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Celebrate With One of These Best Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is less than two weeks away, so if you are dating someone or are in a relationship, you might be starting to feel the pressure of coming up with something to do to celebrate. Coming up with Valentine’s Day ideas can be surprisingly difficult. Some couples are happy just going out to dinner at a favorite restaurant or staying home and binging on a favorite TV show while cuddling on the couch.

But if your partner prefers surprises or more outside-the-box experiences, you may want to plan a more unique Valentine’s Day date. Not sure what to do for Valentine’s Day? Keep reading for romantic and fun Valentine’s Day ideas, and make your loved one feel special and appreciated by your gesture.

What Are Some Ideas To Do on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine's Day heart cupcakes.

Valentine’s Day ideas don’t have to be elaborate or all-day affairs. You can plan a simple activity or something a little out of the ordinary, and make the day special. Here are a few ideas for things to do on Valentine’s Day:

  • Go to a drive-in movie or set up one yourself with a projector
  • Re-create your first date together, either by going to the same place or replicating it at home or in some other way
  • Take a spin class, yoga class, or other exercise class together
  • Go to a museum or art exhibit together
  • Watch live music or go to a jazz show or bar with an open mic
  • Go sing karaoke together
  • Take a mixology class together or try your hand at shaking up unique cocktails
  • Go to a wine tasting or chocolate tasting
  • Try an escape room together
  • Go indoor rock climbing
  • Challenge other couples at trivia night at a local bar or go head-to-head with board games
  • Go bowling
  • Volunteer together
  • Book a night at a fancy hotel
  • Go glamping
  • Go rollerblading or ice skating
  • Take an evening hike to an open spot, have dessert, and lie back and stargaze together
  • Take a ballroom dance class
  • Have a bonfire or patio fire and make s’mores
  • Watch stand-up comedy or go to a local comedy club
  • Find an old-school arcade and go play games
  • Do a paint and sip class or create one at home
  • Go night skiing at a local ski mountain

How Can I Make Valentine’s Day Special for Him?

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Valentine’s Day is often centered around women — girlfriends, fiancees, wives, and mothers — so much so that there’s even the term “Galentine’s Day” for women to show love for one another, particularly if they are single. That said, plenty of men still enjoy a romantic or sweet gesture on Valentine’s Day, and if you’re a woman, man, or non-binary person in a relationship with a man, you can make Valentine’s Day special for him. Here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas for men:

  • Cook his favorite meal
  • Go to a wine tasting or beer tasting
  • Take him to a sports game, concert, or show
  • Watch stand-up comedy
  • Go for a hike, afternoon bike ride, or outdoor adventure
  • Give him a back massage
  • Make him a playlist of the songs you both love
  • Make a slideshow of cute photos of the two of you
  • Plan a weekend getaway together
  • Go to a sports bar and play pool and bar games
  • Surprise him at work and take him to lunch
  • Do a flirty photoshoot for him
  • Make him chocolate-covered strawberries from scratch
  • Have lunch delivered to his workplace
  • Make a charcuterie board with wine, cheese, and fruit and enjoy it together
  • Put together a gift basket for him or buy him a premade Valentine’s Day gift basket
  • Write him a love letter, song, or story
  • Do one of his favorite activities with him, even if you don’t love it yourself
  • Pack him a special lunch for work
  • Get him a cameo from someone he admires
  • Set up a scavenger hunt for him with clues only he would understand, and end with a romantic gift, picnic, or other surprise

How Can I Make Valentine’s Day Special for Her?

Man in tux giving girlfriend a gift.

While many women say they don’t care about Valentine’s Day or deny the desire to do anything special to celebrate, doing something for your girlfriend, fiancee, or wife for Valentine’s Day can make her feel special and loved. If your girlfriend or wife is more into experiences than Valentine’s Day gifts, consider one of the following ideas:

  • Give her a foot massage or back massage, or treat her to a professional spa day
  • Try your hand at making her a fancy dessert
  • Surprise her at work at the end of her day and whisk her off to a fancy dinner
  • Order a meal kit delivery box and cook a special meal
  • Take her stargazing
  • Take a confection-making class together
  • Make her breakfast in bed or take her out to a local breakfast restaurant
  • Make her a scrapbook of your relationship
  • Take her on an excursion, somewhere in town where you rarely go
  • Set up an at-home wine and chocolate tasting

What Can You Do at Home for Valentine’s Day?

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You don’t have to venture out to an expensive and potentially overcrowded restaurant, bar, or other public establishment to have a great Valentine’s Day. There are actually quite a few at-home options, spanning the gamut from romantic and intimate Valentine’s Day ideas to fun and playful activities. A quiet night in together can be just as memorable — if not more so — which is why many couples choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a simple date right at home. Here are a few ideas:

  • An intimate spa night with massages or a bubble bath
  • Cooking a special dish together
  • Dancing
  • Writing each other songs or poems and performing them
  • Reminiscing over photos or just sharing memories
  • Playing board games, video games, or cards
  • Transporting yourselves around the world by turning the living room or kitchen into a foreign country and eating foods and doing activities native to that region
  • Playing instruments, singing, or making music together
  • Having a movie night with popcorn and candy
  • Watching comedy
  • Doing arts and crafts
  • Baking cookies, cupcakes, or bread
  • Mixing cocktails
  • Having a picnic in the backyard
  • Watching the sunset
  • Enjoying breakfast in bed
  • Drawing or painting one another
  • Making fondue
  • Ordering takeout or delivery
  • Doing yoga together

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