Best Cheap Drone Deals for May 2021

Prices the best cheap drone deals continue to fall as the markets for hobbyist and action video drones soar. As drones continue to, um, fly off the shelves, feature-creep works to your benefit. Many features that were available only in drones with multi-thousand-dollar price tags just a few years ago, are now common in more affordable drone models — usually for less than $300. The vast selection of drones with different feature sets can be confusing, but we’ve done the field work to find the best cheap drone deals available today. We’ll continue to update this post as feature lists climb and prices drop.

Today’s Best Cheap Drone Deals

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Potensic T25 GPS Drone

$140 $160
The Potensic T25 is a great deal at under $200, with 1080p live video capabilities, and a range of up to 300 meters.
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Holy Stone HS120D GPS Drone

$140 $160
The Holy Stone HS 120D offers 1080p video and many useful features found on drones several times its price.
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DJI Mavic Air

$599 $699
The Mavic Air is one of our favorite mid-range drone for its easy flying and outstanding video quality and stabilization features.
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Snaptain S5C WiFi FPV Drone

$75 $90
The inexpensive and well-reviewed Snaptain S5C is a great entry point into an FPV drone for beginners.
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Holy Stone HS110D Drone

$64 $75
An excellent entry-level drone, the Holy Stone HS110D is definitely great for beginners on a budget thanks to its easy-to-use controls, 1080p camera, and various hover modes.
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Ruko F11 Pro Drone 4K

$260 $400
With 30 minutes of flight time and 4K video capabilities, the Ruko F11 is definitely a bargain.
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Snaptain SP600 WiFi FPV Drone

$60 $80
The SP600 might not have all the bells and whistles of more expensive drones, but it's a great option for beginners as it is super easy to fly.
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Snaptain A15H Foldable FPV WiFi 720p Drone

$48 $80
The Snaptain A15H drone is a simple drone that doesn't leave anything out. It's foldable, simple to carry, and has a 720p camera. If you don't need something too robust, this is a good option.
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Holy Stone HS720E 4K Drone

$300 $340
For the hardcore drone enthusiast in need of 4K footage, the Holy Stone HS720E is an excellent go-to thanks to its ease of use and nearly a full hour of battery life for long, beautiful shoots.
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DJI Mavic 2 Zoom

$1,349 $1,439
Elevate your scenic photography to new heights with the DJI Mavic 2 Zoom drone, featuring a 48-megapixel camera and 1080p lossless video for photorealistic multimedia.
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DEERC D15 4K Drone

$220 $250
A 4K drone that's as budget-friendly as the DEERC D15 can be difficult to find, but now, you can enjoy 60fps footage for up to 22 minutes for even less than its steal of a retail price.
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Snaptain SP650 Drone

$65 $149
This is a great drone for entry-level flyers with 1080p video recording and various modes that let you experience all that the open sky has to offer.
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Snaptain SP500 Drone

$150 $180
This drone is incredibly simple to use, packed with a well-rounded arsenal of features for you to enjoy, including 1080p video, auto-hovering, and even Wi-Fi transmission.
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Holy Stone HS165 Drone

$123 $130
Trigger your f(l)ight or flight instincts with the Holy Stone HS165 drone, capable of capturing videos in spectacular 1080p while harboring a number of flying modes.
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SNAPTAIN A15H Foldable FPV 1080p WiFi Drone

$68 $90
Foldable lightweight Snaptain drone with a 1080P HD camera with realtme Wi-Fi transmission to smartphone app. Intelligent voice control. 15% off with coupon on product page.
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DJI Mavic Mini

$378 $399
If it's a portable drone you're looking for, the DJI Mavic Mini is an incredibly lightweight option that can capture amazing 12MP footage without a hitch, making it a perfect travel buddy.

How to Choose a Drone

The entry threshold to the drone hobby and sport is low. You don’t need a license to operate a drone — although you must register the craft with the FAA. As you likely already know, there’s a wide range of  differences among the hundreds of drone models on the market. If you get the fever and continue to advance and improve your drone pilot skills, odds are you’ll want to upgrade. You may also want to trade up when drones with new features hit the market. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned expert, however, there are a few major factors to consider as you choose your next drone.

  • Purpose and Experience: If you’re buying your first drone, keep it simple. Just as you wouldn’t buy a Formula One race car for a daily driver, it’s not a great idea to buy a high-performance, high-cost first drone. Start with a low-cost drone designed for beginners to help you learn and to avoid wallet pain if you crash it or lose it. Once you get the hang of drone piloting, you’ll feel more confident spending the money for a drone with greater speed, range, and video capabilities.
  • Photo and Video Capabilities: Image and video capture are a primary enjoyment factor for many drone pilots. Drone video cameras generally start 720p resolution and can go as high as 4K. Video refresh rate is important, and anything slower than 60 frames per second (fps) could look a bit choppy for some viewers. For general use,  a higher refresh (up to 60 fps) is more important than higher resolution. HD resolution, or 1080p, is sufficient for most amateur purposes.
  • Speed and Range: You will find that there are trade-offs between battery run time, drone operating distance capability, and drone speed. If you want a drone to follow you while you jog, hike, or ride a bike, for example, range and speed aren’t as important as operating time.
  • Extra Features: Yesterday’s hot drone features are now often commonplace, especially with midrange-priced models. GPS Follow Me mode, Auto Return Home, and multiple flying modes are increasingly available at most price levels. Image stabilization and obstacle avoidance capabilities are more than checkbox features, because performance for both can vary significantly between drone brands and models.
  • Cost: Even though drone prices have dropped significantly, price is still usually a fair indicator of relative performance, features, and quality. Drones that cost less than $100 are usually all that a beginner needs and models that sell for over $1,000 are most appropriate for expert or even commercial use. The sweet spot between $150 to $600 or $700 (with prices dropping) is where most casual or club drone pilots should find all or more than they need. The values are particularly astounding between $150 to $300.

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