The Lady-Approved List of Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Her

Valentine’s Day is almost here — are you ready? We know shopping for the perfect present can be difficult, so we went ahead and put together a guide to the best Valentine’s Day gifts for her. Whether she’s a tomboy or girly girl, there is something for every lady on this list.

MeUndies Matchmaker – $36-42


MeUndies isn’t your run-of-the-mill, bargain-bin undies provider, nor are they the place you want to go if you’re planning to get your gal some sort of convoluted lingerie monstrosity that is somehow made with a single thread that has to assemble itself perfectly into place around her body. MeUndies just wants to make people feel good. And that wonderful woman in your life is going to feel pretty great when she sees you’ve taken the time to check out the MeUndies Matchmaker, where you won’t just get super-soft, absolutely adorable new ‘roos for her, you’ll also skyrocket the cute factor by picking up a matching pair for yourself. Designs vary throughout the year, but for Valentine’s Day, they’ve got some particularly precious patterns, including a party full of hearts and a print that features a seriously sympatico taco-hot sauce combo. The MeUndies Matchmaker is incredibly easy to use (just select each person’s fit and size preference to see all of the available patterns). The result is a new twist on a traditional gift that lets her know you care about her comfort and aren’t afraid of a little fun. Up the ante a bit by grabbing this adorable Bento Box collaboration with Sugarfina which comes with two candy cubes full of champagne gummy bears and can be filled with undies in a matching print. Bonus points if you put yours on and dance around like you’re in a Joe Boxer commercial.

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Sugarfina Happy Valentine’s Day Candy Trunk – $195

valentines day gifts for her sugarfina v candy trunk

Speaking of Sugarfina: If your sweetie’s got a sweet-tooth, you can stop your search right now, because this is the mother of all candy gifts. Remember that cute little heart-shaped box of candies you got her from CVS last year? Well, she sure won’t after you drop this love-bomb on her. Sugarfina isn’t your typical candy shop; it’s a boutique confectionery whose every detail — from product to packaging — is lovingly and gorgeously executed. The Valentine’s Day Candy Trunk contains 20 “candy cubes,” each filled with 3.5 oz of sweet treats and stacked inside an elegant, velvet-lined, leather-handled trunk. After she’s polished off all the incredible candies — which include champagne gummy bears, dark chocolate sea salt caramels, and martini olive almonds, to name a few — the trunk is practical enough for storage and beautiful enough for display.

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BloomThat – Prices Vary

bloom that
The Cleo/BloomThat

You could get her two dozen bulk roses that arrive a day late and wilt away instantly, but maybe you should think about giving her a bouquet made with beautiful, responsibly grown blooms and modern, chic arrangements instead. BloomThat, often called the Uber of flowers, is a floral delivery service that sources their blooms from responsible growers around the globe and can deliver bouquets as quickly as the same day depending on the recipient’s location (next-day delivery is available everywhere within the continental U. S.). Instead of overwhelming you with options that leave you wondering what exactly is going to show up on your sweetheart’s doorstep, BloomThat curates blooms from the places they grow best and creates beautiful, seasonal arrangements so you never get a tired-looking bouquet that is past its prime. The company’s iOs app makes everything even easier by putting everything right at your fingertips, letting you browse blooms, order arrangements, and get delivery updates right on your phone. And don’t worry, you can still get her those classic roses — they’ll just be prettier, fresher, faster, and reliably-sourced.

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QBracelet – $149

Q Bracelet
Q Bracelet/Q Designs

Jewelry is a classic Valentine’s Day gift, and we really can’t sit here and tell you otherwise. Still, you can only get her so many tennis bracelets and diamond earrings before things start to get redundant — or maybe that special someone you’re shopping for prefers a little more function and a little less flash in her jewelry. Enter the QBracelet, a surprisingly chic and delightfully intuitive bracelet that can charge a smartphone by as much as 50 percent in 40 minutes. The bracelet is a sleek, elegant bangle available in five different finishes that are bold enough to make a statement but simple enough to compliment practically any outfit. Unclasp it, and she’ll find a charging port (compatible with iPhones 5 and up, including the 8, 8+, and X) powered by a built-in, rechargeable lithium-ion battery that can hold a charge for up to 30 days. If you’re going the jewelry route, why not give her some bling that packs an extra punch?

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Lunya Sleepwear Three-Way Set – $198

Lunya Sleepwear Three-Way Set
Three-Way Set/Lunya Sleepwear

Ditch the played-out teddies and lacy underpants this year. Sure, they work out great for you, but a frilly thong and cup-less bra only have so much versatility for your Valentine. Instead, get her something cozy with just the right amount of sheer, sexy elegance, like this Three-Way Sleepwear Set from Lunya. The base of the set is a matching bralette and panty made from a 77-percent micro modal blend for a ridiculously soft, breathable feel. The cherry on top is the gorgeous sheer maxi dress that transforms the whole ensemble into something out of Greek mythology. The blend of breathable fabrics and a dreamy design make this combo equal parts sensual and versatile, so she’ll be cozy and you’ll both be happy.

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Lunya Sleepwear Cozy Alpaca Cardigan-Throw – $348

Cozy Alpaca Cardigan Throw
Cozy Alpaca Cardigan Throw/Lunya

Do you think your better half might enjoy feeling like she is awash in a sea of beautiful, fluffy little kittens while she binges Netflix? With Lunya’s Cozy Alpaca Cardigan-Throw, you can give her that warm and fuzzy experience without all the shedding and tiny scratches. Made from 100-percentsuperfine alpaca fleece, this magical creation is warmer than wool and nearly as soft as cashmere. When she’s not enveloping her entire being in it like a beautiful burrito of pure contentment, it folds up into a perfect square so she can toss it over her favorite reading chair as décor. It even comes with one of the most elusive features in women’s fashion:  two usable pockets.

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Eddie Bauer Yurt Slipper – $50

Eddie Bauer Yurt Slipper
Yurt Slipper/Eddie Bauer

Hook your significant up with a little treat for her toesies with these precious pink slippers from Eddie Bauer. On the outside: a lovely plaid pattern that recalls cozy winter nights by the fireplace. On the inside: luxuriously soft Sherpa fleece for impenetrable warmth and heavenly, cloud-like softness. On the bottom: a rubber, scuff-free sole so she can pop outside for the paper or, if she’s anything like my mother and I, go out for a full day of shopping without taking off her slippers. Pair these with some cozy PJs for V-Day and get ready for an all-night cuddle-fest.

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Stio Basis Power Wool Baselayer Collection – $35-115

Stio Basis Power Wool Baselayer Collection
Basis Power Wool Baselayer Collectio/Stio

For the woman who loves to hit the slopes and never lets the cold keep her from lacing up her running shoes, Stio’s Power Wool Baselayer Collection is a durable, breathable, winter-weather must-have. Everything in the lineup is made with a patented bi-component knit construction to keep her warm for her workouts while still providing quick-drying, odor-resistant, breathable comfort. Mix and match from the collection — which includes hats, hoodies, crew shirts, tights, henleys, and more — to build an ensemble that suits her favorite cold-weather activities.

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Big Agnes Big Creek 30 – $250

Big Agnes Big Creek 30
Big Creek 30/Big Agnes

If your Valentine is an adventure-seeker, give her the gift of gettin’ cozy in the great outdoors. The Big Agnes Creek 30 Degree Double-Wide Sleeping Bag is designed with for keeping those sweet, sweet cuddles alive even when you’re away from the creature comforts of home. The bag is double-wide, so you don’t have to wrestle with awkwardly zipping two bags together when you want to get your spoon on. The features just keep coming, with a special draped design that lays more like a comforter than a sleeping bag and will leave you both with plenty of stretching room. The interior is lined with a cozy nylon taffeta and insulated with Hot Stream synthetic that will keep you feeling warm in temperatures as low as 30 degrees Fahrenheit. Built-in sleeves let you secure pillows and sleeping pads in place so you don’t slide around while you sleep, and the double-wide hood compartment will help keep those Eskimo kisses cozy all night long.

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Alala Vamp Mesh Tank and Tights and – $115 & $65

Alala Vamp Tights and Mesh Tank
Tights and Mesh Tank/Alala Vamp

Give your Valentine a workout look that’s as strong as she is. These Vamp Tights from Alala are bold, beautiful, and totally bad-ass, so the Wonder Woman in your life can look the part while she’s working out. The tights are made with a super soft, super flexible brush jersey fabric, with crimson red velvet inserts for a punch of power. There’s a hidden key pocket in the waist band, and chafe-free seams mean she can work up a sweat without it wearing on her skin. Pair the tights with Alala’s matching mesh tank — complete with absolutely on-point tie-back detail on the bottom hem — and she’ll be feeling like the superhero she is.

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Ember Travel Mug – $150

Ember Travel Mug
Travel Mug/Ember

Your love for her might be red-hot, but if her morning coffee’s hitting room temp before she even makes it to the office, she might be feeling a little cold. Give her the gift that means she’ll never have to settle for room temperature coffee again with the smart Travel Mug from Ember. The mug uses a built-in heating element and an intuitive smartphone app to maintain her ideal drink temperature. She can even customize exactly what temperature she prefers for different drinks, so if she likes her coffee piping hot and her tea a mild toasty, switching between the two is as easy as popping open the app.

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The Meural Canvas – $595-$695

The Meural Canvas
Canvas/The Meural

Girlfriend got an eye for the arts? Or maybe just a really tiny apartment? Either way, you can add a little more color to her life (and potentially blow her mind at the same time) with The Meural Canvas. At first glance, The Meural Canvas looks like a real framed painting, but with a little wave of her hand, she’ll be able to cycle through thousands of paintings and photographs to suit her mood, her walls, or her whims. Each Meural Canvas is beautifully framed with sustainably sourced American hardwood and a classic white matte, and uses special TrueArt technology to capture all the vibrancy and texture of original artwork. With Meural’s online library, she’ll be able to choose from thousands of curated paintings and photographs, sourced from museums and artists all over the globe. For Valentine’s Day, Meural’s curators have put together “playlists” that use artists’ work to tell the stories of their love lives (like this playlist, which uses the work of Alfred Steiglitz and Georgia O’Keeffe to document their romance). Wrap this up for your muse this year and you just might experience a little romantic Renaissance.

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Les Joyeuse Happy Hands Set by Bastide – $80

Les Joyeuse Happy Hands Set by Bastide
Les Joyeuse Happy Hands Set/ Bastide

The name of this set by Bastide translates to “the joyful,” and you’ll see why as soon as your special somebody cracks it open this Valentine’s Day. The set includes an oil-based hand wash that will actually leave her hands softer every time she uses it, and a matching ultra-moisturizing lotion made with lavender honey and olive squalene. Topping off the set are a coordinating bar soap and take-anywhere hand cream so she can stay silky soft on the go. The entire set is artisanally crafted in Provence, France, and is made with completely non-toxic, paraben-free formulas, so it makes an especially great gift if your sweetheart has sensitive skin.

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Follain Blissed Out Bath Set – $90

Follain Blissed Out Bath Set
Blissed Out Bath Set/Follain

She works hard, right? So this Valentine’s Day, give her something to help her relax hard too. This Bath Set from Follain includes soothing rose bud body milk, moisturizing body butter, and a calming coconut and soy wax candle. The body milk uses a blend of whole milk, white clay, and rose bud to soften and detoxify her skin, while the body butter contains pure Moroccan rose essential oil, shea butter, and argan oil to leave her feeling fresh, rejuvenated, and moisturized. Both products are made with safe, non-toxic formulas, and the included candle — made from a heavenly blend of lavender, white tea, fig leaf, and basil that will send her senses to the spa — is the perfect way to round out the gift of the most luxurious bath she’s ever had.

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Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer – $399

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer
Supersonic Hair Dryer/Dyson

If you’ve ever witnessed your girl hauling a box fan into the bathroom to stave off heat stroke while she dries her hair, then you are about to make her one happy lady. True to form, Dyson continues to knock it out of the park with their Supersonic Hair Dryer, which eliminates practically every annoying thing about drying your mane (finally). It measures the air temperature 20 times a second and adjusts accordingly so she won’t look like she just ran a marathon by the time her roots are dry. It uses a controlled, high-velocity airflow to prevent heat damage and speed up drying time so she doesn’t lose half her morning in front of the mirror anymore. The motor is specially tuned to produce a single, inaudible frequency so she can actually carry on a conversation or listen to music while she primps, and a twist-and-release filter makes it insanely easy to keep the whole machine clean. This total game-changer also comes equipped with three speed settings and a non-slip mat and storage hanger so she doesn’t have to pack up the entire bathroom every time she wants to sit it down. Honestly, the only problem with the Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer are all the frayed ends, heat-damaged strands, and unnecessary morning-sweats we’ve all had to endure by drying our hair like a bunch of troglodytes while we were waiting for it to be invented.

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To complement your gift, you might try putting on our playlist of romantic music that isn’t too cheesy. And if you need gift ideas for him, head here.

Article originally published by Amanda Gabriele on February 5, 2015. Last update by LeeAnn Whittemore on February 5, 2018.


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