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Best cheap knife deals and sales for October 2022

If you’re shopping for a great knife deals, we uncovered an interesting selection of different knives at various price points. Whether you’re interested in an everyday carry pocket knife for opening Amazon boxes and other daily chores or you need to select from the best hunting knives, best EDC knives, or best flipper knives, good knife deals are waiting for you. Yes, it’s easy to get distracted by special editions or collectors’ knives, but you don’t need to spend multiple hundreds of dollars to buy a well-built knife from a respected brand. We rounded up an appealing selection of daily carry knives, all-purpose camping knives, and hunting knives to make your search easier.

Today’s Best Cheap Knife Deals

How to Choose a Knife

If you’ve never shopped for knives before, when you start you’ll realize immediately that the variety is massive, even in the same brand. Five knives from the same brand in the identical category may have just enough differences to please the most discerning buyers, but that same variety can overwhelm and confuse someone who is just looking for a cheap knife that will get the job done. You can find knife deals in every usage category, but it helps if you know some of the basic elements of how to choose the best knife for you.

  • Purpose: If you want a knife to carry with you for whatever task or chore arises, you want to look for a knife that is generally referred to as an “everyday carry.” These general-purpose knives typically have blades made of stainless steel that fold into a handle made of steel, hardened nylon, or some other rigid material. Beyond everyday carry knives, however, you’ll find special purpose knives for sailing, hunting, fishing, working, and more. Some of the special purpose knives may look cool, but might not be the best choice or very comfortable to carry in your pocket every day.
  • Blade Length: Most of the folding and fixed knives we found in our search for knife deals have blades less than 4-inches long. There’s a reason most pocket knives and daily carry knives have relatively short blades that has nothing to do with function. In addition to being more cumbersome, knives with longer blades may be restricted. In California, for example, it’s illegal to carry a knife with a blade longer than 4-inches in public buildings. Work knives designed for special purposes (like cutting sugar cane, for example) may benefit from longer blades, but regardless of the blade length, most things you’ll cut will like call for a blade that’s only an inch or two long.
  • Handle Construction: It’s easy to be distracted by knife handles when you shop for cheap knives because handles with exotic materials for elaborate design are usually amazingly appealing, but you won’t find many knife deals with one-off designs. you do want a handle that is comfortable to hold, won’t get slippery from rain or sweat, and protects the blade in the case of folding knives. Textured surfaces on steel, aluminum, and nylon handles often improve grip. Handles often also have rubberized patches or full coatings for greater comfort.
  • Opening and Closing: Remember when you were a kid and switchblade and butterfly knives were illegal? Well, they still are, but most knives you one of several designs that make it very easy to open them with one hand. A thumb stud on one or both sides of the blade is a common opening mechanism. You balance the knife in your hand gripping the handle lightly and push the thumb stud down and out in a circular motion to open it. Most knives have one or more locking measures for open knives (so they won’t close on your fingers while you use them) and closed knives also (you don’t want part of a knife to catch on something and open unexpectedly in your pocket. There are other legal spring-loaded knives that open when you push a lock to the side and press on a lever or release. Whatever easy opening mechanism you choose when searching for knife deals, you’ll for sure want to practice so opening and closing the folding blade is smooth and safe.

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