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Best Mattress 2022: 11 of the Top Picks for Any Budget

Picking the best mattress is key to getting a good night’s sleep and maintaining one’s mental health. A well-rested person will be in a better mood and think more clearly, not to mention that better rest can lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes. Even having the best gear for sleeping outdoors on your hiking or camping trip can mean the difference between being comfortable in the outdoors or being miserable. And choosing the best air mattresses is just as important as choosing the best rated mattresses on the market today.

Experts say that adults need anywhere between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per night. Sure, we can all get away with 6 hours of sleep but it’s not recommended. A few ways to get better sleep in order to replenish the body and mind is to practice good sleep hygiene. Yes, it’s a thing and it’s been around since about the 70s. Sleep hygiene is basically a series of (good) habits that help you achieve that good night’s sleep you have been dreaming about. And when it comes to where that sleep will occur, we found some of the best mattresses for side sleepers and some of the best mattresses for back pain. And we rounded up the best mattress-in-a-box brands for those looking for the best delivery to your door.

The Best Mattresses for Any Budget

  1. Best Budget-Friendly Mattress: Allswell Luxe Hybrid 12
  2. Best Hybrid Mattress: The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress
  3. Best Luxury Mattress: Helix Midnight Luxe
  4. Best Mattress for Back Sleepers: Casper Sleep Element Mattress
  5. Best Mattress for Hot Sleepers: Cocoon by Sealy Chill Memory Foam Mattress
  6. Best Mattress for Side Sleepers: TEMPUR-Adapt 11-Inch Hybrid Mattress
  7. Best Mattress for Stomach Sleepers: Tuft and Needle Original Mattress
  8. Best Mattress for Pressure Relief: Nolah 12″ Signature Mattress
  9. Best Mattress Trial Period: The Nectar Memory Foam Mattress
  10. Best Organic Mattress: Avocado Green Mattress
  11. Best Mattress Overall: Saatva Classic Mattress

1. The Allswell Luxe Hybrid 12 Inch Bed in a Box Hybrid Mattress

allswell mattress in a box

The Allswell mattress is the brand’s original hybrid mattress with features such as individually wrapped coils for 4-sided support and to minimize motion, 1-inch high-density foam for extra support, 2 inches of copper gel-infused memory foam that repels microbes and relieves muscle and joint pain, and their signature quilting with a cooling SwirlFoam top panel for that plush feeling. They also offer enhancements to your comfort with a Mattress Protector, a Convertible Platform Bed Frame, and a 4-inch Memory Foam Mattress Topper infused with copper gel.

The foam and the coil hybrid mattress give you the best of both worlds making this high-performance and CertiPUR-US certified memory foam mattress comfortable yet supportive. The mattress comes in 6 sizes, each with a built-in plush top layer that is quilted for premium softness. The fabric is designed to keep you cool throughout any season. Because the mattresses are CertiPUR-US Certified, they are free of toxic chemicals such as mercury, lead, formaldehyde, and phthalates.

This medium firm mattress is best for stomach and side sleepers and prices range between $445 and $845, and include free shipping and returns. They offer you a 100-night trial period and a 10-year warranty.

2. The DreamCloud – Luxury Hybrid Mattress

dreamcloud classic mattress

The DreamCloud offers 2 versions; the standard, and the premier. Both mattresses are available in 6 sizes and they both offer 14 inches of premium comfort. The top layer of the DreamCloud is quilted foam and cashmere to keep you cozy and cool at the same time and the gel memory foam provides the pressure relief you need while contouring your body. An extra layer allows you to sink into the bed like you’re floating while the coil layer gives you support and adapts to your body.

The premier mattress has an extra inch for added support and comfort. Each mattress has a stay-put base that prevents the mattress from sliding around. With all of the supportive layers, you will feel minimal movement even when your partner rolls over or gets out of bed. Each DreamCloud mattress comes with a mattress protector, sheet set, and cooling pillow.

Each mattress features a luxury firm level and is perfect for any type of sleeper but is best for side sleepers. The mattresses range from $699 to $1,199 and offer free shipping and returns. You can test out this mattress for 365 nights risk free and it comes with a lifetime warranty which makes this one of the best plush mattresses out there.

3. Helix Midnight Luxe

helix midnight luxe mattressThe Midnight Luxe is a 14-inch mattress 6-layered premium version of the Helix brand and comes in 6 sizes and offers zoned lumbar support for contouring and a quilted pillow top. The Tencel airflow technology is an ultra-breathable cover created for maximum airflow to stay cool and comfortable.

The Midnight mattress is a 12-inch tall 4-layered mattress that supports side sleepers and individuals who toss and turn at night. The pressure point relief system on both mattresses works for any sleeping position to create less pain and strain on your hips and shoulders–both mattresses are made without toxic chemicals or ozone depleters.

Helix has set a name for itself with the midnight series and its medium firm comfort levels which make this perfect for side sleepers. Some of the best queen mattresses here, they range from $999 to $2,1499 and offer free shipping with a 100-night trial period and a 10- or 15-year warranty depending on which model you choose.

4. Casper Sleep Element Mattress

casper element mattress

The Casper Mattress is designed for softness and support with a top layer of memory foam that conforms to the contours of your body for pressure relief, and it’s our pick for the best memory foam mattress you can buy today. The layered AirScapeTM technology allows increased airflow and circulates air through the perforated breathable foam, allowing hot air and body heat to escape.

The Element mattress is engineered for combined softness and support and the top layer of memory foam conforms to your body to relieve pressure. Your body will be supported by base foam that was designed to prevent sinking and sagging.

Perhaps one of the best mattresses on Amazon is the Casper Mattress. It’s soft yet supportive and it’s perfect for back sleepers. These mattresses range from $490 to $835 and offer free shipping and a 10-year limited warranty. In addition to free shipping, you can test it out with a 100-night free trial period. If you are unsatisfied, return it for free.

5. Cocoon Chill Mattress

cocoon chill mattress by sealy

The Cocoon by Sealy comes in two styles: The Chill Memory Foam and the Chill Hybrid. The Chill mattress is the most popular offering perfect fits to your body shape and the stretch-knit cover is a proprietary “Phase Change Material” (PCM) that helps absorb and disperse heat. The Chill Hybrid is a perfect mixture of memory foam and responsive coils for spine alignment and targeted support all wrapped into a breathable cover.

The Chill mattress comes with dual-sided pillows and 100% combed cotton Dreamfit Sheet sets. If you are a hot sleeper, you can upgrade to the Extra Chill Foam. The PCM technology is added to the foam and then wrapped in a premium cover for added heat protection, keeping you cool all night long.

The Chill mattress is a medium firm bed for back and stomach sleepers with a 100-night trial period and 10-year warranty. You can pick up a mattress for $499 to $1,299, which includes free shipping and returns.

6. Tempur-Adapt Mattress

tempurpedic luxe adapt mattress

The Tempur-Adapt mattresses come in 3 models: Adapt, ProAdapt, and the LuxeAdapt (check our or list of the best Tempur-Pedic mattresses to see which is best for who). No matter which model you pick, each mattress is equipped with layers of material originally developed by NASA to support your body and to help relieve pressure. Every mattress automatically adapts to your body. Features include 11 to 13 inches of mattress material, all with cool-to-touch technology, pressure relief, and motion cancellation.

This mattress is perfectly customizable; simply choose the model, 1 of 8 sizes, and then pick your comfort level ranging from soft to firm. The Adapt will adjust to your weight, shape, and temperature. If you level up to the AdaptPro, it provides advanced pressure relief material; The ultimate comfort is the LuxeAdapt and offers you maximum comfort and 30% more conforming to your body.

Choose your comfort level from any of the 4 levels available, making this a universal mattress perfect for side sleepers. The price for the mattresses ranges from $1,599 to $6,598 and includes free shipping, 90-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty.

7. Tuft & Needle Original Mattress

tuft and needle original mattress

The original mattress developed by Tuft & Needle is made of heat-absorbing graphite that is meant to conduct body heat away from you. It also offers ceramic gel beads that help wick away the heat. The open-cell support foam is a long-lasting breathable foundation and is part of the 3-inches of T&N Adaptive foam created to contour and relieve pressure. The Tuft and Needle Original Mattress uses a durable, breathable, and flexible foam for air circulation so you can sleep cooler. The foam construction is then wrapped into a soft-knit and breathable fabric.

If you are concerned about odors, you can select the antimicrobial protection “HeiQ HyProTecht.” The antimicrobial technology will guard the mattress against degradation from microorganisms, and inhibits the growth of bacterial odors. For even more protection, T&N offers a mattress protector to extend the life of your mattress.

T&N Original mattresses are medium firm and great for back and stomach sleepers. They range from $645 to $1,095 and offer free shipping, free returns, 100-night trial period, and a 10-year warranty.

8. Nolah Mattress

nolah mattress in a box

You can choose 5 different Nolah Mattresses with thicknesses between 10 and 15 inches. The Original Mattress offers cooling and pressure relief, the Signature Mattress is the best for pressure relief, and their luxe version is a hybrid coil and AirFoam. AirFoam is made without the chemicals found in most memory foam mattresses. The all Natural Mattress is an eco-friendly and hypoallergenic latex with an organic cotton cover. The Nurture mattress is designed for children and is the same material as the Natural Mattress and one of the best twin mattresses on the market today.

The Signature mattress is the best mattress for pressure relief and offers 75% more premium pressure-relieving AirFoam than the Original 10-inch mattress. The Signature mattress is a luxury mattress that relieves pressure on the neck, shoulders, and hips. It also provides a perfect spinal alignment for reduced aches and pains.

The 12 inches of mattress are filled with 4 layers made of 2.5 inches of contouring plush foam, 1.5 inches of high-resilience foam, 1 inch of pressure-relieving foam, and a 7-inch high-density core foundation to reinforce the support of the upper layers. All of the layers are then wrapped in an organic cotton cover and knitted border cover with non-skid fabric.

Each Nolah Mattress has its own level of firmness ranging from medium firm to luxury firm and perfect for all side sleepers. The mattress prices range from $499 to $1,699 with free shipping, returns, a 120-night trial period, and all mattresses come with a lifetime warranty.

9. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress

nectar classic mattress

Voted the best memory foam mattresses, Nectar is made of a soft poly-blend cover with heat wicking and cooling technology. The memory foam is constructed of 3-inch gel-infused memory foam, 2 inches of adjusting foam, and a 7-inch layer of stand foam for comfort and support.

Choose from The Nectar, a memory foam mattress that keeps you cool while hugging your body, or The Nectar Premier and get upgraded to a more enhanced cooling, comfortable, and supportive mattress with PCM-infused gel memory foam. Each mattress includes two cooling pillows, a sheet set, and a mattress protector – the Nectar Premier also includes a Google Nest hub.

The Nectar has been around for a while and offers a medium-firm mattress for side sleepers, a lifetime warranty, and a 365-night trial period. The mattresses are priced between $499 and $1,199 and include free shipping and returns.

10. Avocado Green Mattress

avocado green mattress

The Avocado is a natural mattress featuring 100% GOLS organic certified latex, wool, and cotton. It sports up to 1,414 pocketed support coils in 5 zones. The stitching is sewn by hand and does not use any glue. There is no polyester material, polyurethane foam, or toxic fire retardants. They offer a vegan mattress that is made without wool and if you prefer a mattress without springs, they offer a new latex mattress. Each size has a pillow top add-on for extra comfort. Every mattress is Greenguard Gold Certified for low emissions and is also Formaldehyde Free Certified by the UL Environment.

Choose between the Standard mattress that is a firm feel in eco-luxury. It is 11 inches thick and has 3 inches of GOLS organic certified latex rubber foam for a balance of firmness, comfort, and support. Or choose the European-style Pillow Top mattress for plush and luxury. The Pillow Top is filled with an extra 2 inches of GOLS organic latex rubber foam and provides additional pressure relief.

One of the best organic mattresses on the market is the Avocado Standard Mattress and Pillow Top Mattress great for back stomach, and side sleepers. All mattresses offer a 365-night trial period, 25-year warranty, and the price range is between $1,099 and $2,099, including free shipping.

11. Saatva Classic Mattress

saatva classic mattress

Design your perfect bed with the Saatva Classic Mattress hybrid innerspring mattress. Choose from 11.5 or 14.5-inch mattresses and you can select between 3 comfort levels. The 3-inch pressure point relieving pillow top comes standard with all mattresses and dual coils made from durable recycled carbon steel. The breathable organic cotton cover along with the responsive coils lets airflow move body heat away from you. The density of the memory foam allows for spinal alignment support no matter what sleep position you are in – perfect for back and joint support.

The Plush Soft level is best for side sleepers who like more form-fitting comfort with softer foams and extra padding in the pillow top. Specially designed for people who find mattresses too firm, the Luxury Firm-level is great for a balance of comfort and support for any sleeping position. The Firm-level provides balanced resistance by utilizing firmer foams. Back and stomach sleepers find this extra-firm mattress best for their comfort level.

If you’re looking for a plush soft, luxury firm, or firm mattresses, then the Saatva Classic is perfect. Mattress pricing starts at $887 and the brand offers free shipping and setup with 180-night free trial and a 15-year warranty.

How Long Should a Mattress Last?

According to an article from the Sleep Foundation, mattresses generally last anywhere between 7 and 10 years. There are several factors for determining its longevity. Things to consider are the quality of the material used, the quality of how the mattress was constructed, the mattress type such as coils, foam, latex, and even your sleep position and body weight.

It is also important to have a good maintenance routine like flipping or rotating the mattress, using a protective covering, performing regular cleanings, and following the manufacturer’s recommendations.

How Do You Pick the Right Sized Mattress?

While most mattresses offer the same features, that does not mean that all mattresses are created equal especially when you are considering what is best for your back pain, sleeping position, your body type, as well as your budget. These simple yet effective guidelines will help you determine which mattress size is best for you:

  • Consider your body weight and sleeping position.
  • Is your current bed too hard or too soft?
  • Visit mattress stores and test out various types of beds.
  • What is the size of your bedroom including any furniture that will accompany your bed?

What Are the Different Types of Mattress Materials?

There are 4 categories of mattress material used to construct a mattress. Those four categories are then broken down even further.

Innerspring Coils compress when pressure is applied and spring back into place when the pressure is removed. There are 4 types of coils to look out for:

  • Bonnell Coils are the most used and have the lowest price point. They have an hourglass shape and are attached to the frame.
  • Offset Coils are the same as Bonnell Coils but they are much more contouring and are not attached to the mattress frame, but connected by a piece of metal.
  • Continuous Wire Coil are coils that are made out of one piece of wire.
  • Pocketed Coils or Marshall Coils are coils that are covered in fabric and are sewn together to complete the network of coils creating the ability to move independently and not affect surrounding coils.

Foam mattresses are extremely popular and are made of several layers for comfort, stability, and durability. The foam mattresses can be made of memory foam, polyfoam, latex, gel-infused foam, or cotton, wool, and polyester. There are varying degrees of contouring, bounce, motion isolation, and temperature regulation in these materials. Latex and gel-infused foam have the highest degree of temperature regulation for sleeping cool.

Hybrid mattresses incorporate innerspring coils (usually pocketed coils) and select foam layers. Some of the best features are low bounce, temperature regulation, and balanced features; however, they are more expensive and heavier to handle.

Latex mattresses are made from a rubber material and are thicker and denser to help with durability and stability. There are two processes for making natural latex mattresses:

  • The Dunlop process extracts sap, froths it, places the foamy mixture into a mold, and then bakes it. This process creates a mattress with sediment which makes the latex heavier and firmer on one side.
  • The Talalay process extracts sap, froths it, places the foamy mixture into a mold, vacuum seals it, freezes it, and then bakes it. This process creates a more uniform latex mattress that is lighter and more balanced.

What Mattress Types Are Most Comfortable?

Finding the perfect mattress is really a matter of preference. There is a large variety of mattresses made with a mixture of materials that come in different sizes, and sometimes, adjustable comfort levels. A comfortable mattress is not the only thing to consider, you must create a comfortable sleeping environment so you gain optimal sleep hygiene.

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