Upgrade Your Undies with the Best Men’s Underwear You Can Buy Today

There’s a statistic floating around the internet that goes something like this: 9 percent of men own and continue to wear underwear that is at least 10 years old. For some of these men, this may be the longest and most intimate relationship they’ve had in their lives. On top of that, there’s another statistic stating that 32 percent of men seem to be fine with wearing the same underwear two or more days in a row.

Now, we’ll give you a pass on that decadeold “lucky pair” that you’ve had since your first high-school grand slam and which you were wearing when you won those Beer Olympics a few years ago, but no one (short of a survival situation), should ever wear the same pair of underwear for more than one day in a row.

So, ditch the decade old drawers, toss out those two-a-dayers, and get ready to seriously upgrade your underwear. We guarantee you’ll find something worth stripping down for.

Here’s our selection of the best underwear for men in 2018.

SAXX Vibe – $32
best underwear for men saxxskychartunderwear

The Vibe underwear line from Saxx is chock-full of colorful boxers and boxer briefs. All the items are made from a moisture-wicking spandex material that fits close to the body for ultimate comfort. A nine-panel construction reduces bulkiness and special non-chafing seams help to keep things nice and smooth.

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CDLP Boxer Brief – $29
best underwear for men cdlp briefs multi 3 pack web

These black boxer briefs from CDLP are designed with a modern silhouette perfect for the minimalist shopper. Not only are these skivvies super comfortable, they’re built with lyocell, an eco-friendly wood pulp material that’s both soft and durable.

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Wearnaked Micromodal Trunk – $32
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For those who favor trunks, you can’t go wrong with this sleek pair from Wearnaked. They’re outfitted with flat-lock stitching (to safeguard against pesky seams) and the brand’s Intelligent Edging, which ensures that these bad boys will stay in place throughout the day. Plus, they’re designed with a luxurious micromodal material that feels insanely good on the skin.

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Pair of Thieves Super Soft – $20
best underwear for men no9 front 850x945

This playful pair of boxer briefs is built with Pair of Thieves’ SuperSoft fabric blend, which features a pleasant mix of modal, cotton, and spandex. This means the underwear is stretchy, breathable and, of course, incredibly soft. Add to this no-chafe seams and moisture-wicking threads and you’ve got yourself one fantastic pair of boxer briefs.

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Mack Weldon Airknitx – $28
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Designed with a microfiber blend for an airy feel, these boxer briefs from Mack Weldon are the picture of coziness. Not to mention that they’re also built with anti-odor and moisture-wicking properties as well as a dual texture construction, which aids with breathability throughout the garment.

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Bn3th – $25
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Coming in a variety of festive hues and patterns, these boxer briefs from Bn3th (formerly MyPakage) are ideal for the fun-loving guy. Aesthetics aside, these no-chafe undies are made with Modal for luxurious softness and Spandex for stretch as well as the brand’s own MyPackage technology, which employs a three-dimensional pouch to take care of the little guys downstairs. The underwear moves with you, but the boys stay snug and in place, meaning very little re-adjusting throughout the day. 

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Duluth Trading Co. Armachillo – $22
best underwear for men duluth bbl boxers blue

If you live in a particularly hot climate, you might want to check out this pair of underwear from Duluth Trading Co. These boxer briefs ditch the cotton for Duluth’s cooling Armachillo technology, which uses a jersey knit of nylon, spandex, and a jade infusion to keep temperatures regulated in your nether regions. They’re also stretchy, breathable, and fit snugly around the thighs.

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And now that you’ve found your perfect pair of underwear, take your search for comfort even further, with these best lounge pants.

Article originally published by Chase McPeak on August 8, 2016. Last updated by Cody Gohl on March 30, 2018.