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Best Pre-Made Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets for Him and Her

Deciding what to get that special someone — or even a close friend or mom — for Valentine’s Day can be tricky. Should you go with something classic like a bouquet of roses or other flowers? Is chocolate a better way to go? Jewelry can be costly and is often filled with high expectations, so it can be a hard gift to get right.

If you find yourself unsure of what to buy your loved one for Valentine’s Day, you might want to consider a pre-made Valentine’s Day gift basket. Valentine’s Day gift baskets contain a curated selection of romantic and enjoyable treats, such as chocolates, wine, cookies, nuts, and even spa essentials. There are also pre-made Valentine’s Day gift baskets specifically geared towards certain interests and tastes, so you can find the perfect array of treats for anyone on your list. Discovering what’s inside is half the fun, and there are always fun things you’ve never tasted or tested, making gift baskets a great way to be exposed to new products.


We’ve scoured the most popular Valentine’s Day gift boxes for him and her and chosen the best of the bunch. If you’re in need of Valentine’s Day gift advice, keep reading for the best pre-made Valentine’s Day gift baskets.

Simply Chocolate Decadent Valentine Gift Basket

Simply Chocolate Decadent Valentine Gift Basket.

Chocolate lovers will squeal with delight over the overflowing bounty of chocolates in the Simply Chocolate Decadent Valentine Gift Basket. From Black Forest cherry bark, chocolate bridge mix, a milk chocolate heart pop, and yogurt almonds, to chocolate-covered pretzels, cherries, gummy bears, graham crackers, and Oreos, this Valentine’s Day gift basket blows a basic box of chocolates out of the water. There are several sizes to choose from. We especially love the dark chocolate almond bark, sea salt caramels, chocolate strawberries, and Black Forest cherry bark.

Godiva Decadence Gift Basket

Godiva Decadence Gift Basket.

Who doesn’t love Godiva? Revered for their premium chocolate, Godiva chocolate is always delicious and always appreciated by any chocolate lover. The Godiva Decadence Gift Basket is jam-packed with some of their most classic, as well as unique, treats. You’ll get (take a deep breath) 0.7 ounces of Godiva Chocolate Lava Cake Truffles, 2 ounces of Godiva Chocolate Truffle Coffee, 2.8 ounces of Godiva Dark Chocolate Cocoa, 1 ounce of Godiva Dark Chocolate Covered Graham Cracker, 3 ounces of Godiva Masterpieces Dark Chocolate Ganache Heart Bar, 5 ounces of Godiva Masterpieces Masterpieces Assortment of Legendary Chocolates Bag, 1.1 ounces of Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Of Belgium Bar, 0.6 ounces of Godiva Masterpieces Milk Chocolate Caramel Lion Of Belgium, 0.5 ounces of Godiva Milk Chocolate Caramels, 1.6 ounces of Godiva Milk Chocolate Covered Pretzel, 0.3 ounces of Godiva Milk Chocolate Truffle, 3.1 ounces of Godiva Signature Roasted Almond Dark Chocolate Mini Bars, 0.3 ounces of Godiva Strawberry Cheesecake Dessert Truffle, and 1 ounce of Godiva White Chocolate Truffles.

The ultimate basket measures 18 inches long, 6 inches wide, and 14.5 inches tall. It screams elegance and indulgence.

Happy Valentine’s Day Meat And Cheese Deluxe

valentine's meat and cheese basket.

Gourmet Gift Baskets sells an array of pre-made Valentine’s Day gift baskets geared towards various interests and tastes. We love the Happy Valentine’s Day Meat And Cheese Deluxe for guys or gals who aren’t big fans of chocolate, wine, or other iconic Valentine’s Day treats.

This savory Valentine’s Day gift basket contains three cheeses (Jalapeño Monterey Jack, Cheddar, and Garlic cheese), two sausages (Summer and Garlic), a protein snack mix, mixed nuts, kettle corn, and two kinds of cookies (Chocolate wafers and Mudpuppies). Whether you enjoy the spread for a romantic picnic dinner or slowly titrate the treats over time, this Valentine’s Day gift basket is a creative take for anyone looking for a protein-packed gift.

Valentine’s Day Wine & Chocolate Gift Basket

Valentine's Day Wine & Chocolate gift basket.

Red wine and dark chocolate are nearly synonymous with romance and Valentine’s Day, which is why this Valentine’s Day Wine & Chocolate gift basket is a can’t-lose gift solution. Plus, you get to customize the gift basket for your recipient by choosing the red wine included (Sangiovese by Il Roccolo, Malbec Mendoza Lunlunta by Catena, or Cabernet Sauvignon by Honig Napa Valley). Each wine has been chosen to pair well with the selected chocolates, which include Annalie’s Chocolates Belgian chocolates and chocolate caramel Grahams, a Lindt milk chocolate truffle-filled bar, Byrd’s Famous Cookies chocolate chip cookies, a Dolcetto vanilla wafer, a Fusion Gourmet chocolate wafer rolls, and Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory mudpuppies.

Beer Crush Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Beer Crush Valentine's Day Gift basket.

Hey, not everyone is a wine lover. If beer is your honey’s go-to beverage of choice, you can’t go wrong with the Beer Crush Valentine’s Day Gift Basket. This enormous Valentine’s Day gift basket is as fun to unpack and discover as it is to drink and enjoy. It contains twelve craft beers, cookies, kettle corn, nuts, sausage, cheese, pretzels, jerky, and more. It feels never-ending and is a great way to spoil your Valentine. Some of our favorite beers and drinks in the gift basket are Smuttynose Old Brown Dog, Belgian Amber by Fat Tire, and Whale’s Tail Pale Ale by Cisco. There are all sorts of cheese straws, jerkies, crackers, and other sweet and savory treats to pair with each brew.

Expressions of Love Valentine’s Gift Basket

Expressions of Love Valentines Gift Basket.

Valentine’s Day gift baskets aren’t just about food. Bring the spa to your valentine with the Expressions of Love Valentine’s Gift Basket. This indulgent gift basket encourages relaxation and self-care with its assortment of bath products. You’ll get nourishing goat’s-milk lotion and soap, scented bath bombs, a silky-smooth satin sleep mask, a hot/cold eye gel mask, a skin polishing towel, a hair turban, and tea light candles to set the mood. You can also upgrade the basket with add-ons like chocolates, teddy bears, or a coloring book. It’s a perfect way to encourage your loved one to relax and unwind.

Love 40 Tennis Basket

Love 40 Tennis Basket.

Is the special guy or gal in your life a tennis pro? Do you guys love playing doubles? If so, check out the cutely named Love 40 Tennis Basket. This Valentine’s Day gift basket is a nice choice for active and athletic friends or loved ones. It contains healthy snacks like Lesser Evil Himalayan Popcorn, Second Nature Fruit & Nut Trail Mix, Bare Fruit Dried Apple Chips, Gilded Nuts Pistachios, Vision Pack Smoked Almonds, and a Granola Bar. You’ll also get Gatorade, two cans of Penn Tennis Balls, and a Racquet Vibration Dampener. It’s a nice way to shop small while encouraging your loved one to soak away the stress of the day.

Xoxo Valentine Gift Box

Xoxo Valentine Gift Box.

Rustic Zebra Boutique makes these adorable Xoxo Valentine Gift Boxes. Complete with a lid and ribbon, each 8 x 8 x 4-inch petite gift box includes several handmade bath and body products. There is a natural, hand-poured, peppermint-scented soy candle in a mason jar, a bar of handmade peppermint soap, a jar of bubble bath salts, a jar of organic coconut sugar scrub, a wooden spoon, a premium white washcloth, a box of custom matches, and a custom card.

True Love Valentine Gift Basket

True Love Valentine Gift Basket.

The True Love Valentine Gift Basket is a delicious mix of divine chocolates and delectable cookies and confections. It’s a more creative take on basic Valentine’s Day chocolates, and a fun way for your sweetie to discover unique sweets. It features treats from esteemed brands like Harry & David, Moose Munch, Simply Chocolate, The Popcorn Factory, and Cheryl’s Cookies. There are several sizes to choose from.

The supreme basket comes brimming with iced pink cookies, snickerdoodles, strawberry jam shortbread cookies, dark chocolate popcorn Moose Munch mix, chocolate-covered pretzels and peanuts, all sorts of truffles, chocolate-covered cherries, butter toffee popcorn, and more.

Love Bug Valentine’s Day Gift Basket

Love Bug Valentines Day Gift Basket.

Do you call your sweetheart Love Bug? If so, the Love Bug Valentine’s Day Gift Basket is a must. It’s also one of the best pre-made Valentine’s Day gift baskets for coffee lovers. This gift basket includes an adorable 11-inch plush love bug ladybug, a ceramic mug with a heart, shortbread cookies, chai tea, a gift box of chocolates, and four coffee blends: Coffee Masters Chocolate Creme Brulee Coffee, Coffee Masters Vanilla Nut Creme Coffee, Fara Texas Signature Roast Coffee, and Giordano Coffee Italian Roast Coffee. We love how this gift basket will make mornings a little more special for weeks.

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