology that makes cleaning super easy. Plus it comes with a sleek milk system that can pump out a frothy foam for your cappuccinos.

Mauviel 2.5mm Brushed Copper Cookware Set

A Mauviel 2.5mm Brushed Copper Cookware Set displayed on white background.

Made with 90% copper, this gorgeous cookware set is meant to be displayed, not stuffed in your kitchen cabinet. And because of its premium construction, it’s easier to clean, cooks evenly, and is meant to last a lifetime.

The Kudu Grill

The Kudu Grill on plain background.

Professional chefs can’t get enough of this trending grill. And we can’t either, thanks to its tough-as-nails construction, which comes with three grilling surfaces that let you smoke, sear, and broil proteins to your heart’s content.

Olive & Cocoa Lighthouse Shaker & Glasses

A lighthouse shaker and an empty glass on a wooden table, with three glasses on a tree stump.

Functional while ensuring to elevate any kitchen set-ups, the Lighthouse Shaker & Glasses is the perfect gift for any type of man because this includes four premium sailboat etched rocks glasses, aside from the cocktail shaker.

Best Luxury Food and Drink Gifts

If the best way to his heart is through his stomach (and liver), this list has you covered.

Roe Caviar Personalized Indulge Box

A Roe Caviar Personalized Indulge Box on plain background.

Yes, caviar is pretty much synonymous with all things fancy, and with this handsome caviar box, you can engrave initials or a logo for an extra level of personalization. Its contents are just as impressive: Roe’s caviar is sustainably sourced in California.

Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne

An exquisite bottle of Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Champagne.

Toast the holiday with a quality bubbly from Perrier-Jouët (who else?), which has floral and citrus notes that will have him dreaming of summers in the south of France.

Redbreast 27-Year-Old Whiskey

A bottle of Redbreast 27 Year Old Whiskey on white background.

Even the most ardent whiskey snobs can appreciate Redbreast’s meticulously crafted spirit that’s been matured in ruby port barrels, lending to a complex flavor profile of fruity and oak notes.

Best Luxury Fitness Gifts

Since even the glitziest fitness centers can be Petri dishes for disease these days, why not bring the gym to him?

Bowflex Revolution Home Gym

The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym on white background.

The Rolls Royce of home gyms, Bowflex Revolution features over 100 workouts that isolate almost every muscle you’d want to strengthen. Simply put, he’ll probably cancel his fitness membership after a month of using this.

Stryve Exercise Ball

A navy blue Stryve Exercise Ball.

Stryve, a fitness startup, is optimizing the way people work out. Take the brand’s exercise ball, which features a proprietary balancing technology so that it always stays upright, which makes it the perfect gadget to improve your posture and core strength.

NordicTrack Commercial X22i

A NordicTrack Commercial X22i on plain background.

NordicTrack’s Commercial line easily blows competitors out of the water, thanks to its vast incline control, a wide belt that offers minimal impact to your knees, and a gorgeous 22-inch touchscreen. Coupled with its iFit platform, which allows you to virtually run with trainers all over the world — this is hands-down the best home treadmill on the market today.

Oura Ring

An elegant Oura Ring.

Some fitness trackers — no matter how effective — can be clunky eyesores. Not so with Oura Ring, an elegant band that tracks your body’s metrics like body temperature, sleep, and heart rate with precision.

Courser Uno

A white Courser Uno Shoe on the ground.

Luxury and performance come together with Courser’s buzzy new athletic sneakers that feature a strong nubuck leather exterior, and aerospace technology so you’ll be light on your feet. Plus, they look just as stylish on or off the track.

Best Luxury Home Gifts

We’re all stuck at home. Make the most out of his space.

Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner

A Roborock S6 MaxV Robot Vacuum Cleaner on plain background.

Roborock’s bestselling vacuum can automatically vacuum and mop (!) an area up to 2,580 square feet in one go. Even better, you can automate when and which parts of the home to clean up, and it pairs with Alexa, Siri, or Google Home for voice-activated commands. Perfect for lazy guys with pets.

Naim Mu-So 2

A Naim Mu-So 2 on white background.

Virtually anything that comes out of Naim’s Mu-So 2 speakers sounds pristine, much in part thanks to a new high-def processor, and a refigured bass system for an increased cabinet volume. Aesthetically speaking, its tasteful acrylic base and cloth grill make for a sleek complement to any living room, office, or man cave.

BDI Corridor Bar

A BDI Corridor Bar with bottles of alcoholic drinks, plate of fruit, cocktail shaker, and wine glass.

Even if he can’t entertain friends at home, this midcentury modern bar — featuring a louvered wood finish — will make him the envy of all his social media followers.

Floyd Standing Desk

A Floyd Standing Desk on gray background.

Refresh his home office with Floyd’s uber sleek standing desk, featuring the furniture brand’s signature ergonomic design that’s made to last.

Vitruvi Move Diffuser

A man's hand holding a white Vitruvi Move Diffuser.

Much has been said about the benefits of essential oils (the main perk being: they smell amazing), and Virtuvi’s much-lauded diffuser is cordless, which is great news, since he’ll probably want to take it wherever he goes.

Riley Spa Towel Collection

A clean pile of Riley Home Spa Towel Collection.

This is probably the closest thing he’ll get to a spa day, which isn’t so bad, since Riley’s famed towels are incredibly plush and luxurious. We recommend getting him the whole towel set for maximum resort vibes.

Parachute The Mattress

A Parachute mattress in a bedroom.

While most mattresses are made with tons of padding, Parachute’s marquee product features steel coils that somehow manage to give enough back support, while still leaving you feeling like you’re sleeping on Cloud 9.

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress

A Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress in a green bedroom.

Let your loved ones experience maximum comfortability to achieve a good night’s sleep with the help of this Wave Hybrid Mattress from Casper. It has ergonomic zones with gel pads for spinal alignment while keeping it cool to the touch.

Riley Reversible Color Block Sateen Bundle

A Riley Reversible Color Block Sateen Bundle on plain background.

Time to upgrade your bedroom with this Reversible Color Block Sateen Bundle. It will give your bed a new look that will make sleeping much more exciting.

Best Luxury Grooming Gifts

These quality products deserve a hard-won place in his medicine cabinet.

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Dr. Dennis Gross Face Mask

A face mask from Dr. Dennis.

A fleet of LED lights helps fend off acne and the signs of aging with Dr. Dennis Gross’ Instagram-famous face mask, which will also make him look like a Bladerunner extra while wearing it (and we mean that in the best way possible).

Dr. Barbara Sturm Men’s Basic Set

A skincare set from Dr. Barbara.

Dr. Barbara Sturm’s set of cleansers, hyaluronic serum, and face cream, is an easy-to-follow skincare routine that reaps incredible results when used regularly.

Terre d’Hermès Pure perfume

A bottle of Terre d’Hermès Pure perfume

Woody and green, Terre features wood and bright shiso fragrances, but perhaps most intriguing is the inclusion of benzoin, a kind of balsamic resin that softens the overall effect.

Isa Lazo Body Scrub

A pot of Isa Lazo Body Scrub.

A cacophony of essential oils and cranberry seed makes using this body scrub feels like you’re at a five-star hotel spa.

Best Luxury Outdoor Gifts

Add some lavish amenities to your man’s next adventure (just don’t call it glamping).

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Dometic CFX3 45 Powered Cooler

A Dometic CFX3 45 Powered Cooler containing bottles.

He’ll never have to pack a bag of ice again during his camping excursions if he has this portable fridge and cooler, which can freeze to -7 degrees Fahrenheit, which means he can have chilled beer and food at the ready. It also comes with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi capabilities so he can remotely adjust its temperature with ease.

YETI Trailhead Camp Chair

A blue YETI Trailhead Camp Chair.

Sturdy, comfortable, and made to last, Yeti’s popular camping chair is made for even the burliest guys.

Vintage Electric Roadster

A Vintage Electric Roadster on plain background.

This e-bike is a show-stopper. Its lightweight design is agile and reminiscent of café racers, but don’t let its charming construction fool you: This bike can go up to 75 mph on a full charge.

Scully and Scully Leather Flask Set

A green Scully and Scully Leather Flask Set on plain background.

Who says drinking while camping has to be a dreary affair? Enter this elegant leather flask set, which is handmade in Germany and looks like something Ernest Hemingway would drink out of.

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