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Best Cheap Lawn Mower Deals for November 2021

This is a great time of the year to find a cheap lawn mower deal. Retail inventories are still high and if you can catch a great deal on last year’s model, you can often save a bundle. Lawn care involves more than just mowing, but a good lawn mower is key. We found the current best lawn mower deals and update this post throughout the year.

Today’s Best Cheap Lawn Mower Deals for Presidents Day

Greenworks G-MAX 40V 16-inch cordless lawn mower with rear bagging or mulching options. Five height positions. Lightweight and easy to maneuver. more
This cordless electric mower with a 17-inch cutting path offers rear bagging or mulching and includes one 40V battery and a battery charger for up to 60 minutes of running time. more
Good for small yards, the PowerSmart gas push lawn mower cuts 21-inches wide with adjustable height cut-grass height. Mulch, bag, or side-discharge. more
This cordless electric mower with two 20V batteries and a dual-port charger provides a 13-inch cutting path suitable for small yards up to 1/8 acre. more
Quite, corded electric mower offers a wide,16-inch cutting path and a bag. Choose between bagging and mulching. The five-position adjustable deck height customizes your perfect lawn. more
The 36-volt Makita cordless electric lawn mower with an 18-inch cutting path comes with four 4.0Ah batteries and a rapid charger to make quick and light work of mowing your lawn. more
This cordless electric mower with a 21-inch cutting path. includes two 82V batteries and a battery charger, for up to 45 minutes running time per battery. more
The Pro series 21-inch 80V self-propelled mower does not include a battery or charger, so be on the lookout for a battery that's available separately. more
PowerSmart 21-inch gas push mower with easy-pull starting and 2-in-1 side discharge or mulching. Eight-inch rear wheels make it easy to navigate and turn. more
Sometimes you can't beat a classic, especially at this price. This rotary push motor features a simple T-handle design and 14-inch reel, making it ideal for small lawns (and people on a budget). more
A lightweight corded electric lawn mower under 10 pounds with a 12-inch cutting path and removable edger/trimmer. The automatic feeding spool makes lawn clean-up a snap. more
A corded electric mower with a 20-inch cutting path. Powerful 12-amp motor with push-button-start. Mulch, side discharge, or rear bag with seven height adjustment positions. more

How to Choose a Lawn Mower

Choosing a new lawn mower is terribly complicated, but if you have no experience with pushing a mower up a grade through long wet grass or dealing with recalcitrant gas mower engines, the following considerations may help you choose the right mower for your yard, your budget, and your own comfort.

  • Fuel: The first choice is fuel. Many people may automatically look only at lawn mowers with gasoline engines because they think electric mowers aren’t powerful enough for their lawn. If you have lots of acreage, gas-powered mowers likely are the best choice, but newer model electric mowers, corded or cordless, are more powerful than they were just a few years ago. Gas mowers can be a bit cheaper than corded electric mowers, but the difference isn’t much. Plus, electric mowers don’t need the same type of care and maintenance as lawn mowers with gasoline engines. Electric mowers are quiet enough that you’re less likely to disturb other family members or neighbors if you tend to mow early or late in the day. While you can’t use a corded electric mower during power outages, with gas-powered mowers you have to be sure you always have enough gas on hand to finish the job. Raise your hand if you have run out of gas when you’re only half done mowing your lawn and had no more in the can in your garage. (Both my arms are raised because it happened multiple times.)Cordless electric lawn mowers, aka battery-operated mowers, cost more than corded electric mowers, and when the battery runs low, you may find the mower isn’t quite strong enough to cut long grass. However, the biggest advantage of cordless electrics is you don’t have to mess with a long power cable. Depending on how long your cable is and the pattern you follow to  mow your lawn, moving a cable after every row can get tiresome. Also, there’s always the chance you’ll run over the cable and ruin it, and even short out your home’s electrical circuit. (Raising my hand for this one, too.)Gas mowers require a supply of gasoline and you need to be sure to maintain sufficient engine oil, too. Gasoline mowers are surprisingly hardy, though, probably because many people keep them outside exposed to the elements so manufacturers make sure they are durable. Gas mowers, whether larger walk-behind models or ride-ons are still the best choice for large lawns. I’d use an electric mower for up to a half acre, possibly a bit more, but if I had to mow more than an acre of lawn, I’d buy a small ride-on or tractor mower with a gas engine. At least that way you could participate in neighborhood lawnmower races.
  • Size: Lawn mower size is generally measured in cutting path width. If you buy a mower with a 15-to-17-inch cutting path and you have more than a tiny lawn, you’re going to do a lot of walking. Buy bigger, the price increase isn’t often that great. For half acre lawns, a 19-to-21-inch or greater cutting path is probably going to be OK.On the other hand, one of my neighbors has a ride-on lawn mower more appropriate for several acres than their tiny yard. There is barely enough turning space in some areas. If we had neighborhood lawn mower races I could see it, but we don’t and their large mower looks a bit silly. Large mowers cost more, use more fuel, and require larger storage space, too.
  • Push, Self-Propelled, Riding, or Robots: If you have a small, level yard, a push mower is fine. If you have more than a quarter acre of grass (not your lot size), you might want to consider a self-propelled mower, especially if your yard has a grade or small hills. With more than an acre or possibly two acres to mow, look at ride-on or even yard tractors that can accept other accessories such as snow plows or snow blower attachments and also pull yard or garden carts. Robotic lawn mowers aren’t very common yet in the U.S. and those that are tend to be expensive and not often on sale. Friends in Europe. however, tell me that robot lawn mowers have become very common, so we may see an larger influx with lower prices in the next few years.

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