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Best cheap Ryobi tool deals for October 2022

Using a Ryobi String Trimmer on a lawn.
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For many of us, fall means yard work. If you’re shopping for power tools for your shop or yard, be sure to check the current Ryobi deals. Ryobi’s massive selection of battery-operated power tools attracts a loyal customer base that searches for Ryobi sales whenever they want to add to their collection or upgrade. There are so many Ryobi landscaping tools, yard tools, and power hand and bench tools that keeping track of the best Ryobi deals can be a challenge — but we do it for you. Ryobi frequently introduces new models to its lines of 18V and 40V cordless power tools, and the discounts on individual tools and tool combination bundles can add up to significant savings. If you don’t see a Ryobi deal for a tool you are looking for, be sure to check back regularly.

If you’re not interested specifically in Ryobi brand tools but you are looking for lawnmower deals or essential tools for home, we have you covered there, too.

Today’s Best Ryobi Deals

Should You Buy Ryobi Products?

Once you realize the breadth and depth of Ryobi’s product line, the question may morph from “should you buy Ryobi products?” to “which Ryobi products should you buy first?” Ryobi has cordless power tools with two classes of power and different weights and sizes within each power group. Many people learn first about a single type of Ryobi tool — like professional landscaping tools or lightweight power hand tools, for example. Those same people are then surprised to learn that Ryobi has cordless products for multiple types of work, along with subcategories for the most popular product families. You can find Ryobi deals on all product categories, although Ryobi sales don’t include every product at the same time.

One of the greatest benefits of Ryobi cordless products is the interchangeable rechargeable batteries. Because there are two distinct battery levels, however (18-volt and 40-volt), it can pay to think ahead before buying your first few tools. The 18V tools don’t work with 40V batteries and vice versa. More on the various Ryobi tool families and categories below.

If you’re  still wondering if you should buy Ryobi deals, by the way, the answer is definitely yes if you’re looking for dependable and powerful cordless tools with the capability of expanding your tool collection far past reason and rationality. Go for it, particularly when you see advantageous Ryobi sales.

  • Power and Size Levels: When considering which Ryobi deals and toolsets to purchase, it helps to keep in mind whether you really need the extra power and ruggedness of the professional tools in Ryobi’s 40V collection. If you’re not going to be using the tools on a daily basis for your job, your need will most likely be met with Ryobi’s 18V One+ collection. If you do decide the 18V products are the better choice for your applications, you can also choose whether to buy the full-size or compact versions of select 18V One+ tools.
  • Ryob1 18V One+ Cordless Tools: Ryobi rightfully makes a big deal about having 225 different products in the 18V One+ line. All 18V One+ products can use the same 18V batteries. Even the original Ryobi tools from 1996 can use the newest 18V One+ battery. So, the selection of 18V One+ tools is vast. Among the categories of Ryobi One+ tools and equipment, you can find audio and entertainment products, blowers, chainsaws, bench-top and stationary tools, cleaning tools, combo kits of multiple tools, hedge trimmers, grass and weed trimmers, lawn mowers, pressure washers, inflators and compressors, drilling, driving, and impact tools, metalworking tools, lighting, misters, nailers and staplers, plumbing tools, automotive tools, sprayers, vacuums, woodworking tools, and, of course, batteries and chargers. Ryobi continues to add new tool families and individual tools to its popular 18V One+ tools collection.
  • Ryobi 40V Cordless Tools: Ryobi likes to refer to its 40V System tools as delivering “gas-like power.” There are currently more than 50 Ryobi tools in the 40V System. The Ryobi consumer tools have 18-volt batteries, but the Ryobi professional tools collection runs longer and tackles heavier and more demanding work with its 40-volt lithium-ion batteries. Like the 18V One+ collection, all Ryobi 40V tools can use 40V batteries. The advantage is that you can take advantage of a selection of 40V Ryobi sales but don’t need a battery and charger for each tool. Ryobi’s professional-level 40V tools include mowers, snowblowers, hedge trimmers, lawn trimmers, blower, chainsaws, generators and power supplies, and batteries and chargers.
  • Ryobi Link Modular Storage System: Ryobi’s Link Modular Storage System will help you organize, access, and transport your Ryobi tools. Expect to see a system of garage wall pieces to hang and hold your tools (Ryobi and otherwise), plus transport and storage cases that will have interlocking case exteriors to hold tools secure when you’re on the road. There will also be systems to keep groups of tools organized in storage in your garage, shop, or truck.

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