5 Best Smokers and Smoker Grill Combos to Enhance Your Meats

There is no better feeling than having the boys over for a mean rack of smoked ribs or chicken in your own backyard while you enjoy football on the weekends. If done the right way, it’s an easy method to cook large amounts of food and more often than not, the tasty results will make your stomach yearn for more.

When weighing out the best options for smoking meats and vegetables, there are a lot of factors to take into consideration. What kind of smoking mechanism you’re going to use, cooking area and size, reliability, portability, and temperature range all have an effect on the end result of your favorite smoked foods. Add to that the many smokers out there that vary in size, style, and price range, and a simple choice ends up being that much more difficult. To help you find the smoker that’s just right for you and your needs, we rounded up five of the best smokers on the market all to provide you the ability to make the juicy, smoke-flavored meats all in your own backyard. 

Primo Round LG 280 Ceramic Smoker Grill with Cypress Table – $1,596

best smoker grill combo primo cyprus table

You can buy this Primo round kamado-style smoker on its own, but this handmade cypress table perfectly holds the Primo smoker in place, giving you the ultimate smoking station. The table provides optimal space for prep work and storage, while its four lockable casters allow for easy movement around your patio while locking securely in place while cooking.

The LG 280 Smoker Grill itself features an expansive 280-square-inch cooking area and one of the highest sitting lids on the market, so you can fit more variations of meat (even if that includes a large turkey) and accompany more guests if the event calls for it. The Primo Round LG 280 is a charcoal grill – which provides the natural, smokey flavor you’ve been yearning for – so the results you see will guarantee this will be money well spent.

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The Big Green Egg – Prices Vary

best smoker grill combo big green egg

If you grill or smoke meats all year long, you might already know that The Big Green Egg has quite the cult following of Eggheads. And if you don’t, we’re here to tell you why. Much like the Primo Round above, this is a kamado-style grill and smoker that provides optimal temperature ranges to get the perfect results on tricks such as a smokey, moist London broil, fall off the bone ribs, or even coal-fired pizza.

What makes The Big Green Egg so desirable (in our eyes) is not necessarily pinned down to its effectiveness, though. We love it because it comes in a heap of sizes that allows you to cater to your own lifestyle without having to settle for something too small or too big. Its thick, cast-ceramic casing and heavy lid promote amazing heat retention which allows you to precisely dictate temperatures with ease with the end results being perfectly cooked meats.

They also have a bunch of different ‘EGGcessories’ that you can add on to enhance your cooking experience, such as a convEGGtor which turns the smoker into an indirect convection oven, a table nest, and natural lump charcoal.

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Traeger Timberline 850 Pellet Grill – $1,700

best smoker grill combo trager timberline

If you’re looking for something much bigger, turn your taste buds to the Traeger Timberline.

Boasting a three-tiered stainless steel grate and Traeger’s new TRU Convection® system, (which distributes heat and smoke evenly throughout the grill, allowing wood pellets to effectively drive that desired smokey taste into your food in a shorter amount of time), this pellet grill boasts a heavier construction and more technological advancements that are far superior to other smokers on the market. The stainless steel grates are nice and heavy so you can pack tons of food in and its double-walled hood and insulation strip retains heat and smoke for ensured flavor. The downloadable app allows the grill to be controlled from anywhere while also providing access to thousands of cooking tips and instructions.

With multiple cooking options at your disposal – a single temperature, a preset custom cooking option, a tailored custom cook option, or the included probe – Traeger is one of our five great smokers because it’s easy to use and built to last.

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Weber Smokey Mountain – $199

best smoker grill combo weber vertical

The Weber Smokey Mountain has garnered a reputation for being one of the best, most affordable, and easy-to-use vertical smokers on the market. It’s easy to see why they’re among our list of five great smokers. Featuring a unique bullet shape and porcelain-coated lid, body and water pan, the Weber construction helps keep heat in a concentrated area, making this charcoal smoker insanely reliable.

The Smokey Mountain includes two 18.5 inch steel grates, a total of four air vents, and a side mounted thermometer to help guide you on the way to a perfectly smoked piece of meat. Better yet, it also offers relative portability to take your smoking ventures to a buddy’s house or family gathering

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Pit Boss Vertical Electric Smoker – $269

best smoker grill combo bbq guys pitboss vertical

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use and low-maintenance smoker grill, then an electric smoker may be the right one for you. Pit Boss offers a highly-efficient vertical smoker that features a large front window with an exterior heat indicator so you can monitor temperatures without having to open the door.

Unlike a lot of other electric smokers, the Pit Boss boasts a large, front-load, wood chip tray so you can infuse your favorites with the smoky flavors of hickory, mesquite, oak, or more unique woods like pecan or apple. Whatever flavor you fancy, this electric smoker makes things easy for inexperienced smokers or those who wish to get back to the game and let the machine do the deed.

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Now that you have smokey options, find your favorite barbeque recipes and head over to our detailed guide that covers everything you need to know about smoking meats.

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