Best Cheap Grill Deals and Sales for April 2021

If you’re looking for the best cheap grill, we’ve got plenty of choices here. That’s because we’ve rounded up all the best grill deals out there as well as looked at what to spot when choosing a grill. If you love to cook and grill outside, you simply can’t beat a high-quality grill to ensure that your cooking needs are met. There’s so much more to it than simply having a heat source and somewhere to place your food. Read on as we take a look at the grill sales going on right now, and check out what you need to know when you choose a grill.

Today’s Best Grill Deals

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Outsunny 19.5" Outdoor Camping Barrel Charcoal Grill

$48 $65
You can easily carry this charcoal grill, making it perfect for picnic, camping, and more. It's built with wooden handles so no worries of burning your hands.
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Royal Gourmet 24" Crop Built-In Charcoal Grill with Side Shelf

$158 $190
This grill has a built-in thermometer to control the temperature and make the best out of your favorite grilled meat. It is designed with extra space for easy storage.
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Cuisinart 1-Burner Propane Gas Grill

$133 $180
The Propane Gas Grill is portable as it can be adjusted into 3 height levels. You can save gas compared to a full-sized grill. Bring it anywhere and have a perfect grill party.
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Outsunny 38" Portable Outdoor Backyard BBQ Kettle Charcoal Grill

$80 $86
This Outsunny Charcoal Grill can cater to all your barbecue needs. It's designed with storage shelves so you can easily reach utensils, food, and other accessories.
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MECO 21" Americana Portable Charcoal/Electric Grill

$81 $90
Get a heavy-duty and lightweight grill from MECO such as the Americana Portable Grill. There's no hassle in bringing it anywhere you hold a party or other outdoor events.

How to Choose a Grill

Before we get into the finer details of grill deals and what to look for, it’s so important to know what your budget is. It’s possible to spend a little or a lot on a grill so it’s vital that you figure out what you can (or want to) spend and stick with it so you don’t over or underspend. Your definition of a cheap grill could be different from someone else’s, after all.

If you don’t want to go too in-depth, once you’ve figured that out, check out our look at the best portable grills along with the best charcoal grills to get some insight into the best brands and particular models. These guides will help you out extensively before you hit the grill sales. If you want to know more about the differences between grills, we’ve got you covered.

Charcoal grills: Charcoal grills are the most common type of grill and typically you can pick up a cheap grill that’s charcoal-based fairly easily. Many people prefer them because they impart a distinctive smoky flavor that’s provided by the charcoal-infused nature of the meat. However, they require some patience. Typically, charcoal grills take longer to start up due to needing to warm up for longer, and they require extensive cleaning after every use as the briquettes turn to ash and need some tidying afterward.

Gas grills: As you’d expect, gas grills are fueled by liquid propane or natural gas so you get better control of the temperature than a simple flame. They cost more because of this and can run into the hundreds of dollars but it’s a good method for impressing everyone and they often require less time and effort to get right. Purists will prefer the smoky taste that comes from charcoal grilling but gas is far from convenient and you’re always good to go quickly rather than having to wait for coals to warm up.

Electric grills: An electric grill isn’t a cheap grill, nor is it aimed for the outdoors. Instead, it’s for indoor use and ideal if you live in an apartment but want to grill some meat. They don’t provide as much flavor as either gas or charcoal but they’re simple to use as you just plug them into a power source and get grilling.

Once you’ve figured out what type of grill you want, you’ll need to consider the size. Great grill deals are only great if you buy the right size, otherwise, you’ll be constrained or overwhelmed. If you plan on hosting parties, bigger is better, however, a small grill will be good enough if you just want to grill some steaks for a few people at a time.

Look out for what features are available when checking out the grill sales. It’s useful to have a grill with shelves, for instance, as you can easily place plates of uncooked food, marinades, and seasoning next to you so it’s easy to grab something important at a key moment. A built-in thermostat is another useful tool to avoid undercooking or overcooking, although you can use a meat thermometer to solve this issue too.

Don’t worry about complex-sounding features if you’re a novice. It’s useful having smoking tools but it’s far from essential if you’re just starting out and simply want to grill some meat. However, don’t be afraid to skip a cheap grill if you know you’re going to expand your plans in the future. You may be better off investing during grill sales instead of keeping it cheap.

If you’re still confused, we’ll sum it up quickly. Charcoal grills are great if you want to experiment, get hands-on, and have the time and patience to slowly cook your food. If you want to grill food fast, get a gas grill. And, of course, if you’re stuck in a condo then an electric grill will give you some satisfaction.

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