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The 47 Best Gifts for Men This Valentine’s Day and Beyond

Whether it’s for a birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary, or any other occasion, shopping gifts (especially Valentine’s Day gifts) for the men in your life can be a daunting task. Fortunately for you, we are here to help make the process of gift-giving a little less stressful with a thoughtfully curated list of tried and true gift ideas. Because sometimes, no matter how well or how long you have known them for, you just can’t decide what to get someone. From gadgets and gizmos from the cool tech world to experiences that help you disconnect to reconnect, we grant you a gift guide for every guy on your list, including yourself. Ahead, you will find a list of the best gifts this season for every type of guy.

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The Kitchen Connoisseur

Our Place Always Pan

Some say this pan broke the internet. It’s a better-for-you, nonstick pan that actually replaces eight pieces of cookware. Say goodbye to unhealthy toxins or nonstick sprays.  It can braise, steam, sear, strain, sauté, fry, boil, and do so much more. Plus, it comes with a cute wooden spoon that nestles perfectly on the handle as you cook or store. This is one of those kitchen gifts that just keep on giving.

Legal Hot Sauce

Have you ever had hot sauce from Brazil? This Malagueta hot sauce will be his new best friend. It’s made with completely clean ingredients and will turn any hot sauce regular into a hot sauce snob. There are three heat variations, and we recommend trying all three for different experiences and a lovelier gift.

Terra Kaffe Espresso Machine

“Great espresso doesn’t grow in pods,” they say. And we couldn’t agree more. Not only is this a far more sustainable automatic kitchen counter coffee machine, it’s luxurious and better-tasting because it uses the whole bean instead of a pre-ground pod. It may be pricey, but it’s worth the splurge for any coffee aficionado. You can control milk foam, brewing temperature, pressure, volume, and more with the push of a button.

The Ooni Pizza Oven

First came banana bread, then came sourdough and now it’s the chapter of homemade pizzas in 2020, when most of our time is spent at home. The Ooni Pizza Oven has been flying off the shelves, and for good reason. You can literally make restaurant-quality pizzas with ease. This baby heats up to 932 degrees in just 10 minutes, making it the hottest item on this list (no pun intended). You can’t get pizza like this with a grill or conventional oven. Get ready to see an influx of Ooni Pizza Oven pizzas infiltrate the gram.

Spicewalla Middle Eastern Collection

Is he a big grill guy? Then forget holiday chocolates or alcohol and give him this SpiceWalla 10-pack spice and seasoning set instead. You get a variety of dry rubs and marinades to easily diversify flavor in the kitchen. Plus the storage tins elevate any kitchen and are something he can keep far beyond the life of each seasoning.

Opinel Kitchen Knives

Gone are the days of needing a set of 12 knives that take up loads of counter space for you to only use the same three on rotation. Excess isn’t necessary when you have a set of dependable, quality, versatile kitchen knives. He’ll love to pair, carve, chop, dice, and slice with this minimal set of three.

Click and Grow The Smart Garden 3

Fresh herbs make any dish far better. This smart indoor garden gives you all the benefits of having your own garden, all year round, no matter where you live. With this indoor garden setup, you will get biodegradable plant pods complete with seeds and nutrients. The device uses technology to perfectly calibrate automated watering, light, and nutrients. You can track the status through the app and choose from over 50 plant variations to nurture that green thumb.

Maison Milan Kitchen Apron

Make him feel like a pro chef with this durable apron, which was handmade in Canada using fireproof (!) cotton.

The Wellness Warrior

The Loftie Clock

We’re still learning about the harmful effects of blue light and smartphones. This alarm clock is a multifunctional tool to help you relax and unwind. It features breath-work courses, sound baths, and white noise to better your routine and upgrade your rest for a great night’s sleep. It’s magical how much better your days are when you don’t start and end them by staring at your phone. Kiss that blaring iPhone alarm noise goodbye once and for all with the ultimate wellness alarm clock.

Headspace Meditation Subscription

Sometimes the best gifts are not a tangible product, but an experience. Just five or ten minutes a day can take a layer of stress off any stressful situation or help moderate a bad habit. Meditation has changed so many lives and Headspace makes it fun, easy, and accessible to everyone. Incorporating mindfulness into your life helps depression, anxiety, sleep, focus, temper, and so much more.

Oura Ring

The Oura Ring is for those who want to connect more with their body in the most holistic way. The technology monitors your body’s pulse, movement, and temperature while you sleep and into your day-to-day to track and summarize your health data by scoring your sleep, readiness, and activity. When you can understand your heart rate variability during different states, you can bio-hack your way into living your best, most healthiest life.

Beam The One CBD Oil

Not all CBD is created equal. It’s important to know that when an oversaturation of “hemp” products is overflowing in shopping carts and Instagram ads. Beam is a brand that does it right, promising complete transparency and the highest quality ingredients available. A tincture is a great place to start when incorporating CBD into your daily routine. It makes a versatile gift destined to please almost everyone. The variety of choices in potency is perfect for any newbie or hemp vet. It can be dropped into your food, coffee, tea, or smoothie — or directly into the mouth for faster results. CBD works wonders to soothe inflammation holistically, without you experiencing the head or body high you get with THC. We’ve also found CBD teas and CBD gummies if those are more your speed.

Alo Yoga Warrior Mat

The Warrior Mat from Alo Yoga will make even the most non-yogic men want to practice. It has near-perfect reviews for being wonderfully non-slip, even when wet. Beginner, intermediate, or yoga pro, this moisture-wicking yoga mat feels luxe and is stylish, while the performance aspect is beyond comparison to its competitors.

Bathing Culture Mind and Body Wash

Bathing Culture Mind-Body Wash

We believe that you are what products you use and this clean-ingredient, sustainably-minded heavenly shower wash soothes the body and the soul. The scent transports you to nature while the organic oils and aloe vera nourish your skin for hydration longevity. We love that the packaging is refillable (they sell by the bin) so while this makes a great gift. It’s something he can continue to refill on his own because we guarantee he’ll be hooked on one of the best body washes for men.

SensorPEDIC Oversized Memory Foam Pillow

Give him the gift of better sleep with this memory foam pillow, which offers a firm-yet-comfy cushion. Plus, it features a self-cooling system so he won’t have to repeatedly flip to the cool side of his pillow.

LifePro Under Desk Elliptical Trainer

This compact elliptical is a game changer for any man’s home office, which allows you to get a low-impact cardio exercise in while still staying on top of your work emails. We love its durable pedals and discreet design, which can fit under virtually any desk.

The Outdoor Enthusiast

BioLite FirePit+ Wood & Charcoal Burning Fire Pit

One good thing about being alive in 2021 is the technology that is at our fingertips. Go ahead, read the product title again. A smokeless, portable, Bluetooth firepit — say what!? That’s right, with foldable legs and carrying handles that cool off in seconds, this contraption is easily transportable to the backyard, beach, and beyond. It comes with a Bluetooth-connected fan attachment meaning you can control the level of flames from your phone. It uses wood or coal and even has a top grate for grilling. The best part about it is that when used properly it’s entirely smokeless. Say goodbye to free radicals and smoky winds in your face. We’ve found more traditional fire pits, too if you’re looking for those.

Parks Project x National Geographic Legacy Tye Die Hoodie

Parks Project is the brand you should be supporting in 2020. Their purpose is to not only spread the love for our nation’s natural beauty but also to support a variety of organizations that preserve our parks and better our world. Each product has a different purpose (and we love them all), but this National Geographic x Parks Project tie-dye sweatshirt is one people will stop you on the streets to ask where you got it. Everything is ultra-soft, cozy, and totally vibey for night-time stargazing.

Yeti Hopper Backflip 24 Soft Cooler

Yeti Cooler

The Yeti Hopper Backflip remains a favorite from the brand because it allows for both hands-free use and the good old-fashioned top handle cooler function. And what’s better than a multi-function product? One feature that many don’t realize is that it’s great for carrying on airplanes (with no liquids of course until you get to your destination). Consider this his adventure travel BFF because a good cooler makes any function 10x better.

Darn Tough Hiker Micro Crew Cushion Socks

If you’re someone that doesn’t care about the socks you hike in … well, you’ve never worn good socks to hike in. The Hiker Micro Crew Cushion socks from Darn Tough are exactly what they say. For a small brand to have over 1,000 100% perfect five-star reviews is pretty darn cool. Plus, socks are a holiday gift tradition, no?! Darn Tough sets the standard in a hiking sock with a merino wool blend, moisture-wicking, performance fit that is also naturally antimicrobial. Once you go Darn Tough, you’ll never go anywhere else.

Stanley Camp Pour Over Set

There is something especially delightful about a good cup of morning joe on the campsite. Stanley believes in the beauty of good coffee and this portable pour-over mug set helps you get there. Its BPA-free stainless steel and includes a reusable water filter for waste-free brewing. You’ll get high-quality coffee that remains temperature controlled in no time.

Seirus Men’s Heat Touch Inferno Glove

If he needs a glove that will keep his hands cozy even in the most frigid temps, look no further than these heated mitts, which are battery-operated, rechargeable, and can stay warm for up to six hours.

UST Collapsible Lantern/Portable Charger

When packing for the great outdoors, the ideal situation is to remain as minimal as possible to make it light on your back. That’s why two-in-one products are such wonderful innovations, especially in the outdoor space. This lantern checks all the boxes. It’s collapsible and multifunctional complete with a built-in portable charging bank for your phone, speaker, Apple Watch, and more.

Fjallraven Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket

Fjallraven Greenland No. 1 Down Jacket

Made with a 600-fill goose down, Fjallraven’s bestselling jacket is the perfect outdoor jacket for winter. Its sleek chest pockets and leather lining make this stylish enough to wear virtually anywhere, including on your socially-distanced errands.

The Guy Going Green 

Allen Edmonds Discovery Chukka Boot

A solid chukka boot is a wardrobe staple for any guy, and this dress boot was designed to last a lifetime. Sourced with recycled materials and a vegetable-tanned leather exterior Allen Edmonds’ sustainable shoe collection lives up to its eco-friendly promises.

Silver Oak Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon

Sustainability in winemaking has finally seen a boon in recent years, and Silver Oak is a leader in the green-friendly movement. In 2019, the Napa, California-based winery received the California Green Medal Ward for Leadership in Sustainability thanks to their eco-minded growing practices. Plus, their bestselling Cabernet Sauvignon is the perfect quarantine wine during these cooler months.

Avocado Green Pillow

Your pillow isn’t the most obvious place to go green. But a better night’s sleep is probably the most valuable gift you can give someone. Kill two birds with one stone in contributing to a higher mission for the planet and to save his sleep. This pillow is made entirely from nontoxic, organic, and vegan ingredients. Plus, it’s handmade in Los Angeles so you can enjoy that handmade, homemade feeling at every touch.

Brilliant Cooper City Bicycle

Help him reduce carbon emissions with a beautiful commuter city bike this holiday season. It’s simple and sleek in design with three speeds for hill, flat, and speed riding. The best thing about this bike isn’t how cool it is to the eye, or how comfortable it is to the touch, but the fact that it weighs 27 pounds! You can easily carry it up and down stairs, or mount on your wall or garage for storage. And a bonus you won’t find from other brands is the Gates Carbon Belt Drive. This completely eliminates that yucky grease on your leg, so you can ride to and from work in style without ruining your fit.

Leaf Shave The Leaf Kit

Leaf Shave Razors are an upgrade to his drugstore routine. Not only does this just look better in the bathroom, it works better, too! All while using far less plastic than your traditional best razors. It’s a more chic, more sustainable shaving experience complete with three blades, a pivoting head, and an all-metal construction designed to last.

Stasher Bags

Stasher Bags are the items he doesn’t know he needs until he starts using them. It’s obvious that it reduces the use of plastic baggies, contributing to a cleaner environment, but it will also save him time and money in the long term because he’ll no longer need to purchase these! Plus they look and feel far better in your pantry, fridge, and lunch box.

Vitamix Food Cycler

Yay composting! It’s scary when you look at some of the statistics of how much food we waste here in the U.S. every day. Composting is the act of reducing food waste, by using food scraps for soil. The idea is brilliant and contributes to a life cycle that can help save the environment, but the actual act can be difficult to execute, especially for those who live busy lives. The Vitamix Food Cycler makes it quick, easy, and odorless. You can turn your food scraps into soil for the garden by the press of a button. It’s a total gamechanger for gardeners and environmental activists.

Gir Classic Straw Set

The main complaints we hear about reusable straws are that the metal is uncomfortable, tastes bad, takes up space, and is hard to clean. These straws from Gir solve all of those problems (and for under $10 make the perfect stocking stuffer or co-worker gift!). They are taste-free, dishwasher safe, and since they are made of BPA and BPS free silicone, they will keep your mouth super safe. Our favorite feature is that they’re collapsible and come with a carrying case to attach to your wallet or keys. 

The Ultimate Fashionisto

All Saints Tyson Leather Biker Jacket

A good leather jacket is on our closet essentials list. If he does not own a high quality one, we suggest it is time for the investment. Remember, good leather jackets get better with age as they are worn in and mold to his body. All Saints makes the perfect, cool but classic, just edgy enough jacket for transitional dressing. It is a topper to go with almost everything and kick up the style level and sex appeal instantly

Henry Rose Fragrance

The number one most gifted item during the holiday season is fragrance. It is the time most people receive their refill on their favorite signature scent. Henry Rose is a new, unisex, non-toxic fragrance line created by Michelle Pfeiffer. The scents are deeply luxurious and in this one is earthy, woodsy, sensual, and warm — deliciously appropriate for the holiday season.

O.N.S Ilford Shearling Jacket

Shearling jackets are all the rage this season, and O.N.S takes a sleek spin on the historically rugged outfit by also using a smooth-as-silk wool that will keep you warm and stylish.

Miansai Silver Chain

While 2020 is the year of many things, one upside is that men are embracing their expression of style more comfortably. A silver or gold chain is the gateway into more jewelry. And this one from Miansai is a closet must-have. Moderately priced for just over $100, it looks way more expensive than it is. It will jumpstart his way into bracelets, rings, and more.

Amavii Benjamin Sunglasses

Cool shades are always a good idea. And this modern twist on the classic aviator style is a universally flattering frame for almost all face shapes. The fun more personal part will be picking out the lens color! Amavii’s bestselling sunglasses are handcrafted with Japanese titanium with exquisite attention to detail. A bonus gift is that with every pair purchase, the brand plants a tree in the world.

Assouline New York By New York Coffee Table Book

We are all spending more time indoors and home décor upgrades have become a priority for most bachelor pads. Every living room needs a coffee table book. And it should be personal; one that expresses interests, hobbies, or art. We love this one about New York. It features photography, stories, quotes, and art but some noteworthy New Yorkers.

Boy Smells Kush, Ash and Cedar Votive Set

Year after year, the safest holiday gift is always a candle. While we have nothing against playing it safe, there is a way to make this more personal and fun. Boy Smells candles makes a range of scents that not only smell amazing and luxurious (at an accessible price let’s add), but they incorporate branding that makes a candle far more exciting. This set features best-smelling scents, Kush, Ash, and Cedar Stack that will literally turn your home into a swanky, downtown five-star hotel lobby.

The Gadget Master

Grovemade Wireless Charging Pad

The home office is especially important these days. Grovemade specializes in streamlining your workspace with high functioning products in minimal design. This wireless charging pad eliminates cords and quickly charges your device more efficiently than others on the market. It’s the perfect gift for the guy that has everything. You can put one of these in every room.

Incase ICON Slim Backpack

The highest-rated bags to protect your tech are Incase. Not only are the brand’s items made from recyclable materials, they are custom-fit to protect specific devices. The slim backpack is better than a briefcase and can fit your entire mobile office in the safest, most compact form.

Bose Quiet Comfort Earbuds

Bose takes the cake when it comes to headphones and earbuds. Something about its speaker system just excels all the others. These quiet comfort earbuds are so lightweight and easily inserted that you’ll forget they are there.

Lenovo Flex 5G Laptop

As we near the end of this gift guide, you know by now that we are huge fans of a two-in-one. The Lenovo Flex 5G is the perfect marriage of a tablet and computer. The screen flexes back to sit or stand in a multitude of ergonomically minded ways. But the most noteworthy of features is the ability for this computer to connect to a 5G network. It is powered by Verizon, so that means with an additional plan you can literally work with high-speed 5G connectivity anywhere. Experience lightning fast downloads and the ability to connect, share, and stream anywhere.

Tovala Smart Steam Oven

Sure, this product is made for the kitchen, but it lives in our gadget section because you don’t actually have to be a kitchen aficionado to use it. In fact, it is the best gift for busy people that don’t spend too much time in the kitchen. The Tovala oven is a Bluetooth smart steam oven that cooks your food to literal perfection. I mean that. Tovala uses a scan and go system that detects exactly what you are making. From fish to meat, pastas, and vegetables, your food doesn’t go a second over or under. You can order food in house directly through the app or pick up other brands at your grocery store.  It does just about everything and lets you safely walk away while giving you updates on the app. You do not have to use the scan feature to use the oven, although once you start scanning, you’ll become obsessed.

Phillip Hue Smart Wifi Plug

The easiest and most price-friendly way to turn a home into a smart home is to use smart plugs. The Phillips Huge Smart Wifi Plug lets you turn any light into a smart light, so you can control it from the app or through voice activation.

Lume Cube Video Conference Lighting

When it comes to virtual conference calls, lighting is everything. Keep him looking camera-ready with this portable, ultra bright lighting gadget that he can attach to his laptop, so he can always look his best wherever he goes.

$70 at Lume Cube

Quip Smart Electric Toothbrush

In the spirit of the smart home, why not track your toothbrushing? The new Quip toothbrush connects to a Bluetooth app with a smart monitor so you can be sure you’re brushing your teeth better. You can track your progress and even earn awards for better brushing. The incentives all contribute to better overall health and wellness.

Neato Botvac D7 Connected Robot Vacuum

If your man needs some help cleaning up his home, gift him this robot vacuum, which comes with a suite of smart features like scheduled cleaning times, two vacuum modes (turbo, for maximum pickup; and eco-friendly for a quieter, energy-saving cleaning session), and mapping technology that analyzes your room’s layout for maximum cleaning coverage.

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