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11 Best Grilling Gifts for Dad This Father’s Day

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Since the first caveman discovered fire, cooking food over flame has been reserved for the family’s alpha male. Is it possible that a cavewoman discovered fire? Definitely. Is it cliché to say that dad is the grillmaster of the family? For sure.

But barriers, real or imagined, aside, it’s undeniable that the vast majority of dads love to grill. So, we’re just here to give the people what they want. Which is, at the end of the day, the best Father’s day gifts that can bring a little more joy to the guy in our lives who just wants to have a cold beer and sear some meats.

This Father’s Day, if your pops is the grilling type, (or if he says he wants nothing), he’ll definitely love any of these great grill-related gifts.

Camp Chef Woodwind WiFi 24-Inch With Sidekick

Let’s start off with the big daddy of all Father’s Day gifts, a Wi-Fi-controlled pellet grill. This modern marvel allows you to grill, smoke, and sear on a flat top. With 4 precision meat probes and dialed-in electronic heat/smoke level controls, CampChef makes grilling and smoking meats virtually foolproof. With the Wi-Fi smart app feature, you can set and forget your meat for a long smoke, then be alerted when it reaches the desired temperature. The cast-iron sidekick flat top feature is perfect for reverse searing thick, smoky cuts of beef or pork. We’ve heard many dads say this grill is life-changing when it comes to grilling and smoking. So, if you really want to show dad that you love him, spring for the CampChef Woodwind Wifi 24” with Sidekick.

Bear Mountain BBQ Smoking Pellets

If you’re springing for the pellet grill for dad, you might as well include some excellent pellets. Bear Mountain BBQ Smoking Pellets are some of the top-rated among grilling enthusiasts. They produce a ton of smoke, little ash, and maintain a consistent temperature. They come in 20-lb. bags and have 13 different specialty blends.

OXO 6-Piece Grilling Skewer Set

OXO is known for designing thoughtful products for the kitchen and home, and this six-piece grilling skewer set is no exception. These flat stainless steel skewers have wide ends that prevent rolling and make for an easy grip and flip with tongs. When you’re done, they nest neatly together, making storage a breeze.

The GrillKilt

For the grilling dad that has it all, the Grillkilt is the perfect unique gift. If Batman were to design a utility belt/apron especially for grilling, this would be it. It has ten integrated pockets designed for every grilling tool you can think of. It can fit a jar of meat rub or a cold beer. It also comes with a grommeted hand towel, a carabiner, and D-ring clips to organize your grilling accessories. To top it off, the breathable yet durable fabric is sewn in the USA. It fits waist sizes up to 46 inches but has additional panels that can be attached (sold separately) for the girthier dad.

$89 at GrillKilt

Spiceology – Derek Wolf 6 Pack Beer Rub Sampler

Derek Wolf is living proof that if you pursue your passion, success will follow. This self-proclaimed Netflix foodie followed his love of cooking with fire to create a successful business (Over the Fire Cooking) along with a line of delicious beer-infused meat rubs. Not only will this rub sampler be an excellent gift for dad, but it may also inspire him to follow his dreams of being the next big name in grilling.

$70 at Spiceology

Meater Plus Wifi Meat Thermometer

If you don’t have the dough to pony up for the Wi-Fi pellet grill (which is understandable), the Meater Plus Wifi Meat Thermometer might be the next best thing. This wireless meat thermometer has two sensors; one for ambient heat and one for meat temperature. The Bluetooth repeater in the charging base allows for a connection of up to 165 feet. So, dad can monitor his slow smoke on the Meater app while he’s prepping sides or watching the game.

Bear Paws Shredder Claws

This simple yet necessary invention is essential for the dad who loves smoking a pork shoulder for some pulled pork. These heat-resistant nylon meat shredder claws can tear through a whole roast in minutes. They’re also great for securely transporting large cuts of meat on and off the grill. This tool was also named “Best BBQ Tool” by the National BBQ Association.

Snake River Farms Meat Subscription

How’s dad supposed to grill if he doesn’t have meat? What, is he supposed to grill vegetables? Please. Save dad some time and money by having the best beef and pork delivered right to his door. Snake River Farms offers a choice of three meat subscription options; Wagyu beef, dry-aged Wagyu beef, or Wagyu beef and Kurabuta pork. The best thing about this gift is you’ll be able to indulge in the premium meats when you come over to visit.

Grillart Grill Brush & Scraper

While a cleaning tools is more of a practical gift your dad will appreciate it, especially if your dad’s the type that uses crumpled-up aluminum foil to clean the grill. Put an end to DIY cleaning with the Grillart grill brush and scraper. This heavy-duty brush has a wide surface area with thousands of coarse wire bristles sure to remove any caked-on residue. If the bristles can’t do it, the built-in scraping tool surely will. This grill brush is designed with a longer handle (18 inches), so you can easily clean a blazing hot grill.

Grillart Grill Basket for Vegetables & Meat

Okay, so maybe your dad does want to grill vegetables. There’s no shame in that. This grill basket from Grillart will ensure his veggies get a smoky sear without the worry of them falling through the grates. The basket also works great for small cuts of marinated meat.

PKGO Portable Charcoal Grill and Smoker

Maybe your dad is the type who brings a grill with him on vacations, sporting events, or when waiting in line at the DMV. In any case, the PKGO Portable Charcoal Griller and Smoker is perfect. This charcoal grill smoker combo is made out of heavy-duty cast iron, the lid seals up tight to trap in smoke. The vents on the top and the base allow for airflow and temperature control. A unique feature of this grill is the lid comes off to act as a second grilling station to accommodate large groups on the go.

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