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The 10 Best Electric Bikes for a Greener Commute or Adventure

E-bikes are great for getting anywhere at a much faster rate than a regular bike. You can even use your electric bike in the winter as long as you warm up your battery, and what better way to spend the colder days ahead than by going around in your city or the backcountry on an electric bike?  These bikes add an electric twist to regular cycling as motors and batteries help riders conquer any destination without getting too exhausted. As electric bikes emit less pollution, using one for your commute is a great way to save on gas expenses while reducing your carbon footprint.

You may think that electric bikes are expensive. However, in recent years, pricing has become more affordable when it comes to the best bicycles. If you’re thinking about shopping for a new bicycle, here are our best electric bikes for 2021. We’ve also found some of the best cheap bicycle deals if you’re hoping to save some money on an e-bike this year. Whether you need an e-bike for your commute or road trip, we suggest test riding a couple of options to gauge their overall quality and functionality.

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Best Mid-Grade: Specialized Turbo Vado SL Equipped

Electric bikes run the gamut from around $400 to north of $7,000. Just about in the middle is Specialized’s Turbo Vado SL 5.0 EQ. At $4,500, it’s well beyond entry-level, but it’s not so outlandishly expensive that most buyers start considering buying a motorcycle instead. It boasts a long list of excellent features, including an ultra-lightweight motor capable of up to 28 miles per hour, a high-strength premium carbon fork, hydraulic disc brakes, and a hidden shock to cushion all but the nastiest potholes. Plus, the XS version weighs just 33 pounds — plenty light enough for apartment dwellers who need to lug it home daily up a flight of stairs (or five).

Best for Night Cycling: Roojer KGK K73 Electric Bike

Some riders want a powerful yet versatile bike for their cycling adventures, be it in the city or the mountains. The Roojer KGK K73 e-bike is the perfect bicycle for the job. It features a seven-speed gear shifter, 26-inch spoked wheels, and three cycling modes. These modes consist of electric riding, electric assist, and pedal riding.

The electric riding and electric assist modes can be switched anytime, making them beginner-friendly. This e-bike also boasts dual-disk brakes for a safer and more stable trip to your favorite destinations. If you’re cycling at night, you’ll be in safe hands thanks to its LED headlamp and horn. No need to spend hours mounting the components onto the bike, as the product itself is 85% assembled upon arrival.

Best Electric Mountain Bike: Ancheer Electric Mountain Bike

Are you an amateur cyclist with a taste for high-performance bikes? Check out the Ancheer e-bike. This bicycle is manufactured from aviation-grade aluminum alloy — a high-cost material that is equally strong and lightweight. The equipped dual-disc brakes and steel suspension fork, meanwhile, help deliver a comfortable cycling experience. With the 350W motor and 10Ah lithium-ion battery, the Ancheer Electric Bikes has more than enough juice to power through any adventure, from daily commutes to cruises on biking trails. You can play around with the LED four-speed smart meter button, too, should you want to go full throttle.

Most Affordable: Propella 7-Speed

Propella 7-Speed Electric Bike

For most “ordinary” bikers, $1,000 tends to be the sweet spot for what they’re looking to spend. Propella’s 7-Speed is a straightforward, entry-level e-bike that almost hits that price point with an affordable price tag courtesy of a direct-to-consumer business model. It boasts Shimano disc brakes, a Samsung battery, and a suspended seat. Plus, it weighs under 40 pounds.

Best Cargo Bike: Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike

Riders who often carry a lot of items with them will appreciate the Urban Arrow Family Electric Cargo Bike. It’s known as “the Volvo wagon of the cargo bike world,” and its unique design makes it both interesting and versatile. The front basket is made to carry just about anything, from Ikea furniture to groceries. The speedy motor, spacious capacity, and 400W battery make this a great solution for long city haulin’.

$6,999 at Propel

Best Fashionable Bike: Vintage Electric Roadster

Vintage Electric Roadster e-Bike

If money is no object, Vintage Electric’s Roadster is guaranteed to turn heads unlike any other electric bike on the road. And at just under $7,000, it should. It’s light, small, and stylish, with a beautiful aesthetic reminiscent of a trimmed-down vintage café racer.

Best for Urban Rides: RadCity 5 Plus

Rad Bikes RadCity 5 Plus e-bike product image.

This elegant European-style electric city bike is easy to use and lots of fun to ride. It features puncture-resistant tires with a custom tread that’s built for riding on pavement. The hydraulic disk brakes are meant for stop-and-go, pretty much a given within city limits. They also respond to a lighter touch, making it both easier and safer to brake when needed. You can adjust the pedal assist, not to mention the low standover height offers better comfort while riding, even during long trips. Also, it’s good uphill thanks to the 750-watt geared hub motor, supports up to 275 pounds total, and more. It’s available at an excellent price, too — $1,799 with the option to build it yourself.

Best Grocery-Getter Utility Bike: Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Bike

Bike Friday Haul-A-Day Electric Bike

Bike Friday promises its Haul-A-Day Cargo Bike is the lightest and most versatile long-tail cargo bike in the world. The rear cargo deck is ideal for hauling groceries, takeout food, a briefcase, or even the little ones in your family. The frame is also height-adjustable and able to accommodate riders from 4 feet, 6 inches up to 6 feet, 4 inches, so it’s one bike for the whole family.

Best Adventure Bike: QuietKat Jeep eBike

QuietKat Jeep e-Bike

Riders looking to get off-pavement — like, way off-pavement — should look no further than QuietKat’s brand new Jeep eBike. Like its namesake track, this rugged electric bike boasts serious off-road chops. Standard features include a Fire-link suspension, 4.8-inch-fat all-terrain tires, and a battery that’s good for 50 miles on a single charge.

Best for Long-Distance: Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2

Juiced Bikes HyperScrambler 2 Electric Bike

If you value going the distance above all else, look no further than Juiced Bikes’ all-new HyperScrambler 2. This compact electric bike delivers style, speed, and portability. Best of all, however, is its 100-mile range courtesy of dual 19.2mAh batteries.

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