Keep Your Package Packed with Pouched Underwear

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There’s a lot going on in underwear technology today. You’ve probably noticed that the tighty-whities of yesteryear have been pushed aside to make way for a new crop of fancy pouched underpants promising to deliver comfort that you’ve never felt before. With so many options out there nowadays, it’s a shame to keep resorting to that bargain bag, but where to start? We dove into this sea of skivvies and emerged with a list of the best pouched underwear on the market.

Duluth’s Bullpen Underwear

Duluth Trading Company has been going pretty hard at the undergarment game for a while now, so it’s not really a surprise that they’ve come up with a characteristically cheeky and well-designed solution to the eternal problem of untamed testes. Their pouch-within-a-pouch design keeps your whole t-zone corralled, and does it with a flex in its step and a delightful air. The fabric is a Nylon/Polyester/Spandex knit that moves with you all day long, wicks away moisture, and has an anti-odor treatment so everyone can breathe easy when you’re working hard. Available in traditional or short boxer briefs and multiple colors, Duluth’s Bullpen Corralling Boxer Briefs can help you get a handle on your underwear overhaul.

Saxx Ballpark Pouch

pouched underwear saxpouched

Saxx is all-in on the pouched underwear game, and you’re about to be really happy about it. All of Saxx’s underwear features a mesh-lined hammock pouch that holds all goods in place and keeps an island breeze on your coconuts all day long. Their sleek underthings are designed with no exposed stitching inside the pouch (goodbye, chaffing!), and are constructed with nine panels of fabric for the ultimate in comfort and flexible movement. All of the raised thread seams face outward and away from the body, so no more uncomfortable stitches. Oh, and you can choose from boxers, briefs, trunks, tights, or long leg underwear in an insane variety of colors and prints. We told you you’d be happy.

Obviously Underwear

pouched underwear obviouslyunderwear

If you want something that is stylish and simple, with just the right variety to find your perfect fit, this is it. Obviously Underwear comes in four classic shades and four different pouch sizes so you can find your fancy. They use fabrics like Bamboo Rayan and Lenzing Modal – both of which are incredibly soft, fight moisture better than cotton, and are UV resistant. The Bamboo Rayan styles are naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and hypoallergenic to keep you healthy and odor-free. With luxuriously soft fabrics, clean construction, and personal pouch sizes, Obviously Underwear just might be the obvious choice for you.


pouched underwear mypakageproseries

MyPakage is all about helping you secure your package. Their 95% modal/5% Spandex blend offers extra flexibility and insane comfort, and the no-roll waistband eliminates the need for annoying adjustments. An internal KeyHole Comfort pouch holds you in place, and a soft “Pucker Panel” between the legs keeps seams from hitting your most sensitive spots. Handstitched expanding seams move with you where needed, and flat tight stitching adds extra support to your business. It’s tough security with an incredibly soft touch.


pouched underwear 2undrswingshiftunderwear

2Undr seems to have considered the undercarriage from every angle. The Joey pouch keeps your down under comfortably and securely separated from the rest of your body. A built-in fly makes for effortless pit stops. A moisture control layer wicks away unwanted dampness, and all of the stitching is specially designed to avoid all of your sensitive zones. Their Swingshift style, made with a 95% Modal/5% Spandex blend, is a luxuriously well-built solution for everyday wear, while their Gearshift line is made with a tougher Polyester/Spandex blend for extreme flexibility and comfort.

Enough with those department store 10-packs of basic briefs. It’s time to get rid of awkward adjustments, uncomfortable fabrics, and underwhelming support. Pouched underwear is here to stay, and now is the time to treat yourself to some comfort, support, and sweet scrotal freedom.