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Best cheap smoker deals for May 2022

If you’re looking for the best cheap smoker deals for smoking meat, fish, and other foods, here’s where to start. This is a great time to find deals on smokers. We scoured the internet to find the best smoker deals available for purchase online today.

Today’s Best Cheap Smoker Deals

The temperature sensor on this propane smoker makes sure that the burner is at the right temperature and not burning your food. more
Despite its small size, this Camp Chef smoker can still provide optimal cooking. It has two cooking grids and a jerky rack, and a matchless snap-ignition feature. more
Porcelain-enameled steel Weber Smokey Mountain charcoal smoker can cook a whole ham and turkey at he same time. Two 18.5-inch wide cooking grates. more
Despite its compact size, this smoker has great heat distribution to ensure that meats are cooked well. It has a temperature gauge so you can read and adjust the temperature anytime. more
With a spacious 457.86 sq. in. surface, this 1,500-watt smoker can cook multiple meats simultaneously. It's also digitally adjustable to ensure optimal cooking. more
The Combination BBQ, charcoal grill, and offset smoker has a 290-square inch cooking surface in the main cooker plus another 140-square inches in the firebox. more
THe Realcook 17-inch steel two-layer charcoal smoker and grill has 453-square inches of cooking space, built-in thermometer, can be used for hot or cold smoking. more
Made with a porcelain-coated body and cooking grates, this smoker not only guarantees durability, but also equal distribution of heat. more
The Lifesmart 1500-square-inch surface pellet grill and smoker has hree racks, dual digital meat probes, and up to 30 hours low heat smoking for fish and meats. more

How To Choose A Smoker

If you’re not familiar with smokers and shopping for your first, it’s easy to spend too much for capacity and features you’ll likely never need or use. Let’s start with cost and then touch on other major decision points in your search for cheap smoker deals.


You can find decent smoker deals starting close to $100. If money isn’t an issue and you’re setting up a full outdoor kitchen to die for, you can easily spend multiple thousands of dollars. Depending on fuel type, cooking capacity, construction, and essential extra like accurate built-in thermometers, most of us end up spending $200 to $500 on a good, cheap smoker.

Purpose and Size

A smoker’s purpose is inextricably related to size because cooking for a couple of people doesn’t require as much space as servicing a crowd. Also, consider whether you’ll want to move or take the smoker to parties, tailgates, or camping because portability and size can conflict. Moving even a large smoker around your yard isn’t much of an issue with good sturdy wheels, but packing it in your truck or SUV could be a significant undertaking. Don’t forget that at the end of the day or night, the smoker will be hot and dirty.


You can find good deals on smokers that cook with charcoal, gas, wood pellets, or electricity. Personal preference matters, which to some people means charcoal or gas are a must for traditional smoked flavor, but electric and pellet-fueled smokers are easier to cook with.


If you spend a lot on a smoker, you’ll want to protect it from the weather, which probably means covered storage and even inside a garage or shed if possible. Larger smokers require more storage space, so if your garage or outside storage area is full, you might want to choose a more compact smoker.

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