10 Excellent Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Men

Valentine’s Day approaches, people, and that might mean roses, chocolate, and charming little Moët Mini Champagne bottles for some, but for the rugged yet refined gent for whom you need a gift, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

Whether you are looking for an intimate gift for your special guy or a great gift for dad, we’ve got you covered this February. Below, we’ve put together a great list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for men.


how to cook steak in the oven ribeye raw amy ellis photography
Amy Ellis Photography

Most men love steak, so steak makes a great Valentine’s Day gift for a man. Logical, right? And when you order the World-Class Valentine’s Day Feast package from Omaha Steaks, the gift-buying process is easy. Included in the box are two ribeye steaks, two lobster tails, four servings of potatoes, a cheesecake, and some savory seasoning — not bad for $80.

If you want to go big, consider the Wagyu Ribeye Lover gift box from Snake River Farms. Yes, you’ll pay almost $240 for five steaks, but you will be ordering some of the tastiest meats you (or your giftee) has ever tried.

Curated Gift Box

valentines gifts for men pw sophisticated whiskey
Man Crates

Man Crates offers a broad range of awesome gift boxes, from a Knife Making Kit to a Coffee Roasting Kit to a Personalized Whiskey Crate, so whatever your man is into, you’re going to find a fitting gift here. Not only are all the carefully selected items included in each order of fine quality, but the packaging of the crates themselves will delight any gentlemen; the kits arrive in actual wooden boxes.


valentines gifts for men saxx mens underwear volt boxer brief galactic coral

Saxx knows men’s underwear intimately if you will; aside from a few pairs of shorts, swim trunks, and shirts, men’s underwear is all they make. And make them well they do, to talk like Yoda for no good reason. The brand’s Volt series of boxer briefs come in wild patterns, including a colorful print of a coral reef and a jungle-themed boxer, so they’ll immediately catch the attention of any who see them on or off. But for the wearer, the print is secondary; Saxx Volt boxer briefs have a proprietary feature called the Ballpark Pouch that, as the name suggests, forms a sort of cocoon around the jewels, preventing chafing, maximizing support, and keeping everything cooler and more comfortable down there.


valentines gifts for men hiking maps awesome
Awesome Maps

The Awesome Maps Hiking Map is a colorful rendering of the entire world on which hundreds of superlative hikes are indicated. The map highlights the 69-mile, seven-day El Cucoy National Park Circuit in Colombia; the 96-mile, four-day Sierra de Atlanta trek in Spain; and so many others that your outdoor enthusiast’s bucket list will swell at once. The map is re-writable when a whiteboard marker is used, so the hiker can mark his future plans, make notes, and check off past conquests.

Shave Kit

valentines gifts for men akamai shave kit

The Akamai Shave Kit comes with a handsome and handy razor, a fine bar of shave soap, and a soothing oil to be used when the shearing of those whiskers is over. Better yet, both the soap and oil do triple duty; the bar is suitable for use as body soap and shampoo while the oil works as a moisturizer for your face and hair and as a great aftershave lotion. The razor itself features a lightweight beechwood handle that allows for deft maneuvering and the handle can be outfitted with a classic Gilette Mach 3 blade.


valentines gifts for men ryan reynolds and aviation gin cocktail v2

Sure, a fine bottle of wine might come to mind first when you think of Valentine’s Day. But I say whiskey and gin make great gifts for Valentine’s Day, and for two good reasons: the first is whiskey, the second is gin. If you have yet to try Bushmills Red Bush Irish Whiskey, add that fittingly red bottle to the V-Day shopping list. The liquor is aged in bourbon barrels, making it a best of both worlds blend. And the stuff produced by Aviation American Gin? It’s surprisingly good. Though frankly aviation and gin probably shouldn’t mix.

Hot Sauce

valentines gifts for men cholula hot sauce facebook

If you are looking for a gift for a man who loves to spice things up when he’s eating, then a hot sauce sampler is always a great gift. Consider going beyond basic hot sauce and getting him something more unique, like Kumana Avocado Hot Sauce. As odd as it sounds, given the usually finicky nature of the ripe avocado, this is a shelf-stable sauce made with genuine avocados that adds rich, sweet, and spicy flavoring perfect for burritos, burgers, omelets, and more.


valentines gifts for men stryve protein snacks

Got a beef jerky lover for whom you need to get a gift this Valentine’s Day? Sure, you could go with the same boring old beef, or you could introduce him to something new and exciting. Stryve biltong is a jerky-style snack made in traditional South African style. Biltong is prepared using steak dry aged for 21 days and then seasoned with blends like green chile, zesty garlic, and mesquite barbecue. It’s packed with protein and almost devoid of sugar and carbs.


valentines gifts for men samsung galaxy watch 46mm review breathing dt
Julian Chokkattu/The Manual

The Samsung Galaxy smartwatch can track heart rate, time runs, calculate calories burned, and even monitor its wearer’s stress level. It also displays text messages and can take calls, and it pairs with both iOs and Android devices. Coolest of all, the face of the watch can also be set to look just like an analog chronometer and the style of the band is subtle and sleek, so no one will even know it’s a smartwatch until it lights up with an incoming message or fitness report. If that’s not your style, here are some of our other top picks for men’s smartwatches.


Oru The Haven Kayak

Yes, that’s right, Oru Kayak makes boats that can fold up and fit into a backpack (a large backpack, but still) and are lightweight enough for you to carry around the city, onto the subway, or to check along with your luggage. Unfolded, they are seaworthy, capable craft that can ply the waters almost as well as any solid body yak. The Beach LT Foldable Kayak costs about $1,400, but that’s actually a comparable price to many regular ocean kayaks — boats that may weigh three times as much and definitely can’t be stored in a closet.


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