Our Favorite Camping Flasks for the Trail and Beyond

Vapur Incognito Flask lifestyle

Drinking is an activity for the everyman. However, lugging a six-pack of your favorite microbrew into far regions of the wild is easier said than done — especially if you have the intention of keeping it cool without ruining it. Fortunately, modern hip flasks have been around since the beginnings of the 18th century, providing a means for nobles to discreetly sip their libations anywhere they choose. There’s now a diverse multitude of flasks on the market, ranging from titanium and stainless-steel containers to thermoplastic polyurethane, all of which let you unload the weight and keep the drinks flowing when you’re miles from the closest bar. Here are some of our favorites for camping and hiking trips.

GSI Outdoors Boulder Flask – $15

gsi outdoors boulder flask

This clear case may look fragile, but the new Boulder Flask from GSI Outdoors is complete shatter-resistant. The silicon grip keeps it from slipping (especially helpful if your hands or wet or sweaty) and the top remains connected to the body, so you can never lose it. The flask itself is 4.3 ounces and it can hold 10 ounces of liquid.

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Vapur Incognito Flask – $8

Vapur Incognito Flask product teal

The Incognito’s low-profile design — available in either teal or black — is as flexible as it is simple. The BPA-free flask allows you to discreetly tuck 10 ounces of fluid in your bag or pocket when traveling; when you’re done, quickly run it through the dishwasher. The bundled pourer and freezer-safe components only make it that much more enticing.

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Bush Smarts Hip Flask – $23

Bush Smarts Hip Flask

Bush Smarts Hip Flask straddles the line between form and function. The flask’s no-frill design comes in one of three colors (black, red, green), each of which capitalizes on a basic build made of PE-HD thermoplastic. The 1.5-ounce container even has a leather fob and waxed cord stitching, giving you a quick means for attaching it to your belt.

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Vargo Titanium Flask – $74

Vargo Titanium Flask

Vargo’s patented flask presents more convenience than outward aesthetics. The 8-ounce, titanium offering showcases an integrated silicone funnel you can quickly flip up when filling, ensuring you don’t lose any precious liquid. It’s biocompatible, too, and the funnel doubles as the ideal spout for pouring alcohol back in its original container.

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Stanley Adventure Flask – $14

stanley adventure flask

The Seattle-based Stanley remains a touchstone in the realm of travel-ready drinking utensils. The company offers a variety of flasks and booze-related gear, but we’re partial to the Adventure Flask because it’s stainless steel (so it won’t rust) and its compact size. Get it in green or navy.

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Nalgene Flask – $9

Nalgene Flask

Nalgene is a long-standing cornerstone when it comes to containers. The company’s apt-titled Nalgene Flask features a 1-ounce cap and a rugged insulation sleeve, allowing you to stow 12 ounces of your favorite liquid within an assortment of colorful designs that pair well with any pack. And if you drop the sleeve, it weighs a mere 1.86 ounces.

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Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask – $130

Snow Peak Titanium Curved Flask

Snow Peak has as much a penchant for design as it does cost. As one of the smallest flasks on our list, the company’s titanium container is a prime example of said vision. The polished flask lets you pack 6.7 ounces of liquid into an attractive build that’s designed to curb metallic flavors and unnecessary weight (at a premium price).

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Hydro Flask 10 oz Rocks – $30

hydro flask 10 oz rocks red

So you’ve carried your booze with you all this way — now what? You make a cocktail, of course. While the 10 oz Rocks glass from Hydro Flask is neither compact nor lightweight, it is one of the best tumblers on the market. The brand’s crazy-good insulation technology will keep your concoction nice and cold.

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Article originally published by Brandon Widder on November 26, 2015. Last updated by Nicole Raney on March 27, 2018